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Recommended Posts




GTA SOL: Underground - adding (not replacing) the VC and LC to SA with a custom map! Also adding the Stories maps into one!


We are looking for motivated SOL: Underground Team members. SOL has an open-door policy, this means you can contribute without filling in forms, you can simply ask to get on the team in this thread. You can contribute by allowing the use of your files (we'll credit you for them) or helping out with modelling and stuff. More info? here

This mod is focussing on getting the 3D era maps together. We are planning to have a release later.

But, what about the used mods/tools? Here they are!

fastman92's Limit Adjuster (Permission given by fastman92)

fastman92's IMG limit adjuster
fastman92's IMG organizer
fastman92's free ID script

*Fastman92 has given me permission to use all of his mods. Infact, everyone can use them.
Stories Map Converter

NTAuthority's OpenVice

fastman92's IMG console


ASI Loader

Statue of Liberty mod

IMG Factory
Coords script (will be removed, using it to help me find locations and bugs)


Map Q&A:

Do we have a clean map, including the Stories maps only? Yes, we do. We have two versions of the mod.

Is there a SOL-related version? Yes, there is. This version is more like a GTA Game.

Are there any base releases? Yes. B1.0-B20.0 are base releases. These include the clean maps. There won't be anything added or modified. Possibly we might include some vehicles cj2000 has already made for us.

The two versions, are they in the 3D era? The Stories version isn't, it wont have any missions/custom stuff. Just blank maps. Nothing else, possibly some SA features in them, nothing else. However, the other release IS in te 3D era. We will try to have the game time set to 2010.




III, CC, and VC are added to the SA map

Game time set in 2010

III, VC and SA vehicles

3 Characters, Claude, CJ and Tommy's son. Custom player models.

Traffic controlling, we will have the III vehicles being more common then the SA.

Explanation (possible spawn rates):


VC Oceanic has the same spawn rate as a SA Infernus. SA Rancher has the same spawn rate as a III Comet just driving around. A LCS Infernus will be as common as a SA Comet. III vehicles will be mainly driving around, with possibly some custom ones too. Like electrical vehicles. These won't have an engine sound.

A VC Deluxo is the rarest possible vehicle in the game. Fact. Im thinking of only adding 3 spawn locations around the ENTIRE map. VCS Vehicles won't be added, just some gang vehicles possibly, but nothing else.

More to come.




Vice City in the Non-Stories version:

acb338395720173.jpg 45a009395720178.jpg ca0c45395720183.jpg bad77d395720187.jpg 84c937395720190.jpg 64a6e9395720193.jpg de5aee395720197.jpg 6fd677395720207.jpg 728d09395720214.jpg 07922a395720219.jpg 7814e8395720223.jpg

Vice city in the Stories version:

6b724b395724904.jpg 29fd41395724913.jpg 05ef6d395724924.jpg 94c513395724939.jpg 956e11395724949.jpg ba1f84395724958.jpg 4683e0395724965.jpg 2335b1395724974.jpg 1af9f3395724980.jpg 274649395724988.jpg




A change?

I have been working on the VCS and LCS maps, and something just isn't right with them. The game didn't feel right, changing the Stories maps will be too much work.

I have decided to use the non-stories maps instead. I'll release my work on the Stories maps, feel free to continue the map. The LCS/VCS project will be open-source, which means, you can do whatever

you want with it. I will continue the mod by adding the non-stories maps, and adding the SA elements to them. Firstly, LC will be converted. Possibly VC aswell. I have a bunch of ideas that I'm going to put up on

the main board. Feel free to take a look at them. The "Features" page on this topic has all of my ideas. These won't be added to the game just yet! Firstly I want the maps to work properly.

LC will be converted first, then we'll have cj2000 and HazzardX working on the new parts of the map. Also, I'm thinking of including some better graphics from GTA:VCSPC. Will need their permission first.

With the PS2 sunflares, and the support for higher game resolutions, removed LODs, increased draw distance, other stuff that makes the map look nicer. I just need permission to include these features in my mod first.


Upcoming releases:

SOL:Underground Stories b1.0:

Stories map version. We include blank maps, from VCS and LCS into 1 big game with SA. No missions, just maps.

SOL:Underground b10.0:

Our normal mod. We'll have VC and SA, and ofcourse LC in one game, and custom cities like Carcer City, made by HazzardX.




dkluin: Converting, Mapping, Modelling, Scripting

SOL team: Mapping

HazzardX: Converting

cj2000: Converting, Modelling

IgorX: Converting

Jingles: Mapping
mariojoau00: Converting, Modelling


dkluin (Blending the maps, adding LC stuff to SA and VC, and so on)

Jingles: (Doing map moving. Moving water.dat from different games into one, doing garages, culling, and occlusion)


dkluin (Converting VCS and LCS maps to SA)

HazzardX (Maps and other stuff)

cj2000 (Vehicle converting)

IgorX (Converting LC)


dkluin (Adding vehicle spawns and weapon pickups)


dkluin (New and custom buildings around VC and LC)

cj2000 (Vehicle modelling)

HazzardX (Modelling CC parts)

mariojoao00 (Ped Modelling)


dkluin (Main topic artwork, GTA:Underground SOL icon)

IgorX (SOL icons for Trilogy)

The SOL team (X-Seti doing SOL icons)

Jingles: (Doing promo videos)

I am looking for interested members in this project that can help me out with modding, mapping, modelling, or scripting. If you are interested in helping me out, contact me on skype.

(Skype: dkluin). I am always looking for people that can help.



Fastman92 for his limit adjuster and his kind help

X-Seti for his kind help and tutorials, assisting with map issues

IgorX for assisting with converting the III map to SA

Jingles for creating the Underground ID shifting tool, and assisting with IPL moving.

Edited by dkluin
Removed some stuff, spreaded it over the forum.

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