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GTA Underground - Snapshot Changelogs


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· Sorted HUD sprite IDs – and added a new system which eliminates the problem where a HUD sprite GXT entry being invalid can crash the game, and even allowing people to replace HUD sprite data through hudsprites.dat

· MASSIVE refactors, additions, and bug fixes are done to the vehicle feature hooks (over 5k lines of code was added), including (random) crashes, glitched Rhino wheels, and much, much more

· Water.dat bugs are now completely resolved thanks to Pieer – the bugs include flooded tunnels, lag in Portland, and other areas

· Fixed a crash which occurs when the player enters a few vehicles, the cause was an invalid radio station ID being picked

· Added a new wanted level system; Vice Squad now spawns in VC when the player has a 3 star wanted level, FBI, Army, cop bikes, Police Mavericks, News Mavericks, SWAT, and other law enforcement agencies are now completely zone based, and spawn in their respective cities

· Added a new radio station to Bullworth by SWEGTA: Bullworth Rock Radio

· Several vehicles including the LCS Landstalker have been redone and restyled to be much more SA styled

· The car spawner now spawns added Linerunners with trailers

· Added new safehouses to LC, including Maria’s house from LCS, and Toni’s Shoreside Vale safehouse.

· Added a new zone type – weather zones. These zones are used to control heat haze effects, and much more, even going as far to allow a completely new weather system


· Added VC Mall Ammu-Nation (North Point Mall)

· Made VC Printworks interior accessable (only after buying business)

· Added Phil's Fully Cocked to LC, you can buy heavy guns from here (and alot of other weapons not available otherwise) (interior located south of the Tw@ store, already marked on the map with an american flag)

· Made Auntie Poulet's house in Little Haiti accessable and purchase-able, game saving is possible

· Made VC Recording Studio cutscene interior accessable, has an extra hallway and staircase (located close to VC Ammu-Nation store, where the Love Fist car is)

· Fixed misplaced VC seabed, and added original VC static shadows, located all over the map (shadows of trees, mostly)

· Weather in VC, LC, and BW is now much more accurate and uses original settings (no more extra filters)

· Previously unobtainable weapons can now be purchased in Ammu-Nation stores and the new Phil's Fully Cocked

· Fixed MLL crash when around traffic zones

· Added and converted ALL III peds to LC traffic

· Added a bunch of LCS peds to LC traffic

· Fixed LC Ammu-Nation ped (dunno what yhdf really changed!)

· Fixed LCS Phil ped (it didnt have mouth anims)

· Added all Bully peds

· Bullworth Town (see menu map, it's the area east of the school, with the businesses, shops, and city hall) now has pedestrians roaming the neighbourhood

· New Coventry (the broken up area connected to Bullworth Town and the industrial area) now has vehicle traffic

· The mod now supports all teleport to marker mods (the CLEO based ones)

· Ambulances and hospital peds are now seen around Liberty City hospitals (ONLY in LC!)

· Updated III Sentinel and III Mafia Sentinel models, they now look nicer and more SA-styled

· Saving the game should now work again, as well as loading the game (it was being glitchy as f*ck since Snapshot 3 development started), however it has some bugs

· Hidden Packages added to VC and LC, the oyster, horseshoe, and snapshots in VC and LC are removed

· Added a new pizza parlor in VC (the one close to the Malibu Club is now enterable and you can buy pizza's here)

· Added audio for VC weapons (VC UZ-I, Laser, M21, Ruger, Python, Beretta, Equalizer, Sawnoff Shotgun)

· Fixed shutdown crash (there's still an issue with it though)

· Removed the VC Blimp script for now - Spartan is working on a new blimp vehicle which can be flown - and will even fly around Vice City Downtown!

· Fixed game crash in New Coventry related to traffic

· Fixed traffic on the road near the beach in Old Bullworth Vale

· Added pedestrian traffic to Old Bullworth Vale pier

· Removed New Coventry traffic for now (was causing the crash in this area mentioned above)

· Cop bikes/cop bike peds will now spawn in SA Countryside

· Rewrote wanted level patches to increase game stability and to fix a few errors (one of those being that the game would NEVER spawn a News Maverick, now the game will spawn the right News Maverick for the correct city, PLUS a memory leak has been fixed)

· Moved cop bike/cop bike peds code from the SCM to the ASI (the SCM code did not patch everything correctly (it would overwrite other patches, potentially causing a crash), now it does!)

· Fixed VC cop ped not acting like a cop (it would flee the player in some situations, while it should've attempted to bust/kill the player)

· VC/III Patriot has been redone to make it look better

· Organized and sorted the ASI code (this also comes with a few fixes, including the missing fog fix for the Malibu Club)

· Added audio for III weapons (III UZI, III Shotgun, III M16, III AK47)

· Added some missing vehicles to the car spawner


· Removed old Carcer City map areas, to be replaced with new, bug-free map parts with enterable interiors and props

· Redid the CC Journo level - added breakable lampposts with functional lights at night, added a safehouse which can be bought, added a functional casino where you can play casino games, updated radar

· Fixed LC cop bike causing a crash - the model has been redone by Spartan_112 and now spawns in Liberty City (when wanted)

· Added missing plateback texture feature (vehicles in each city didn't have the car plate texture of the city it spawned in)

· Added breakable props in Bullworth (a LOT still has to be made breakable!)

· Added a sh*tton of extra cheat codes from GTA: VC and GTA: III (using their original strings AND its SilentPatch compatible)

· It is now possible to define up to 512 extra cheat code strings through cheat.dat. The cheat codes will not have a function though!

· Added the second Bloodring Banger from GTA: VC (which was missing from the game and can now be spawned using cheats OR the built in car spawner!)

· Added CC Copbike

· Added SF Copbike

· Added SA Countryside copbike

· Added LV Copbike

· Added a custom bike, the Roamer (it will spawn in SA countryside area's)

· Added cheat.dat loader - cheat strings and new cheats can be added to the game now!

· Added a bunch of vehicle cheats from GTA: VC and GTA: III

· Fixed OhNoDontDoIt cheat potentially crashing the game

· Added missing Kaufman Cab to the car spawner

· III Cartel Cruiser has been updated to look more SA styled

· GRGX is now included in UG again (making extra garages working again, was been broken since build 12)

· Fixed a bug where VCPD Cheetah, III FBI Kuruma, and VC FBI Washington couldn’t be resprayed. Now the game allows you to respray these three wanted level vehicles.

