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Game crashes every 10 minutes and no matter what I can not fix it!



Hi. I have Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Version 1.0 (I got it from Steam as version 3.0 and then downgraded) for Windows PC (I have CLEO 4 installed also, as well as a few cleo scripts (car spawner, cheat menu, improved vehicle functions), and around 50 or 60 car mods). The problem is, every 10 minutes or so, sometimes it happens right as I start driving, sometimes it takes longer, the game will just crash, and says "gta_sa.exe has stopped working". This is when I'm in Los Santos or San Fierro or a place with lots of cars, however when I'm in the Verdant Meadows airfield, the game barely crashes. Also, when I disable traffic, the game doesn't crash. So, this has lead me to believe that the cause of the crashes is a corrupted car mod. So, what I did was I went to Verdant Meadows, spawned every car, and got rid of all the cars' mods that crashed the game when I spawned them. However, even after doing this, the game will still crash every 10 minutes while I am driving around, so there must still be some issue. This issue happens with all of my saves, not just one. I even created a new save and the problem was on there too, so my save isn't corrupted.


How do I find the root of this problem? Is there a debug or a crash report or a log of some sort that I can look at that will tell me what's causing the crashes?

For example, something like a "Game tried to render Car X, failed" "Game crashed" or something similar to that?


Please don't suggest that I delete and reinstall my game, I have lots of mods and things like that and it would take a while to re install



Edited by AN566

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3 answers to this question

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take your problem to the modding Forums,


Thanks, I've done that. Didn't know there was a modding forum too.

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lil weasel

1. You have STEAM v3. You downgraded it to allow V1 mods to be used, You Still Have a V3 Game.


Remove all the mods/cleos and what not.

Including your downgrader. It could be the Downgrader, try another. More likely the Cleos.


If the game places without all that crap, it is not the game. It is the crap you are loading it with.

If you still want a modded game then take your problem to the modding Forums,


GTA San Andreas is for Vanilla Games.

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That's the mods 100%. Just install GTA again and remove all the mods.

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