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Improved Shoreside Vale roads

Evil empire

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Hello everybody!


To avoid making long detours in this area I added a road between the one to the airport on one hand and the one to the Wichita gardens Porter tunnel entry.


I also added some ramps in the snaking road and to the northwest towers.




EDIT: Here's the version 1.1, while my priority is still to make something functional I made the mod more immersion-friendly with more discrete ramps, a better marking and a bridge support under my new road. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1kp6hU-jnRIWZEKdPjFveSs9Am84OCwt5/view?usp=sharing


I recommend you my Fast unsinking Liberty cars mod to improve the handling and something like the ultimate trainer to flip your vehicle onto its wheels because you always have a risk to land on the roof.



Don't hesistate to check my other mods:

GTA 3:
Fast unsinking Liberty cars
Spring weather
The invincible gangster killer


GTA Vice City:

Vicious speed unsinkable vehicle










Edited by Evil empire
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  • 2 weeks later...

Dunno if I'm being picky, but can't you move the trees off the road?

Removing the trees seems a good idea.And how about connecting the both roads in the same level in pic 1 while you're at it.
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This reminds me first 3d era map mods... in 2002 lol

Pretty much this. No offense, I appreciate you try to do something in GTA 3, since it's very overlooked and underappreciated game at this point, but this mod is just... Lazy, or unfinished, to say at least. Ramps block certain lanes, the extra road sticks out like a sore tooth, and on top of that, there are trees popping up from its surface. I've been having lots of fun with MEd years ago, and believe me when I say, you can do much, much more with all these stock models if you'd really want. All that being said, you still wouldn't be able to add a new road nicely connecting to already existing one. Not without some fun in 3ds Max or ZModeler that is.

Age of so simple and unpolished mods has come to an end years ago, and there's really no reason to go back there. Neither for creators nor their audiences.

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I know this mod is very raw but I never had the intention to do something sophisticated. I wanted to circulate more fastly between some places and I reached my goal. What's more I'm busy enough with other things so I don't plan to improve it.


If anyone among you wants to improve it anyway feel free to do so.

Edited by Evil empire
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