· Updated DllTricks.dll, causing FLA crashes

· Updated MinHook.X86.dll, causing FLA crashes

· Added missing train track info file, causing FLA crashes

· Fixed missing car spawner CLEO files causing the car spawner to not work

· Fixed crash when using melee weapons/trying to hit anything (has been a problem since we added the extra audio)

· Fixed game breaking crash when cop bikes/cop bikers were spawned

· Updated the way the game streams wanted level vehicles – now the game should spawn wanted level vehicles instantly, instead of no wanted level vehicle spawning at all for minutes

· Added desert police ranger and desert cops (SA BETA feature)

· Disabled “Fix streaming memory bug” option in FLA ini which was causing the ped melee bugs

· VC Baggage is now redone in SA style

· III Trashmaster is now redone in SA style

· VC Banshee is now redone in SA style

· GTA_Underground.log file now contains a lot of extra info from ASI features

· Extra island ID added for the desert area (no real change)

· Added VCS Bulldozer (lacks vehicle abilities)

· Added Dozer vehicle feature patches

· All vehicle feature patches are now updated to support unsigned IDs (only matters when user adds in vehicles with an ID above 32768)

· Updated Bullworth peds (bug fixes, improvements)

· Removed Atlantis peds

· Updated Mainland Liberty peds (a lot of extra peds, bug fixes, and improvements)

· Updated III peds (few extra peds, bug fixes, and improvements)

· Added SA BETA Ballas members

· Fixed a few bugs with SA BETA Grove Street members (open mouth bugs)

· Removed unused peds from componentpeds.img (no change, other than slightly faster loading)


· Updated text boxes which are displayed when starting a game, they are now meant for Snapshot 3 (not really interesting, just some really tiny thing)

· The mod now uses less streaming memory/RAM and should run with higher FPS due to binary IPLs being fully used for all added maps (no other ingame change)

· Changed model IDs/names again (no ingame change)

· Fixed missing objects in the Liberty City construction site (in Staunton Island)

· Fixed washing lines spawning instead of a helipad on the LC Airport (where the police maverick spawns)

· Fixed missing objects on the LC construction site in Staunton Island (previously you would see floating lights)

· Updated Bullworth traffic in Old Bullworth Vale (the area in Bullworth with the mansions) – added pedestrian traffic and vehicle traffic to most of this area

· Fixed zone names not showing up when entering them

· Removed useless gangs in San Andreas (Russians, Bikers, extra LV turfs)

· Added missing Starfish Island gates – these were controlled by mission scripts and are now in IPL files

· Added missing vent covers in the VC bank interior (these were also controlled by mission scripts – SWAT would come through these vents during the mission The Job in GTA: VC)

· Fixed all properties in San Andreas being free

· Fixed a bug where the price of a property in San Andreas wasn’t shown – instead the information text (Press TAB to buy this property) was displayed above a property pickup

· Fixed some incorrect prices of SA properties

· Fixed Quarry red sphere being invisible

· Fixed White T-Shirt in Binco crashing the game

· Removed two added t-shirts (UG t-shirt and FLA t-shirt)

· Fixed starting the Driver School mission in San Fierro starting the Catalyst mission and not the side mission

· LCS Phobos now uses correct colors

· LCS Phobos VT car is now SA styled and can be modified at tuning shops.

· Fixed wheel size on CC Speedo

· Added $50 good citizen bonus

· The game now spawns parked cars from GTA: VC when in VC

· Fixed a collision bug on the VC beach where you could fall through the ground (small issue)

· Fixed missing vegetation and props around the Vercetti Estate

· Fixed crash when entering a burglary house

· Fixed crash when entering 24/7 shops

· Fixed issues with restaurants (prices are wrong, spawning a second plate of food)

· Fixed crash when starting checkpoint race mission

· Fixed crash when entering strip clubs

· Fixed issues with ped attractors spawning two peds instead of one, seen in strip clubs

· Added Rusty Browns shops to San Fierro and Los Santos, marked on the map with a donut

· Added Multistorey Mayhem side mission to Staunton Island (from GTA: III, requires you to drive a III Stallion into the parking garage near the construction site)

· Added Patriot Playground side mission to Portland (from GTA: III, requires you to drive a III patriot into the parking lot of the supermarket near the hospital to trigger the mission)

· LC weather is now 100% accurate and uses SkyGfx’s III trails.

· VC weather is now 100% accurate and uses SkyGfx’s VC trails.

· Added PCJ Playground side mission to Washington Beach (from GTA: VC, requires you to collect all corona’s within two minutes with a VC PCJ600)

· Added A Ride In The Park side mission to Staunton Island (from GTA: III, requires you to drive a LC Landstalker and collect corona’s in Belleville Park)

· III Kuruma now uses Admiral sound

· III Infernus now uses Cheetah sound

· III Cartel Cruiser now uses BF Injection sound

· III Idaho now uses Greenwood sound

· III Yardie Lobo now uses Patriot sound

· III Stretch now uses Greenwood sound

· III Coach now uses Rhino sound

· III Banshee now uses Infernus sound

· III Bobcat now uses Patriot sound

· Removed duplicated LC Landstalker which was previously spawning in Belleville Park – the correct SA-styled model spawns there now instead

· Audio inside added interiors which used .mp3 files now use extra audio zone types – as a result the game will now handle the audio volume properly, previously the game ignored the menu setting so they would always be really loud

· Added Gripped! Side mission to Shoreside Vale (from GTA: III, requires you to drive up steep hills)

· Fixed game crashing in Pole Position club and the Malibu Club

· Dancing minigame can now be played in the Malibu Club without the game crashing

· Added all VCS peds – a bunch of them are adapted to the ped color feature which randomizes the colors the clothes have, lots of work still to do! (thanks to VCSPCE)

· VCS gang peds now are adapted to the ped color feature

· Changed all loadscreens to better looking ones

· Added Trailer Park Mafia to VC

· Added trailer park from GTA: VCS to VC – located near Sunshine Auto’s

· Added Cholo’s to Little Havana

· The LCS Deimos SP vehicle is now added to UG and can be tuned at tuning garages and can be found on the street

· SA vehicles no longer spawn in LC when in LC

· Added zone based police maverick pilots – in added cities and in SA the police maverick should have a pilot now

