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would you want another gta with star power?

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Homemade Dynamite

It really depends on how good they are. I'll admit, there's a certain charm to having a well-known celebrity voice a character in a video game, mainly because it shows that video games as a medium are being taken seriously. Like in the original Mass Effect trilogy, on top of voice acting regulars you had a variety of celebrities that all gave good performances such as Seth Green, Yvonne Strahovski, Tricia Helfer, Adam Baldwin, and Martin Sheen, among others.


It helps that while many of the actors could be seen as celebrities, they weren't of the "tabloids for their personal lives kind" of A-listers that TMZ follows and has people obsessing over them like zombies. Rather, people known mostly for their talent and are prolific because of it. One of the complaints about Andromeda was that there were no voice actors that could be considered a celebrity. To be fair though, the lack of well-knowns was the least of that game's problems.


On the other hand, a celebrity voice actor is not a guarantee of a good performance. Fallout: New Vegas had a lot of good talent, but the worst actor was Matthew Perry aka Chandler from Friends. And as mentioned, it's just more expensive. I feel like using celebrities could potentially divert funds that could be used elsewhere. Basically, what I'm saying is: Talent first, name recognition second.

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Femme Fatale

I like the idea of them hiring a really famous actor to voice the main antagonist. Like Tenpenny. But it doesn't really matter to me, tbh. Besides, there's a lot of talented but unknown actors who deserve a spotlight, so...

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no im cool with unkowns

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no im cool with unkowns

That Wouldn't be cool, since they will have to be hired off of Craigslist like all the 3D era pedestrians, youtube fake pranks and prostitution.

R* has recently been hiring people with a IMDB website for all their HD era games and 4k games like RDR2. IMDB is the world's most popular and authoritative source for movie, TV and celebrity content.

Edited by MojoGamer

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I think that's a great Idea ,It would make for more memorable characters and better quality voice acting IMO, but really as long as Samuel L Jackson is included and 90 percent of his lines are "motherf*cker" I'll be happy in that regard.

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I don't think it would fit in with the HD era mould. I could understand why they did back in the early 00s just as the series turned 3D and became more cinematic to give some brand recognition, but the thought now honestly sounds cheesy.


Like something Saints Row would do. I mean I don't even know who the majority of the voice actors are in GTA IV, but it doesn't matter because it's not a famous voice that carries them or makes them interesting.


I'm more interested if the voice actor can deliver a performance that makes me invest in the character rather than "oh hey it's so and so from so and so".


Plus I think it does wonders for careers. Just take a look Steve Ogg. Love Trevor or hate him Ogg wouldn't be on The Walking Dead or Westworld if it wasn't for the springboard voicing Trevor.

don't forget better call saul

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Don't care as long as it's good acting.

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I think R* mentioned somewhere that they don't cast the big stars anymore as voice actors as they want the players to like the character more on their personality rather than on their voice actor.

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I honestly don't mind and if a lesser known actor can get the job done then do be it. Personally if a female protagonist is in the next gta I wouldn't be mad if Ellen Page was cast😶

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It really depends on who the character is. Sometimes, someone famous is pretty much the only voice talent that can properly carry it - as was the case with Tenpenny (seriously, try to imagine that guy with a different voice). In the case of Trevor, Steven Ogg fit the character, just like Samuel L Jackson fit the character of Tenpenny, just like Ray Liotta fit the character of Tommy Vercetti. Heck, even just like that unnamed person fit the character of the orange shirt guy in San Andreas.

​The point is, it doesn't matter who does it, just as long as the relation between the actor and the character is believable.




​Off Topic

I really enjoy entertaining the idea of a GTA character voiced by Big Shaq. The idea of mowing people down with a minigun while your guy says "the ting goes SKRIIYAT! PA PA KA KA KAW! SKIDI KI PAP PAP and a POP POP BRRRRRRRR BOOOOM!" is just peak dark humour for me.


If Big Shaq ever does do a voice, I want there to be a minigame where he moves cornflakes and rice krispies :D


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Completely unnecessary. I mean it was great for the 3D Era (and they probably did it for marketing purposes) but now Rockstar is better off hiring less popular actors. They give more interesting performances anyway. The VA's in GTA IV and V were fantastic for the most part.

Edited by Journey_95

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Am Shaegar

It depends on whether an actor's voice fits the character, or not. It makes more sense to look for popular or well established actor's first to save time, since they will also need to mo-cap that person, as well. It becomes easy to find the one ideal for the character based on the voice portfolios of talented actor's.

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