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Age of Empires IV


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Age of Empires IV was announced yesterday as being developed by Relic Entertainment, creators of Company of Heroes (good games) and the latest Dawn of War (literal cashgrab garbage).


If they follow the structure of what was in the collector's edition book that came with AoE III we should be getting a modern era setting, (1800-2000).


I am really worried, with how Age of Empires and Age of Empires 2 "remakes" turned out. I'm also worried about the huge amount of DLC's we will get for each civilization or for each unit, maybe hide an era behind DLC? Why not? Give money.


I'm a big fan of Age of Empires (especially 3) and Age of Mythology so I'm really hoping they don't screw this up, but I doubt it'll be any good. Anyone else #pessimistic?


Additionally, they also showed a trailer for another remaster of the remaster of the remaster of Age of Empire I:


And announced that another remaster of the remaster for AoE II is coming and a remaster of AoE III.

Edited by Fireman
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The definitive AOE experience for me was the first game. AOE2 and 3 were pretty good too but I've always preferred the first one. I don't think anyone can make AOE as good as Ensemble Studios did, and although I'm excited for the remaster (cautiously...) I'm really on the fence with this new game. Microsoft's game publishing studio isn't what it was anymore either...


I can't wait to have to pay to unlock levels from AOE 1's campaign in the remastered version... /s

Edited by Spider-Vice


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the beginning is moments ago, the end is moments away

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AoE 2 >


That being said, I'm not expecting much either. Not that big of a fan of modern scenarios (and I guess they will indeed move forward with the timeline), and Win 10 / Windows Store only... no thanks. Won't be released for quite some time anyway.

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One cool thing about the trailer was that all the games and expansions appeared in chronological order of appearance, ending with War Chiefs and Asian Dynasties for AoE III.


Windows 10 is a minor problem for me as well, but if it turns out to be good I might accept it. I mean it shouldn't suck, no Age of Empires has sucked. I also used to like Age of Empires 2 the best until I started playing some more Age of Empires 3, the deck (card) system is a good way to keep you playing Skirmish, gives you something to grind without ruining the game.

Edited by Fireman
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Excalibur Voltaire

Finally, I have waited so long

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