· LC Predator now uses correct color

· LC/VC Predator now has the VC UZI firing sound when using the guns

· VC/LC Police Maverick now has the VC M60 firing sound when the guns are fired

· Fixed a game breaking bug in ExGangWars causing the game to crash when defensive gang wars started

· Defining restart points (places the game will teleport you to when dying or getting busted) is now possible through editing restart.dat

· Blips are now defined through hudsprites.dat – the game also processes icons with no map legend gxt entry correctly now and will no longer crash when someone activated the map legend with one of these blips enabled

· Fixed all bugs with VC peds (incorrectly rigged peds are now fixed, the peds have been welded so they look better)

· Pedstats.dat can now contain more than the default 43 entries – the game can process extra ped statistics and correctly read them from ped IDE sections

· Added occlusion zones for VC – this prevents models from being rendered when they are behind a structure which makes it unable to be seen. When these models are no longer rendered when not really needed, the game will use less RAM/streaming memory while in VC. In simpler words, the game will preform better.

· Added VCS Spaz 12 gun with original VCS sound – it can’t be bought in Ammu-Nation stores as weapon shops are temporarily removed because the IDs have to be sorted and missing weapons have to be converted, but it can be spawned with the ProfessionalTools cheat code.

· VC radar tiles are now correctly aligned with the actual map (previously it would look like the radar map was moved too far to the right)

· The same said above has also been done to the LC radar tiles (aligned)

· Vice Squad peds from VCS will now spawn alongside with the VC ones (however this feature is disabled because the peds themselves are bugged)

· VC Police Maverick can now either have the VC color scheme or the VCS color scheme, it’s now randomized

· Added News Mavericks for all cities


· All VCS peds now have correct ped colors (this is incorrect)

· Fixed incorrect ped colors for empire building peds from VCS

· PCJ Playground now has a time limit of 4 minutes + it requires a 30% Bike Skill in order to play it. Finishing it also gives a 100% bike skill now

· Fixed a bug where the wrong marker/statistic was changed/removed after buying a property – development build bug only

· Added North Point Mall side entrances – not yet finished

· Fixed a bug where the game weather bugged out when starting checkpoint race mission

· Vehicle plateback texture feature is now re-enabled (it was disabled because of the bug mentioned above, the feature which was previously disabled selected different license plate textures for each city)

· Sunshine Auto’s now costs $50.000, I overlooked the price

· Added Cone Crazy side-mission to VC – it’s located in the parking garage near Rafaels/Ocean Beach hotel. To start it, get in the VC Stallion on the top floor.

· Added statistics to all offroad challenges and Cone Crazy. After completing one of these (or more) you can view your best time in the statistics menu, under Mission stats.

· Fixed a bug where your best time was incorrectly calculated after finishing PCJ Playground (for the New Record Set!! Text)

· Added the missing psycho VC Yankee drivers which are meant to make the mission harder during PCJ Playground

· Missing SA changes were re-added (development build bug)

· LC Mafia Sentinel will now spawn with both the LC color scheme and the LCS color scheme (LCS ones were black, LC ones were grey)

· Finished the North Point Mall side entrances – previously in development builds the exterior ones were there but the interior ones were not done yet (in Snapshot 2.2 it was just missing) but now it’s finished

· Fixed audio volumes not changing when playing audio from added interiors (in VC, north point mall…)

· North Point Mall background melody doesn’t stop playing anymore when entering other interiors and leaving them inside the mall

· Added extra audio zone types which can be used in IPL:AUZO sections – this involves melody’s from GTA: VC (and this is ofcourse used there) (North Point Mall, Ocean Beach Hotel, Malibu Club, and the Pole Position Club use these types – so the change here is that the volume is now correctly changing if you change it in the main menu, and the audio actually fades out and doesn’t just cut out immediately)

· Interiors in VC now have the original colors – so they look better with the trails now built in (again, VC interiors use this, SA interiors in VC don’t)

· Shopping peds now spawn in the North Point Mall interior

· The North Point Mall was not considered to be in Vice City by the game – as a result you would see SA law enforcement agencies (and also SA peds) in this interior, this has been changed so the game does consider this interior to be a part of Vice City. (This is because there’s a zone defined in one of the files which contains all of the Vice City map, but since we moved the North Point Mall interior out of VC just to add traffic to this interior, it wouldn’t be considered to be a part of VC)

· Fixed invisible walls near the North Point Mall entrances (WilsonPlays noticed this in his build 10 video)

· Fixed wrong lightning near the North Point Mall entrances

· Added the last missing North Point Mall entrance in the parking lot

· Added Inside Track Betting to Vice City (located south of the North Point Mall, really close to the Pay n Spray)

· Fixed a few missing black box textures seen when entering/exiting the Tarbrush Café in the North Point Mall

· Fixed a bug where you could fall through the ground when right infront of the door (really close to it) of the safehouse right next to the Pay N Spray close to the North Point Mall

· Fixed the garage from Cop Land being activated - now it's disabled by default so the camera doesn't glitch out when close to it (it also didn't have the garage door configured right so it wouldn't open)

· Fixed wrong garages being activated when buying El Swanco Casa or the other safehouse close to the mall

· Fixed the garages mentioned above always being activated even if the player did not own it

· The garage door of the other garage now moves out while opening and will not move straight up anymore

· The Downtown Ammu-Nation interior has been changed – you can no longer access the shooting range anymore, instead you will be able to start the shooting range mission here in the future. The area which wasn’t solid is also solid now.

· Fixed a critical development build bug where the game could crash at the end of the loadscreen (this is a script error related to pickups, NOT the SkyGfx bug!)

· Fixed a critical development build bug where properties could not be bought

· The Vercetti Estate is no longer purchase-able – and is supposed to be unlocked by taking over all of the Diaz gang turfs. After unlocking and purchasing it, you’ll not only maximize your gang’s influence in Starfish Island, you’ll also unlock all of the assets in Vice City. These assets ofcourse have to be purchased.

