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GTA needs a good inventory system. My thoughts...


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Never thought I'd say this, but carrying a fifteen man arsenal in a three piece suit is a bit too unrealistic. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining. Having to choose between an RPG to the grill, or LMG fire through the windshield of an approaching LSPD vehicle is no burden. Having all the guns and ammo you've accumulated, bullets and bombs, no mater how many thousands of rounds, floating overhead, invisible, just waiting to be needed has always been the system. There is no system. Carry 20 RPGs? Sure, Why not?! This does a lot to make GTA what it is. All the reckless chaos, at the drop of a hat, that comes with 20 RPGs (20 shot GL for backup) is a big part of the game. Ramboistic over realistic.


With such a massive open world and so much to do, some aspects are bound to be minimalized or just not there at all ( hand-to-hand, weapon sway, building interior, 5 speed manual) The list is long and splattered all about this very forum. But I think inventory management could be upgraded to something much better, a playable feature.


I've owned only 4 GTA titles, VC, LCS, SA, and V. The upgrade to a weapon wheel was a nice change from all the SA weapon cycling. All my guns, right there in front of me in a Dragon Age spell wheel like display, nice. But even with this change, because you can tote around SO MUCH STUFF, still have to cycle through explosives, cycle through SMGs for your LMG, cycle for silenced AR, have to cycle in cars...


You can try to avoid this by not buying 3 SMGs, but dead enemy pick-ups will always have you carrying multiple pistols and unmodified AKs n such that you never use. Imagine something better.


Not just a simple COD style Primary/Secondary/Item load. Say every item required a realistic portion of your 100% total. A small handgun like a .380 or small 9mm... that's 5%. extra mags for small guns... that's like 1 or 2% each. Larger handgun, larger percentage. 2 or 3% for extra mags. You get up to the smaller SMGs or a sawed-off, the largest guns GTA will let you shoot from a car... that's 10%, maybe little more. Larger SMGs... 15%. (loose shotgun shells... 1%...0.5% each?) (extended mag, extended percentage)


On up to sniper, AR, full-auto shotgun... at least 40%, with extra mags up at like 5% (as big as a small pistol, or bigger). Now, huge stuff like launchers and LMG...50%?...too high?...too low?... Extra RPGs... like 15% each. Belt-fed box or drum...7or 8%. Even a large melee weapon like a bat would have to be small percentage... IDK like 8%... Minigun would have to be something massive.


Small handheld like a frag... 4 or 5%, C4/sticky...5 or 6%. However the math was setup, a realistic simple system. Unused gear lives in the safehouse, a backroom arsenal like heist setup room, on a shelf where you can see it. Guns, knives and every 100rd box of bullets you own. Approach said shelf to manage inventory. A second safehouse (like, in a second city... or third) would hold a second, separate arsenal. Safehose shouldn't have infinite space, but something massive like twenty times more than what you can carry.


This may sound very restrictive, but you work in things like a back-pack for 25% gain (can't be used with parachute or scuba gear)


Or wearable items like a tactical vest give 15% gain for all the mags they hold. (Such items should be seen, along with the weapons they hold, of course. A cool feature like in The Last of Us)


Or holsters that reduce the cost of carrying pistols down to like 3% (almost nothing)


Bandolier for frags, reduce the cost of carrying. (5 or 6 frag max)


Or even a large duffel bag with something like a 50% gain (prob have to be assigned to a car) (prob always maxed with stickys)


Speaking of cars, CAR TRUNKS! So long as you are not planning to move a body, owned cars (that have a trunk) could provide another 200% of portable inventory. (approach car trunk to manage inventory) You loose the car to a fireball, you loose all stashed items. Loose the car to deep water, maybe you can salvage. (stashed explosives could be risky)


Extra mags should be purchased. Owning 300 Bullets shouldn't automatically mean you also own 10 spare magazines. Early in the story, if you're limited to a pair of 7 shot mags for your only .380, you can only carry 15 rounds (7+7+1) of .380 auto. Another possibility, a 100rd box of .380 ammo could be a small inventory item (4%) that you carry and refill mags from until gone. But then you've got some kind of mag refill delay animation (or ,God forbid, a minigame) for players to get sick of.


