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Save game editing

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can we edit save game for GTA SA android. If yes then how?

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Yes, but there are few tools to automate the process. One option is to modify your data files to create a custom starter save. Not many people go this route though so few references are available. A common modding strategy for Android are cleo scripts. These can be designed to make modifications that are saved. There is little that can't be accomplished more easily with cleo, and some modifications (launching threads) that are extremely difficult with out it. Learning to script with cleo has a lot of advantages beyond save editing.


The SA save editors are designed for PC, but it's possible to use a hex editor to cut and paste parts of your mobile save into a PC save, make modifications, and put it back in your mobile save. This is within the skill level of someone learning to use a hex editor. Hex editing is tricky business; there's only so much a beginner can do with a free hex editor (HxD). But if you are serious about save editing and can invest in a professional editor, I've got templates for the 010 Editor than can parse almost all data in almost any SA save. Specifically PC, Mobile, PS2 and their common v1/v2 variations, but I'm working towards anything that isn't encrypted. Having full control of all save data isn't the same thing as a Save Editor with interface tools designed for easy use, but if you spend the time to learn how your modifications can effect the game you can do almost anything with your mobile save.


Except launch threads without cleo, yet. It's not necessarily impossible, it's just a complex process that's never been attempted. Well, as far as I know, but not many players tend to push the limits of save editing as much as I do.

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