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Snapshot 3 bug reports

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I decided to create this thread where we can post bugs here without spamming up the main thread.


Here is some that i found


The Roamer motorbikes in SA have radios and the cops don't use their siren

Weapons go into the desk in Phil's gunshop and in some other ammu nations

Some FBI guys in LC spawn with just a pistol or no weapon at all

Cop cars hardly show up in any cities when wanted

A lot of objects especially trees have this blue outline around them

Radio station icons can still become white squares (it happened with me when someone carjacked me)

Sometimes peds can still become invincible to gunfire, though it seems to happen a lot less now

Gang members in VC and LC and cops use SA weapons, though some of them use guns of their respective cities.

Brass knuckles have no icon

Entering the Fort Baxer Military Base doesn't give you wanted level but the military will shoot

Player location on the main map is still off

SA cars and peds still spawn for me in VC in some cases

The 1984 Rocket Launcher you can "buy" in the hardware store (why can you even buy this here?) is just a yellow information icon, and buying it gives you nothing

Picking up Hidden Packages in LC will say 1 out of 0 found

Saint Mark's Bistro seem to have it's outside interiour accessible i thought this was blocked off before?

Changing to Claude or Tommy doesn't seem to work anymore

GUNSGUNSGUNS cheat doesn't work even though it used to before

The Gaff Hook seems to have an ammo counter that says 1 on the icon Buying more doesn't increase it.

Using certain guns will advance your weapon skill in other guns, for example the Steyr Aug will give AK47 skill while some other guns give you i think rifle skill, even though no weapon skill progress stat shows up for these weapons

Entering the Gym in VC says Ganton GYM

Buying the dockyard asset in VC will immedietly put you into the save game menu straight after then teleport you to Sunshine Autos

Transfender at Sunshine Autos in VC doesn't work

Transfender at Pine Creek in LC next to 8ball's doesn't work

The Safehouse on the third island in LC at Cedar Grove near the Dam is enterable before the property is bought

Kenji's casion in LC doesn't have an icon on the map anymore, even though it used to in previous versions.



You cannot exit Catalina's mansion at Cedar Grove in LC. Walking trough the door will put you back in, the only way to get out is to suicide!


Invisible lights at Kaufman Cabs:





This garage at your VC safehouse near the mall doesn't work:




Glitchy camera at 8ball's at Pine Creek in LC




The game have also crashed for me at that same house for the first time. Here is the log:


I think it's related to alt tabbing to desktop and back to the game as it just happened again but at a different location

Edited by atazs

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Looking at sun decreases framerate a lot (tested in LC and VC).


After loading game at Ocean Beach hotel and walking off the hotel, a bunch of LSPD cars spawn in traffic, but I think it can't be fixed.


Very bad lighting in some interiors, like in Well Stacked Pizza in VC, the pizza man behind the counter is very dark.

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