· Fixed missing black box texture seen when entering the big safehouse in Little Haiti

· Fixed invisible walls near the SubUrban store close to the North Point Mall

· Fixed invisible walls in the interior of the Ocean Beach Hotel safehouse interior

· Fixed missing black box texture seen when exiting the Ocean Beach Hotel safehouse interior

· Adjusted black box size of the Ocean Beach Hotel safehouse interior (you would bump into a wall when exiting it, it looked weird)

· Fixed invisible walls near Apartment 3C

· Adjusted black box size of the Apartment 3C exterior – you would bump into a wall while the screen fades out

· Fixed missing chainsaw pickup in the Apartment 3C interior (it was still placed on normal height)

· Fixed a bug where after you picked up the savegame pickup in Apartment 3C you would automatically pick it up again after saving in an endless loop (the pickup was also moved because of the chainsaw being at the exact same place)

· Fixed prelightning on the Apartment 3C exterior model (it basicly was bugged so the model looked much brighter)

· Fixed missing black box on the Apartment 3C interior model (previously you would see a bit of the stairs, which looked really odd as you couldn’t see parts of the city, so a black box was added)

· Added missing 2dfx in Apartment 3C interior (one lamp is now always on at night)

· Fixed bad UV mapping in that interior (the walls looked really weird)

· Fixed non solid glass fences on the Apartment 3C exterior

· Fixed misplaced camera position when using the Little Haiti Pay N Spray

· Fixed invisible burger on the Burger Shot close to the North Point Mall – it will now rotate like it should

· Fixed missing black box texture seen when entering the burger shot mentioned above

· Fixed prelightning on the model of the burger shot mentioned above (too bright)

· Fixed invisible walls near the burger shot mentioned above

· Fixed missing black box texture seen when entering and exiting the Greasy Chopper in VC

· Fixed invisible walls near the Greasy Chopper in VC

· Fixed prelightning in the Greasy Chopper interior (too bright)

· Added an extra room in the Greasy Chopper interior (you were previously able to look through the windows at the bar and you could see the sky, this room is added just to fix that)

· The Greasy Chopper now has a different background track – it’s a bit LQ but it’ll do for now

· Added a guard to the Greasy Chopper – if you attack any of the bar staff or shoot inside the bar the guard will attack you. Killing the guard results in another guard spawning at the door when the player looks away. The biker ped which spawns after doing so is randomized (it spawns a random biker)

· Added bar staff to the Greasy Chopper

· Fixed a bunch of texture bugs inside the Greasy Chopper – the most notable being the wooden plank textures displayed where clothes were supposed to be

· The big burger above the Portland Burger Shot now rotates

· Fixed missing black box texture seen when entering the ZIP store in Staunton Island

· Fixed invisible walls close to the ZIP store in Staunton Island

· Fixed prelightning bugs on the ZIP store exterior model located in Staunton Island

· The glass on the Easy Credit Auto’s shop in Portland is now breakable

· The glass on the bike shop in Portland is now breakable

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Continuation [2/2]

Added SA BETA weapons

· Sorted weapon IDs

· Corrected weapon names (model names, not the names seen when buying weapons, no ingame change) – this caused confusion and led to a few bugs

· Added all LCS weapons

· Added all VCS weapons

· Added all III weapons

· Added VC weapons

· Lots of weapons now have different icons (SA icons are corrected too!)

· Added VC BETA weapons

· Added 90 custom weapons (unobtainable currently)

· Added a Cluckin Bell to Staunton Island – it’s located close to Kenji’s Casino

· Fixed the Dider Sachs in Staunton Island having no marker marking its location

· Fixed missing doors on Kenji’s Casino (the ones used to enter the interior)

· Fixed missing walls behind the SubUrban store in Liberty City – it’s a commonly reported problem

· Added 2dfx to the billboards near the lift bridge connecting Shoreside Vale with Staunton Island

· Fixed a rooftop of a building located south east of Belleville Park which is shaped like a triangle

· Added a 24/7 store at the same building location

· LCS Shopkeepers will spawn in the store mentioned above

· Added lights which will be on at night, but off at day at the exterior model of this building

· Fixed prelightning in Toni’s Staunton Island safehouse (located just south of the construction site)

· Sex Club 7 in Portland is now enterable

· Meeouch in Portland is now enterable

· Fixed bugs with Portland Pay N Spray (it really didn’t work before)

· Finished the Binco store in Staunton Island (it had bugs, wasn’t enterable, and looked out of place)

· The V8 Ghost is now SA styled, and can be modified at tuning shops.

· The LC Stanier now has a different color scheme.

· Fixed the bugs and finished The Craw Bar in VC. It was previously impossible to enter it, and it had a few visual bugs.

· Fixed missing textures on the café near the lighthouse in VC – the textures fixed are the ones near the chairs outside of the café (the green things above them)

· Fixed non solid Laurence Hotel in VC (it’s really close to the Ocean Beach safehouse)

· Fixed a fastman92 limit adjuster bug where gunshells of added weapons (mainly shotguns) didn’t have a red color, previously only SA shotguns had them colored in red, now all shotguns have them

· Hacked a game limit which limited shop information – previously this limit was exceeded and memory would get overwritten, causing possible crashes and bugs, the main bug being the fat stat not increasing when buying food at fastfood restaurants

· ThugsTools, ProfessionalTools, and NuttersTools cheat codes now spawns the same weapons with the same amount of ammo as they did in in GTA: VC.

· The VC Downtown Ammu-Nation now sells most VC guns. Names of some weapons have been corrected (the names seen when buying the weapons)

· Fixed a development build bug where some weapons were unavailable from Ammu-Nation, now all weapons are available in all stores by default

· The VC Washington Beach Ammu-Nation now sells most VCS guns. Again, names of some weapons have been corrected (the names seen when buying the weapons)

· Phil’s Fully Cocked stores are now unlockable – you’ll have to purchase two lots in VC and LC in order to unlock it (as the game informs you that you can now buy guns at “any” store….

