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How do I make my car rarer (fewer appearances)?

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I see a whole lot of my custom mod car show up in-game, and it just doesn't make sense to see a dozen or so of my car's make and model every minute. It's a buzz kill, too. For instance, if I drive a BMW i87 in-game, there shouldn't be 10 of them appear in the first minute, even if I'm driving around the ritziest part of town (e.g. Vinewood Hills).


Is there a way to reduce the percentage or number of my make and model car that NPCs drive?


Thanks in advance!

Edited by kovacs22

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Ok guys, I figured it out on my own...


Now my car never shows up whatsoever, and I have the only car like it in the game! :)


It's only one number change for one line of code, and you can simply edit it using OpenIV!


You can do this for any vanilla or add-on mod car.


I'm not sure if you guys are interested at all, given the lack of response here, so let me know if anyone's interested.


Also, I edited my car's "swankiness" value (to get pedestrian reactions to your car, including dialogues and photo-taking actions). You can edit this value and make any car to be perceived by pedestrians as utter crap or their dream car or other values in between (e.g. make the crappiest car in the game be envied as much as a supercar).

Edited by kovacs22

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