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:rampage: people help me!!!

is there a way to get ANY helicopter or DODO in the beggining of the game?

If yes, WHERE?

If not, where can I get a map with all 100 hidden paceges?

That would be it... :r*:  :/

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The Skimmer (Dodo) isn't available until you've done the Fil Studio asset missions. The helis are only available on the second island. I suggest searching for one of the man topics telling you how to get to the next island before you're meant to.. Then go find a heli (on top of VCN building, very easy to find, just walk through their front door).



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Okay... like the other guy said, you need to wait till the second island. Here's where you can find hidden packages as well as other items/poinys of interst.





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yeh the first heli u can get w/o cheating is the vcn...and if u prefer ur own...u can buy the Hyman Condos

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