· Phil’s Fully Cocked from GTA: III is now in UG as a business

· Added Kenji’s Casino asset – it will be required to purchase this in order to unlock other LC assets

· Saint Marks Bistro is now an asset – it will give you the Forelli turf there after buying

· The LC car crusher is now an asset – after purchasing it will allow you to crush cars there for a reward

· Added all BW weapons (unobtainable currently)

· Phils Fully Cocked in VC is now functional again (in build 21 it was broken due to the weapon ID changes)

· Included an improved version of the first loadscreen (the GTA: Underground logo one)

· Created a weapon spawner which can spawn all weapons

· Corrected weapon audio on some weapons

· Melee weapons now have their unique stats (VC only)

· Added Manhunt weapons (unobtainable currently)

· Added police dispatch audio to VC (the wanted level audio, still needs lots of other audio tracks added in but the location stuff is there + the north/south/east stuff…)

· Fixed Vice Point area incorrectly called Vice Beach

· Added BW Domestic – it’s tune-able and spawns in Bullworth

· Added LCS Tommy – it’s tune-able and spawns in LC

· The game now displays neighborhood names when entering those in Carcer City

· Carcer City now has its own weather based on the LC weather – it will be edited further to give the city it’s own custom, unique feel

· Carcer City SWAT + Enforcers now spawn in the city when you have a 4 star wanted level

· Carcer City Police Mavericks and Police Pilots now spawn in the city when you have a 3 star wanted level

· Carcer City Roamer and motor officers now spawn in the city

· Added the Church area from Manhunt, it has some remodeled content and some extra areas including an exterior building for the Mall area which didn’t have an exterior

· Fixed a bug where you could enter the Vercetti Estate through other doors than the front door before it was purchased

· Changed LC Stanier car modifications and color scheme again

· LCS Bickle 76 is now updated – it’s tuneable and much more SA styled

· LCS Thunder Rodd is now updated – it’s tuneable, comes with extra paint jobs, and is much more SA styled

· Replaced the exception handler by fastman92 with Window’s minidump system – this gives us much more info when a crash occurs

· Fixed file logger not flushing the log data on a game crash – instead the exception filter now has a callback which calls Core::Shutdown, which then closes the log file and saves it and prints a text box

· Removed GRGX, as a result garages are removed, but will be re-implemented once I finish patching the GRGE limit, which will fix several bugs

· Hacked the pedgrp.dat limit – as a result the game only uses one pedgrp.dat file and it’s possible to experience a big memory usage decrease but gang peds are completely f*cked up for some reason I haven’t looked into yet

· Started patching the gang limit – I did the first patches to allow the game to use more than 10 gangs. Previously, the pedgrp.dat reloading method, and the cargrp.dat reloading function, and finally the weapon hooks and gangturf color hooks were a temporary solution. Gangs should instead be seen as gangs, not as the same gangs and end up having bugs like VC gangs being friendly to SA gangs while they shouldn’t, and the turf colors for the gangs changing globally…. This should instead be replaced with a finished system which does it correctly.

· Refactored and sorted a bunch of ASI code – the game might slightly run faster, but it has a few bugs and flaws which I have to look at

· The exception handler used in UG now creates minidumps in the minidumps folder – previously it simply created them in the GTA SA root folder, which could become very very messy if you had lots of dumps there

· Bullworth’s cop car now has a correct license plate texture – it now changes when entering a new city correctly

· Some bug fixes have been done to the vehicle mentioned above, nothing specific

· The exact same stuff has been done to the cutscene vehicle seen in the introduction cutscene from Bully.

· Fixed a few bugs with the file loaders – the log buffers weren’t flushed to the disk after a file reading error occurred (in other words, if the file couldn’t be opened, an error would be displayed in a message box but the log file wasn’t saved to the HDD)

· The log buffers were also not flushed to the disk on program exit sometimes, that’s also fixed. If DllMain was called, it’d close anyways.

· V HUD by DK22Pac is now fully compatible with UG. Custom weapons however can’t be selected yet.

· ExGangWars is no longer a separate ASI mod included in UG, but is included with the crash fix I sent to Silent which he included in a new version of the plugin.

· Log parser has been refactored – and fastman92’s sprintf output is now also logged to UG’s log file, and UG’s log file will now output to a debug window, allowing the user to view the log file from a debugger

· Minidump exception handler has been tweaked and got a few bug fixes

· ImVehFt is now fully compatible with UG.

· Added GTA SA EXE version detection – as fastman92 is adding support for multiple EXE versions, UG will have to do the same

· Patcher 2.0 is slowly being implemented into GTA: Underground. This means that bugs with the memory patching library have been fixed, and version based patching Is possible.

· Added error messages when memory allocation fails

· Added error messages when an unsupported GTA: SA version is detected

· CLEO teleport to marker script fix is now delayed – it means it will only patch CLEO if all ASI files were loaded

· Added CLEO version checking, currently only CLEO 4.3.16 is supported – if someone installs a newer or older CLEO version it will give an error message

· Fixed a bug with shopping patches – the memory wasn’t initialized. This could make the game crash.

· ImgLimitAdjuster by fastman92 is no longer in use – fastman92 limit adjuster is now handling the new IMG file stuff

· Updated fastman92 limit adjuster to 4.2

· Added warning messages when ImgLimitAdjuster is detected

· Fixed a randomizer bug where cop bikes were always being unloaded and loaded, I added a check to prevent that the model for the current town will unload, fixing the problems with cop bikes not showing up for the correct town

· Added CLEO 4.3.16 patches from FLA – plugin patches inside FLA are disabled, and CLEO patches will soon be adapted for the latest CLEO version

· Fixed a bug where Bullworth didn’t have it’s license plate texture

· Yhdf redid all of the original license plate textures in higher quality - and the system used for handling these textures has been updated to make cars in specific area’s spawn with these textures

· Plateback textures now show up in Carcer City and Mainland Liberty

· Fixed Elegy visual bugs – you’d see weird lightning all over the vehicle, now it’s corrected

· Fixed misplaced LODs in Dunsfold (the military base located far west of San Fierro, something like Pearl Harbor)

· Fixed missing CLEO 4.3.16 patches for model IDs – this could have caused bugs

· Started making SAMP compatible with UG – you can now use the package in the Optional mods folder to play SAMP on UG!

· Fixed log message including development build having 7 decimals – it’s now a string so it shows up correctly

· Project 2dfx is now compatible with UG – I modified it’s data files so each city has it’s own LOD lights, see optional mod content folder

· V HUD data by Yhdf can now be found in the optional mod content folder

· Started patching First Person mod 3.0

· Added all Bullworth weapons to UG – these were missing for quite a while sadly

· Added new Bloodring Bangers for VC – they’re now much more SA styled

· Dunsfold now shows up as an area on the map (you will see Dunsfold text when entering the area)

· The exception handler now prints an error message box when the game crashes, making the new exception handler which can generate minidumps complete

· The Gang Burrito is now updated to be much more SA styled


· VC Zebra is now updated to be much more SA styled

· Added weather ID checks when setting the weather type – you can no longer select invalid weather IDs above 22 anymore

· Added extra patches for weather zone related features – ambient gunfire can now randomly be heard in VC

· The exception handler now generates a stack trace + module list

· VC & LC enforcers are now updated to be much more SA styled

· Added Manhunt weapons – they still need their custom audio set up propery

· Some weapons didn’t have their melee.dat entries – fixed this – as a result some added melee weapons will have unique stats

· Fixed shutdown problems – the whole shutdown crash isn’t fully fixed yet

· Added a final SAMP loadscreen image

· Added Yhdf’s fixed title loadscreen

· Fixed heap corruption issues with the new pedgrp.dat system – as a result the new pedgrp.dat system is pretty much done.

