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Please be aware that this is not a tutorial request forum! Use the appropriate topic for the effect.

Using Effects Loader By Dk22pac

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In this example i'll use this cleo mod, made by Dk22pac too. Or, you can use latest versions of IMFX (Here).


Here you can download Effects Loader:





If you want to merge random effects with the stock ones, you just need to search the start and the end of the description
effect inside of the custom "effects.fxp". Searching these types of lines:


(This indicates the beginning of the behavior of the effect)


(And this indicates the end of the particular section)


(See the headshot.fxs file)






All you need to do is copy the content from the beginning to the end of the section, paste it in a txt file.
Rename it as his effect name:

FILENAME: X:\SA\FxTools\Data\effects\gta_pc\particles/headshot.fxs

This will be named as: "headshot.fxs" inside in the folder.

Then, Ctrl+f and search for: "TEXTURE" inside the new file created, and put in the same folder all the texture described there, otherwise the game will crash.


TEXTURE: headshot1

Copy "headshot1.png" (and all the other textures described in the .fxs archive) in the same folder, with headshot.fxp











As long as i know:

  • The name folder holding all the files isn't necessary to have the same effect name, it can be named whatever you want.


  • Effects Loader, the Dk22pac Asi plugin, load the folder names in alphabetical order that mean if 2 effects share the same texture, just the first texture will be loaded and cached in memory:






(Here i'm using Overdose Effects 1.5 textures)


\GTA San Andreas\models\effects
--smoke9.png <<<<---- THIS WILL BE IGNORED


--smoke9.png <<<<<------ THIS WILL BE USED



If you want to avoid redundancy in the textures (the same texture repeating in various folders), just use one of them for all effects folders (delete "smoke9.png" in gunsmoke to avoid redundancy
between "explosion_molotov" and "gunsmoke")

But, be careful, the mod need at least one texture with the correct name inside of the "effect" folder, that mean if you delete smoke9.png in all folders, the game will crash.


The alphabetical order doesn't have a strong influence in this behavior. So, if you delete the "smoke9.png" texture from "explosion_molotov" the plugin will find it the same texture at "gunsmoke" folder.

I assume that you can put two ".fxs" files inside one folder and the shared textures with them, but at this point i not test this, yet.






If you have a bunch of folders (organized effects, every effect with his own folder)

Remember, the alphabetical order, because the first texture found will overwrite all of the rest, so if you modify some
specific effect (i.e "smoke9.png" in "gunsmoke" folder), only the "smoke9.png" in "explosion_molotov" will be load in game.

So, if you want to modify one texture ("smoke9.png") you need to rename the folder holding that texture in a higher
"priority" (put it in a "A" or a number) (this have the same effect, if you edit "smoke9.png", you change the color of the texture, that texture will be used in the "explosion_molotov" effect too, because both ".fxs" files use the same texture name).


\GTA San Andreas\models\effects

--\agunsmoke\ <<<<----- NOTE THE "A" AT THE BEGINNING
--smoke9.png <<<<---- THIS WILL BE USED
--smoke9.png <<<<<------ THIS WILL BE IGNORED

So, if you wanna avoid all of this redundancy and priority stuff, you need to replace the names of textures (images) and
the reference in the ".fxs" file
, so you will be able to edit every texture to his own effect.

The headshot effect folder (EffectLoader.asi), works excellent with headshot cleo mod from Dk22pac. Or IMFX.

Well, that is all for now.




  • I still don't know if this mod (EffectLoader.asi plugin) is capable of replace other textures (like those from particle.txd, or any txd). No, it's just for effects. ".FXS" Files.

    I mean, some dude in gtaforums show how to use .rwtex with his plugin, but i'm not sure if this works the same. (http://gtaforums.com/topic/854170-sa-texture-fun-using-plugin-sdk/), No, is not the same.


  • I don't know how to create and tweak ".rwtex" graphics.


  • I still don't know how to export correctly the .dds format from GIMP, (i don't wanna use Phothoshop). I learn how to do it.


  • DDS can hold Mipmaps, compression (DXT1-5), "color mod" (BGRA8888) for every texture, instead of having all textures in .png format or inside a TXD. Anyway, i don't know if this plugin can load the MipMaps inside every DDS.


  • I use Magic.TXD to export the textures to PNG format.


Basically, this new method allow to you to merge only those effects that you really want and/or need.

For example i have the "nitro flames", "headshot", "gunsmoke", "explosion_molotov" from Overdose effects 1.5, without installing the whole mod (i have a very old laptop), and i edit everything i want without using TXD editors.








Download the folder of Headshot Effect (Just put it in the "effects" folder):



I'm not the author of this mods, i just extract (something that everyone can do it) some textures of Overdose Effects v1.5 and copy-paste the .FXS archives. If isn't allow to share the work of these people, just let me know and i'll delete this.

By the way, English isn't my main language. So, this post for sure have spelling mistakes.

Edited by Concavax

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