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[C#] How to get the Peds around the player? Help

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Hello Everyone,


I am trying to create a class in C# that change the behavior of all characters (pedestrians) that are around the player.

I have seen some sample of codes (moment0's code BTW) around here but it doesn't work for me.

Here is my code:

    using CitizenFX.Core;    using CitizenFX.Core.Native;        public Class1() {         const int numElements = 10;        const int arraySize = numElements * 2 + 2;       //Start at index 2, and the odd elements are padding                                                           int[] peds = new int[arraySize];        //Setup the array                        peds[0] = numElements;       //0 index is the size of the array        int localPlayerId = Game.Player.Handle;        // Get the ID of the player        Ped player = Function.Call(Hash.GET_PLAYER_PED, localPlayerId);        // Get the Ped of the player        int count = Function.Call(Hash.GET_PED_NEARBY_PEDS, player, peds, -1);   // Scan the ped around the player and fill the array        for (int i = 0; i < count; ++i)	    {		    int offsettedID = i * 2 + 2;       		    if (Function.Call(Hash.DOES_ENTITY_EXIST, peds[offsettedID]))            {                    Function.Call(Hash.SET_PED_COMBAT_MOVEMENT, peds[offsettedID], 3);                    Function.Call(Hash.SET_PED_COMBAT_RANGE, peds[offsettedID], 2);                    Function.Call(Hash.SET_PED_COMBAT_ATTRIBUTES, peds[offsettedID], 5, true);            }

Visual studio noticed me 3 errors.


The following line make an error CS0029 (Cannot implicitly convert type 'void' to 'CitizenFX.Core.Ped')

Function.Call(Hash.GET_PLAYER_PED, localPlayerId);

The following line, as well, make an error CS0029 (Cannot implicitly convert type 'void' to 'Bool')

Function.Call(Hash.DOES_ENTITY_EXIST, peds[offsettedID])

Also the argument "peds" in this line make an error CS1503 (Argument 3: cannot convert from 'int[]' to 'CitizenFX.Core.Native.InputArgument'):

int count = Function.Call(Hash.GET_PED_NEARBY_PEDS, player, peds, -1);

I don't understand what is wrong. Does any one can help me? :cry:


Edited by Aktarus

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You need to change the return type for the Function.Call method,


This should solve your first two problems:

Function.Call<Ped>(Hash.GET_PLAYER_PED, localPlayerId);


Function.Call<bool>(Hash.DOES_ENTITY_EXIST, peds[offsettedID])

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Thanks FIFSA! Your code works. :cool:


Rest the last error. Normally 'peds' in this case (GET_PED_NEARBY_PEDS function) should be a pointer to an array as it is stated to the documentation:


PED::GET_PED_NEARBY_PEDSHashes: 0x23F8F5FC7E8C4A6B 0x4D3325F4
int GET_PED_NEARBY_PEDS(Ped ped, int *sizeAndPeds, int ignore)// 0x23F8F5FC7E8C4A6B 0x4D3325F4

sizeAndPeds - is a pointer to an array. The array is filled with peds found nearby the ped supplied to the first argument.
ignore - ped type to ignore

Return value is the number of peds found and added to the array passed.



But how can I get a pointer of array? I have tried many different things, such as:

fixed(int* p = peds[0]); 

But it doesn't work at all! Any help guys?

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Hi, im sry to ask this in your Thread.


I want to include the same thing in my external.

Does anyone know the Pointer to the beginning of the PED Pool?

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