· Fixed SA gangs not working very well with the new pedgrp.dat system

· Re-introduced added peds in traffic in VC/LC/BW/MLL

· Added a workaround for the shutdown crashes – it shouldn’t crash anymore but the issue itself isn’t fully fixed yet

· The exception handler now generates a backtrace – which is a list of calls up to EIP

· The exception handler can now switch to desktop and enable mouse control – which makes the game no longer freeze when an exception hits

· Implemented a fix for the collision file buffer (people reported that this crashed the game, as it turned out this was a FLA bug)

· ExGangWars is finally integrated into UG – the ASI itself is no longer needed.

· Plateback textures have again be updated to have an unique style in them

· Fixed a development build bug where not all weapons could be purchased at Ammu-Nation stores – I forgot to remove a check which limited the amount of guns at the store at all times because of the mission passed checks, as a result it will no longer check and limit the guns available, so all guns are available.

· Fixed “A new weapon is available for you to buy” text message always showing up

· LC now has functional Ammu-Nation stores – LCS and III guns can now be purchased there.

· Fixed traffic problems on the Staunton Lift Bridge – the original problem was that vehicles disappeared or glitched out when going over the bridge

· Fixed more missing rooftops in Portland

· Logs are now stored inside the logs folder in the GTA: Underground install folder and are labelled by date to make things easier

· Started working on a brand new debug mode which can be activated through the DEBUGMODE cheat (previously the SCM coded DEBUG cheat functioned as a debug mode but it was buggy and didn’t really have an use) – once activated it will start printing out the lines written to GTA: Underground log file)

· Fixed more missing rooftops in Staunton Island

· The LC Taxi has been redone to be much more SA styled (and also has a new paintjob)

· Added Xinerki’s business blips which were done in August but never got added

· The old patching library is no longer in use – as a result a few bugs are fixed (nothing specific)

· Added an option where DEP is always disabled for the running process for testing purposes

· Hidden Packages now spawn at the correct height

· The Hidden Package feature is completed – rewards for collecting them are also implemented.

· Fastman92 Limit Adjuster has been updated again – the IPL limit is now fully patched (this was a needed fix which was a potential reason behind the shutdown crash)

· Fixed the missing Ammu-Nation ambience track inside the LC Ammu-Nation store

· Fixed weapons not showing up on the counter when buying weapons at LC Ammu-Nation stores

· Fixed a visual bug where the back of the fence at the LC Ammu-Nation (from the seller’s side) was never seen

· And a lot of other minor differences are also done to the LC Ammu-Nation interior.

· SA BETA/Cutscene weapons + VC BETA/Cutscene weapons are now sold at Ammu-Nation stores. Again, SA ones are sold in SA Ammu-Nation stores, and VC ones are sold in VC Ammu-Nation stores.

· Phil’s Fully Cocked is finally updated – all weapon selling stores are in the game, and so the weapon stuff seems pretty much done, except for a few missing weapons. The LCS store requires you to purchase the necessary assets (all Phil’s places in both VC and LC + it requires taking over Diaz’s turfs in VC (gangs in VC/LC are temporarily removed) and purchasing the Vercetti Estate which will unlock businesses in VC, and finally, Kenji’s Casino has to be purchased in order to unlock businesses in LC. This store will sell heavy weapons from all of the 3D era games, and in the future, it may sell more than that.

· Fixed a small development build bug where police mavericks did not have the M60 gunfire sound anymore (I forgot to replace the old weapon ID with an enum, meaning that if I changed the weapon ID, it will automatically update all references in UG’s patches, which prevents problems like this)

· LC’s radar map has been completely redrawn – as a result it looks much more detailed

· Bullworth’s Asylum is now converted and enterable

· Bullworth’s school library is now converted and enterable

· Converted all props not tied to any specific Bullworth interior. These will be added to all interiors, and are added to the school library.

· All Bullworth interiors are now less bright, and look much better

· The Hole is now converted but not enterable
Added props to the Bullworth Academy interior

· Bullworth’s Boys Dorm interior now has its props

· Bullworth’s Preps Hideout interior now has its props

· Fixed a crash which could occur when closing the game because of ped statistics memory not being de-allocated properly

· Fixed a possible crash when trying to spawn a wanted level vehicle while nothing is loaded

· Fixed several stack corruption issues (this is an issue which is hard to explain in simple terms, but it could cause crashes)

· Fixed bugs with some weapons (SA BETA PSG-1 was corrupted)

· Old Bullworth Vale has been reconverted – the map now uses prelightning, and objects which were previously still non-solid (yes….) are now solid, and some missing objects are also implemented

· Transparency issues with textures around the school exterior are fixed

· Transparency issues with textures inside Yum Yum Market are fixed

· Removed fans in the tunnel connecting the carnival and Old Bullworth Vale

· Fixed a possible crash when spawning news mavericks (when having a 4 star wanted level…)

· Fixed several visual bugs around Bullworth, including texture transparency issues, backface culling not being disabled…

· The Girls Dorm is now converted

· Fixed a development build bug where taxi missions were broken; it would always tell you that there are no fares nearby.

· Fixed incorrect dates being used for saved minidump, and saved log file names

· Added timestamp + thread ID to each log entry

· Fixed yet another heap corruption bug with the cop ped array – it was adding an extra 4 bytes outside of the array (which was such a small error, but yet so annoying) – This issue shouldn’t affect gameplay, but it can by causing crashes, which are incredibly hard to trace if this issue isn’t fixed

· Added debug compilation settings to UG – this isn’t something which was changed, fixed, or even improved, but is simply very useful when it comes to fixing and finding annoying corruption errors.

