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What we are going to have in smuggler's run DLC (Thread 2)


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I made. A thread for the next DLC and what we are gonna get in smuggler's run that we wanted,this is a part 2 of what we wanted and what we are gonna see! Here is the previous thread Ok I am *not* a leaker this is a simple thought but not many people thought of it. As we saw in the art work for smuggler's run the one guy has a duffel bag and in the trailer someone has something which looks like a night vision. So they hear us and probably they will add stuff we ask for! :).the next DLC as we saw from the past 2 it will be about sea,why? Well


Smuggler's run=Air

Next DLC?=sea


So yea I guess we get ocean DLC next! :D


alright now we saw in trailer the people wearing night vision with mask,something we wanted so get hyped for it cause it's comfirmed :D!,on the art work we see the guy wearing a duffel bag which I love and am very happy about! We also see the woman wearing flight suit which is great new flight suits! On the trailer we saw a buggy glider thing which will not be so useful,it can only fly but we will have a lot of fun with it! It might cost like 500.000 dollars or something like that if not that would be a waste of money even from rockstar!!!! Maybe we are gonna get a gliding suit I would love flying with my glitches outfit imagine:gliding suit with normal clothes and night vision xD we surely know about the planes, as we saw in the trailer there will be a lot agile helicopters and planes and the planes will have guns such as machine guns/mini guns ,rockets and the best bombs to drop!! :D ofcourse we are going to get the hangars so we may be able to sell Luxor deluxes xD I think that we will be able to upgrade our Luxor maybe to Luxor deluxe! It says we are going to do smuggle running xD so new ways to get money? Or CEO crate copycat we don't know yet.we are not gonna sign up as new thing like smuggle runner we are gonna be ceos and bikers for sure!no new guns cause we just got a ton and the 2 gun on trailer are some we got already: carbine rifle M1 and heavy sniper M2. With amazing new clothing to look edgy af. So that's what u have to expect from this update! Thank you for reading reply anytime whatever you want to question I have an awnser for almost everything you may ask xD

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As before, use the update thread/DLC Speculation thread for general discussion like this...don't repost your thread after it gets locked, please.




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