Speaking of ammo, bullet calibers should be a real part of the game. Not just bunched together as pistol, SMG, assault rifle, or sniper rifle bullets. A .50 cal rifle should require a .50 cal bullet, and not just a "big rifle" bullet. Handguns that run all the way from .380 to .45. caliber. And, let's say, very soon into the story you mess up and buy .380 auto for your 38 revolver with a chunk of your starting cash, you're unarmed.


Speaking of revolvers... eh, never mind.


And just think of all the non-weapon items you could carry that would need accounted for. First aid and field rations (hungry?), night vision, kevlar mask (should armor use up space?) flashbangs, rope, re-breather (should something worn on the head/face use up space?) Anything forced on you within a mission should be accounted for. Items like these are often forced into a mission, they shouldn't be. First aid kits found on the wall are always a welcome sight, but what if you could whip out your own whenever you want. Items like these could get up as high 10 %.


How would enemy pick ups work with this sort of system?... Well, if you've got room, you can take it. If you don't, you can't. The dead could be searched, rather than chucking cash, snacks and their gun to the ground when killed. Maybe you can leave the gun, but take all the mags and ammo for stockpile. Maybe you can sell unwanted guns, rather than chucking them to the ground. Early in the story, cash can be hard to come by. How cool would if be to carry an empty backpack, fill it with enemy guns, keep what mags and ammo you want and sell the rest to some established black market contact? Is that a little too "role playing"? Like, back to the inn to sell-n-store items?


How would a system like this work with GTA mission structure? A lot of problems come up here. Unless cut scenes gave you very specific info, you might frequently show up to an interior shotgun fight with a sniper rifle, and have to try clearing with something small like a reserve pistol. How often would similar situations send you back to the safehouse (or CAR TRUNK) to retool your equipped items? Having items forced into some missions, like a sniper assassination, not a good fix.


GTA gives you the variety to play whatever style you like at any time because you can carry more s**t than the A-Team. Any system like the one I've been ranting about might feel more like being forced to play your one true favorite style at all times, even if it isn't working for the task at hand. But with a complete, realistic system of extra storage spaces, max % bonuses, and item % mods, you could always have access to a lot of stuff.


How would this work online?... It wouldn't. Everything said here was said with story mode in mind. Something like this could work with co-op missions, maybe, but not DM, TDM, capture and all the other stuff. IDK, maybe it could, like if you have the chance to manage inventory in the post-job betting screen.


If there are games out there that run on a system similar to what I've described, I've not played them. Most games give you one of three things: infinite space, a small number of slots to fill, or the number 99.


First time posting here, didn't find this topic within "next" so I just flopped down a new topic, sorry it ran so long. What do yall think of this? Would something like this ruin a GTA title, or add to it?

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Should have a "stash" in your safehouse that works as a cache/bank for consumables(drugs?,cash)/weapons.

I think it would be cool to have different bags that you can buy and equip that have their own pros and cons.

No bag: Pistol/melee weapon

Backpack: SMG/pistol/melee weapon
Large Jacket: SMG/Shotgun/Rifle - Decreases run/climbing speed, small sprint distance

Duffle Bag: Heavy weapons (very limited ammo)/multiple slots for other weapons - Decreases run/climbing speed even more, no sprint


Also the bags would dictate how many snacks/drugs/cash you could carry.

Maybe the bags can be stashed in cars?


All weapons at ammunation should be semi-automatic, and the auto weapons have to be either earned through missions, or bought from black market dealers you meet along the way. It would be cool if certain guns actually held value, and players could loot them from eachother if they chose to risk it. Similar to runescape pking, if you've ever experienced that. It adds this feeling of adrenaline to pvp when you have the chance to lose all of your best gear. I'd like to see when you die you lose everything in your inventory. This would make people have to be selective on their loadouts and choose how much they really want to risk, depending on what their reward would be for what they're getting into.