· Fixed the big heap corruption problem which occurs because an invalid melee.dat entry existed, it is fixed so the crash doesn’t occur anymore, and allocation doesn’t fail

· Added V HUD Phils Fully Cocked menu

· Fixed a development build bug from build 28 where it said that it failed to request an undefined ID

· Added more SAMP patches – added weapons will work in SAMP but only on the client side

· Re-implemented the cop pilot patches – they were disabled in the past

· Started re-implementing GRGX – garages will soon be working again

· Re-implemented the patches which gave the police mavericks and the predators their own gun sounds

· Replaced VehicleAudioLoader.asi – it is no longer required for GTA: Underground. A warning message will be shown if the mod is installed.

· ExGangWars is removed from the build package as it isn’t needed for GTA: Underground.

· Fixed a development build bug where island IDs and weather IDs would never update

· The girls dorm in Bullworth is now enterable

· Changed error messages which show up when a file fails to load to a multi-language dialog box.

· The Countcash is now much more SA styled, and uses the ZR350 light feature, meaning the lights will open up at night. The Countcash is a BETA version of the VC Infernus, and spawns in VC.

· Fixed green window shades on the Asylum interior in Bullworth

· Removed light cones inside the Asylum interior, they caused visual bugs and looked out of place

· Vending machines in interiors (Bullworth) now allow you to buy drinks.

· The VC Cheetah and VCPD Cheetah received some minor edits and changes.

· Re-introduced GRGX – Garages are now fully working again with GTA: Underground.

· Cars are zone based once again, like in Snapshot 2.2.

· Re-introduced the Snapshot 2.2 radio stations script, and the fixes done in 2.2.1 are also re-introduced as well

· The III Banshee is now updated to be much more SA styled, and comes with the ability to apply tuning parts.

· Corrected a pickup-related error in SAMP

· Corrected and added missing patches to CLEO. Some script-related functions weren’t working anymore, potentially breaking some CLEO scripts.

· Fixed a bug where the player receives a call right after the game starts, which was probably quite annoying

· Re-introduced vehicle side missions support for added vehicles by adding a new SCM opcode. This means that CLEO scripts can use it to be sure that the scripts don’t have to be updated when we change the vehicle feature IDs.

· The Hellenbach GT again received some changes and other updates

· The game is now able to detect if a potentially unsupported GRGX.dll is used – a simplistic check will resolve this

· Fixed a bug where cars would move out of the way when the player is driving a VC/LC Mr Whopee with the jingle on

· SkyGfx support is back in the mod at last!

· Updated vehicle feature patches and did numerous code refactors, including bug fixes in some cases

· Tow truck vehicle feature hooks are now completed

· Added a few missing AT400 patches

· Added extra airport blips which tell you where the closest airport is in added cities when flying a plane

· Re-introduced Snapshot 2.2’s gang turf color feature however now it will not change every single gang turf color anymore, and will just change those which are in a specific location, giving the player the impression that they are separate gangs

· Fixed a few radar tiles above Liberty City, one was missing above the dam, and a few ones weren’t removed above the city, including the two tunnel roads

· Fixed a small bug where Atlantis wouldn’t have sharptrails – as Atlantis is removed it should be as if it doesn’t exist ingame, so the user-defined sharptrails are set.

· Removed the Atlantis radar.

· Finally re-aligned SA radar.

· Fixed a bug where the drive-by help message didn’t show up for added weapons

· Fixed a bug where the player was holding the RPG wrong

· Fixed a bug where the Noodleboy had the gearbox audio bug, it is now patched internally

· Added the correct VC Tec 9 fire sound

· Fixed a bug where the final right column of zones visited squares and the bottom row was not updating when the player visited them

· Fixed a bug where zones visited wouldn’t reset when restarting the game

· Started implementing 32 bit IDs

· The correct gang blip is now shown when a rival gang attacks your turfs

· Fixed Fort Staunton being incorrectly named

· Added extra gang war blips so all gangs have proper gang war icons

· Re-introduced Russian and SA Countryside biker turfs to GTA: Underground, something we cut after Snapshot 2.1 released

· Updated VC Bloodring Banger handling files

· The Gang Burrito received some updates and bug fixes to make it more SA styled

· The Zebra received some updates and bug fixes to make it more SA styled

· Updated SAMP’s data files to keep everything up-to-date

· Added basic FLA version checking so people wont accidentally use incompatible FLA versions

· The LC Stanier + LCS FBI Stanier both got updated with some bug fixes, and it uses a new handling line

· Implemented the custom weapons at last, I haven’t implemented all of the custom audio for them though.

· GRGX is now re-integrated into Underground_Core and received many code refactors and updates

· Fixed a bug where Dunsfold used LC weather

· Added culling zones to LC and VC – as a result LC tunnels will not have rain anymore

· Fixed spray can sound playing when respawning after dieing

· Fixed added tuning garages not always being accessable

· Fixed added bomb shops not giving the correct vehicle bomb associated with the GRGX garage type

· Escobar International now spawns added VC variants of the AT400 instead of the San Andreas variant

· The KUTT easter egg vehicle now spawns behind Interglobal Films in VC again

· VC Hunter now spawns in VC instead of the SA one, a minor correction on Lance’s house

· Added vehicle sunglare effects from GTA: VC in VC

· GRGX garage saving/loading is now implemented again, GRGX is now completely working

· Fixed a bug where some Sunshine Auto’s garages were accessable while not purchased

· Vice Docks bomb shop was previously inaccessible, now it’s working

· Corrected vehicle bomb shop types in LC/VC to match the ones in the original games

· Corrected garage door behavior in build 30

· VC Sunshine Auto’s Pay N Spray is now accessable

· Added the Bloodhound Maverick from Manhunt II

· The MH Swatvan is being added. It will spawn as a wanted level vehicle in Carcer City.

