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invite only lobby - got locked out of a npc's car?!?


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Hello all,

I was in a invite only session filling my garages with gang cars when a car that i'm not too sure I have ran into before showed up. I liked the shape as it reminded me of a Datsun 510. Always being a fan of that car I stopped what I was doing so could make it my own. I walked up tossed out the driver then the door slammed shut and I got the you don't have access to this personal car message.


I'm thinking that someone may have found their way into the lobby as I have read about this happening to other players. But when I checked the map there wasn't anyone else with me.


So is this a thing now? Npc's having personal cars that they can lock players out of? Like most on this forum I have been playing gta for a minute and I can't recall this ever happening to me before.


Thanks in advance for your time



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NPCs can sometimes drive around in vehicles that the game/ RSG wants you to purchase rather than take off the street and store.


I know... Grand Theft Auto, right?


My best guess is the car you were looking at was the Vulcar Warrener, which sells on the Southern San Andreas Super Autos for $160,000 if my memory serves me correctly.

Edited by Gaffa™
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I just googled Vulcar Warrener, that was it and OMG! It just made my ever growing bucket list. I wish I would have been able to drive it.


Thank you for your reply

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