Would definitely add an interesting dynamic to robberies/missions/pvp fights. To have minimal heavy weapon/explosive ammo and primarily carry small arms would force people to be more careful and strategic in how they did stuff. Maybe gangs of players would take different weapons and positions, etc. I want to see more IV style gunfights where you take cover behind parked cars and blindfire into corridores etc. Even though the pace is slow, it's like chess. Imagine gunning down the street with your friends like in the movie HEAT. More focus on that and guys hanging out of car windows blasting at eachother weaving in and out of traffic on the freeway. That stuff is awesome!

I think there are too many different weapons in GTA now. All you need is a couple different skins for each weapon type.

Edited by ViceOfLiberty
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Totally agree with you about ammu-nation. Guns are way too easy to come by. A parody of American gun lust, but these are also, aside from Vice, parodies of NY and CA, two of the most pro gun control states in the nation. Black market, stolen in home invasion... NPCs shouldn't drop so much. And drugs! I totally forgot about drugs?!?! Of all people...thank you for mentioning. (reaches for pipe) And not stupid stuff like meth and gas vapors that just adds a filter and makes Trevor stagger. Adrenaline, mood elevators, steroids, pain meds, stuff that changes gameplay in some way.


Bags and jackets, like trench coat, yea! I hope R* also thinks ideas like these are good and worth working into future games. 6 will likely feature the same old system.


Oh yea, one last thought I forgot to place in that wordy post, FMJs or JHP ( ball ammo or hollow point) should be an option. One gives higher damage with low surface penetration. The other, lower damage with better surface penetration. Then again, unless it's auto glass you're shooting, GTA has never featured surface penetration. Sheet metal and ply-wood are good hard cover.

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Excalibur Voltaire

I just want the inventory same as V, hold all weapon, end of story

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I feel like having 1000 bullets of every single weapon in the game makes for a very easy gameplay, I'd like more of a survival aspect. I'd already love if they either capped this limit to a lot less, made ammo much harder to get or did something similar to Max Payne 3, where Max holds the main weapon, equips a secondary one and has another one on a holster. Maybe not to affect gameplay, but more as a visual thing. And that would, of course, attract attention of unsuspecting people, so we could only hide smaller guns on bigger clothes like hoodies and cargo pants, etc.


I also made an old thread about difficulty levels, as on how this could be implemented by making both people who want it and those who don't happy.

Edited by DOUGL4S1
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It's not 1,000, that would just be way too much. It's 10,000. (9,999) an over exaggeration of way too much. But you couldn't be more right about difficulty. The only way to add difficulty to shoot outs is turning off the COD assisted aim, but it's the standard when playing online. With only free aim, SP firefights are still a breeze. Multiple factors cause this, but the largest effect comes from never having to worry about shot placement or running out of ammo. You never have to rely on a pistol, police choppers are no threat, you can just full auto/RPG your way through anything, and before you know it, you've finished story mode without one really hard firefight.

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The Time Ranger

I'd like to see a limited inventory, the large inventory with a multitude of guns and ammo takes away from some of the tension and risk of fire fights. As other posters have mentioned above bags and clothing which can conceal larger weapons would be a good system imo. Having an armoury in your safehouse and having to choose your loadout for a mission, trying to find the balance between firepower and manoeuvrability+agility.


I think it would add a new dimension to Gta, I'm not sure would this be a popular addition though. What i'd like to see in the next Gta is an option to have a more "realistic" playthrough mode, with changes such as this among others, but that's a discussion for another thread.

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Carrying all weapons thing is in gta from the start, it is not changing and many people don't want it to change. Deal with it but they can revert back to one weapon for each category, that would be good.

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Need to "deal with it" huh? What's with the sh*ty tone? I don't remember complaining or b*tching about how stupid it is. I didn't call R* lazy for maxing out disk space with map size while leaving out so many of the sort of details that just need to be there. I seem to remember some very hypothetical speculation about what sort of improvements could be made. Also, I don't need told what many people don't want. I know, I can read, and according to many readable websites scattered across the web, a lot of people's only concern is "Will GTA let me push a woman through a USA map?" Many players just want the same thing on a bigger plate. If the improved capability of 4K consoles is all devoted to crap like 400 cars and an oversized map, rather than details and improvements, I won't have to deal with sh*t, I won't buy it!


And, how do you know it won't change?... You work for R*?... Hope you don't lose your job...

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