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Anti-Troll Movement - Varangian Guardians Lobby Cleaners

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JOIN THE MOVEMENT!! Are you tired of the constant random attacks on humanity for no apparent reason in public lobbies? The trolls that join your Heist Finale and just mess it all up on purpose? Tired of trolls in general? Well, you can now join a new movement!! That's right, if you're intereated in teamwork and tactical gameplay to rid the lobbies of all the trolls and unfortunate players that cancer the world of online gaming in Grand Theft Auto. Join up with the Varangian Guardians and team up to fight the disease. Earn money with other members to help grow your bank account, Be hired to protect other orginizations and build a name for yourself, and even get to enjoy the luxeries you've earned with other respectful players and just have a great time. I am currently looking for 3-5 players that are experienced GTA Online players to train into a mafia styled crew that uses military type tactical formations to protect both our orginizations, as well as, affiliate orginizations make money within public lobbies against trolls and random unfortunate players. Regular tactical practices and group meetings will be held to keep the crew in top performance shape. The first few members to join will be ranked as a Superior Supervisor with full benefits. I know this crew/group won't sprout over night, but with much help and practice we together will rid the cancer of trolls in the public lobbies and get our names out there. I know what you're thinking. What about us and our own bank accounts? Answer, we will make our crew the primary objective to do heists, missions, and sell cargo to fill up our bank accounts to satisfy our hunger for all the luxeries our hearts desire. If you're interested in helping me with the building blocks of this group to help me get this off the ground please feel free to contact me on XBOX ONE my GamerTag is "The Thumbinator" and be sure to message me including this post. Age limit is not required, but maturity is expected. Also, mics are required because communication is key. If you would like to learn more about my plan I have provided the group/crew rules below.




Rules to Live By:


Rule #1: Obey the Family. Respect is earned, as you get what you put in. Never doubt or put down a fellow member, affilliate, or community member. Encourage and always have a Family's back in game or party. Save your anger for the trolls!!


Rule #2: Never ever kill another Family Member or Affiliate in a public/private lobby. Only excemption is when we are in practices or try outs, in which you will be told to do so. We understand that accidents do happen, but with the right training these 'accidents' can be avoided.


Rule #3: Stay loyal to the Family. Once you're in the crew you stay in the crew. You are not allowed to join another crew temporarily. If you are caught by a fellow member their will be a trial during church to defend yourself, but the rule stands obselite.


Rule #4: Always be ready to squad up. If you are online and are sent an invite you will be expected to accept and join. Unless you are busy with a Campaign, Story Mode, or other "Real Life" involved events. In which, you will be expected to contact us via message.


Rule #5: Never be involved in any trolling, killing spree, etc. at any time. Our mission is to make these sort of activities deplenish. If caught, you will be permanently terminated from the group.


Rule #6: Always dress accordingly. A dress code is enforced during Crew Gatherings, Protection Missions, and Church. For more information on the dress code, see the "Dress Code" section below.


Rule #7: Always be respectful to others. Our group/crew acts as a law enforcement for trolling. Therefore, we must always respect the people around us and support the community.


Rule #8: Heists, Missions, and Races are a must to keep money in our pockets. That being said, only during these circumstances will we be able to "break the law" persay. Although, you will be expected to continue to use your tactical skill training, teamwork, and communication.

However, you can continue to enjoy these "ways of making money" without the crew, but if the crew is online you will be expected to join in with the crew.


Rule #9: Never team up with another crew, orginization, etc. without permission. Mainly, a supervisor (high-ranked member) will accompany you on any Protection Mission. Without a supervisor you will be considered as 'breaking the rules' and must be faced to a trial during court.




Dress Codes will be discussed upon recruitment.


Church: You must dress formal in a suit. Dress to impress as this will be the weekly Crew Meeting which it is manditory for every crew member to attend. Unless, you have a "real life event" in which you will be excused.




Church Meeting Time:

Every Sunday Night @6pm/7c


Crew Tactical Practice:

Every Friday Night @6pm/7c



Contact me on XBOX LIVE my GamerTag is "The Thumbinator" please send me a message and say "I want to JOIN THE MOVEMENT" or something like that and I'll get back with you as soon as possible.

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Hey, your post doesn't comply with the recruitment rules - please include your social club link.



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