· Fixed a bug where the Atlantis Voodoo and the LCS Rumpo would only spawn in black

· LCS PCJ-600 and VCS Streetfighter now use the correct vehicle engine sound

· VC/LC emergency vehicles now use the original siren sounds

· The VC Kaufman Cab is now updated to be more SA styled

· Added two new custom vehicles, the Stanier Racer and the Sentinel Racer

· The LC Panlantic van now spawns with the correct colors instead of always being black

· Introduced three civilian variants of the Stretch limosine vehicles from III/VC/SA called the Socialite, which will spawn in all three areas

· Fixed a development build bug where wanted level vehicles would never spawn

· Added SA Countryside, San Fierro, and Las Venturas enforcers which will spawn in these three areas

· Added three new Police Maverics which will spawn in SF, LV, and LS

· The VC Rancher can now tow trailers, mainly for realistic purposes but wont actually spawn with a trailer

· The VC Infernus received some updates and bug fixes

· Removed an old, unused III Cheetah model which could previously be spawned through the vehicle spawner

· Fixed a bug where the Dashhound would appear in the vehicle spawner twice

· Removed a duplicate VC Bloodring Banger

· Added the Greenwood Racer, which replaces the removed duplicated VC Bloodring Banger

· Fixed a bug where passengers and the bus driver were invisible when driving an added bus

· Corrected VCS Wintergreen not having radio playing

· Corrected VCS VCPD Wintergreen not having emergency radio playing

· Fixed a crash when selecting some tuning parts, as a result all vehicle (including SA styled vehicles) can be customized without issues.’

· Added an extra monster truck, the Hellraiser.

· The Moon easter egg is now working normally again and can be visited by using the NeilArmstrong cheat.

· All bomb shop garages in both SA, VC, and LC are now marked on the map

· Fixed a few map bugs in Mainland Liberty

· Fixed a bug causing a shutdown crash

· Fixed a few non solid models in Mainland Liberty

· Fixed a bug where you could see through Shoreside Vale because of the lack of LODs

· Updated the L train track models in Portland so they have low quality variants and appear less bright

· Added a bunch of props and vegetation to Mainland Liberty

· Added an L train track to MLL

· Added a Cottonmouth Ambulance

· Fixed a bunch of flickering buildings in MLL

· Fixed all of the water.dat related bugs in San Andreas

· Added extra LODs to Liberty City and fixed a few bugs where the low quality version of the map model would only be visible in Shoreside Vale

· Fixed wrong textures being used on some MLL buildings (mostly grass buildings)

· Added a MLL Police Maverick + Atlantis Police Maverick

· Added a Cottonmouth firetruck

· Added a train travelling feature for the LC Subway and the Portland L train track + the trains travelling on these lines can be hijacked and driven around on the tracks and the freight train mission can be played aswell

· The III Maverick + the LCPD Maverick are now redone to be fully SA styled

· Redid the vehicle spawner by fastman92; it now works much more efficiently and fastman’s original one is no longer used.

· Added a skin selector from the rewritten car spawner code

· The skin selector can be used to test ped colors aswell.

· Fixed the weapon accuracy bug where some of your bullets would do no damage while other bullets would

· Fixed the shutdown crash completely

· The BW Schoolbus and the CC Prison Bus now have vehicle features

· Added a custom Cottonmouth Taxi

· Added a custom Bloodhound Rhino for Cottonmouth

· Added the CC Blista Compact

· Added the SA BETA Idaho

· Added custom Carcer City Rhino

· Added custom Cottonmouth Stanier

· Fixed a crash when entering the VC Hunter from the wrong side

· VCS peds are now massively updated and ped color bugs are mostly fixed, aswell as rigging bugs and texture issues and even (random) crashes

· The LC/VC Securicar is now updated to be fully SA styled

· The VCS Bovver ’64 is now a proper hovercraft and can travel on both land and water

· Several updates to the vehicle feature patches were made to eliminate several bugs (non moving radar thing on added VC/LC boats, securicars not being armored like they should)

· Fort Baxxter now has military peds which attack you on sight

· Fixed statistic display bugs in the stat menu

· Fixed a development build bug where incorrect stats were incremented

· Updated the exception handler again, for some reason it refuses to work altogether

· Added the LCS Perennail, it was previously a map object

· Added the VC Shamal in SA style, it was previously a map object

· Added the Learjet, which was previously a static map object

· The VC Esperanto no longer has visual bugs

· Added the CC Securicar in SA style

· Added the LC Coach in SA style

· Fixed SA radio station bugs which were introduced after the ambience patches were introduced, now all of the ambience track ID references are patches, which will allow us to patch the radio station limit in the future

· Re-added windowed mode support

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· The car spawner now allows you to spawn multiple vehicles instead of deleting the previously spawned vehicle

· Fixed a crash when a vehicle gets deleted twice after the game already deleted the spawned car spawner vehicle

· Fixed compiler settings for Underground_Core, older Windows versions and hardware should now be supported again






· Fixed a bunch of visual alpha bugs in Vice City (specifically neon)

· Fixed VC lighthouse beam rotating faster when the frame rate is higher, it now takes the elapsed frame delta time into account

· Fixed random crash in hardware stores in VC

· The VC Lighthouse beam can now be seen from far away

· Fixed missing water in one pool in VC

· Fixed LOD placement bugs in VC

· Restored missing VC Seabed props (rocks, crashed ship)

· Restored missing LC Seabed props (rocks)

· Fixed white couch bug in a SA safehouse

· Fixed SA minigun sound being wrong

· Re-implemented the VC GASH Blimp, which can be blown up by both rockets or colliding with any type of vehicle (blimps have no skeleton and are filled using a lifting gas like hydrogen and/or helium, not a good combination with a vehicle, but you can walk on it if you are lucky enough), and it also has a bug fix where it would rotate faster with a higher frame rate

· Fixed stats not updating correctly (causing so called "hidden package x out of x" bug and a host of other issues)

· Added a new radio station script with the following fixes/improvements:

o Radio doesn’t play from the beginning anymore when entering a new area or after saving/loading the game

o SA radio stations now have icons aswell

o Auto-tune behavior can now be toggled on/off using the main menu

o Equalizer effects (bass boost tuning part, bike effect) are now applied to additional radio stations

o Re-introduced Atlantis radio

o Radio volume can now be changed using the main menu (previously it only changed when you switched to a new station)

o Fixed infinite static sound playing after exiting an area with custom radio while it switched to custom radio

o Fixed white texture bug

o Improved radio station switching:

§ Fixed radio switching infinitely fast when pressing ‘R’ or when using Ginput

§ The old static mp3 is no longer used and is no longer way too loud

o SA radio will play if some radio files are missing

o The position of each station will advance after certain game events (plane flights, wasted/busted, saving/loading)

· Fixed a rare savegame corruption bug affecting stunt jumps

· Fixed underwater colors in BW, MLL, and VC

· Changed “NeilArmstrong” cheat to “BeamMeUpScotty”

· Fixed Wang Cars + Zero’s RC Shop asset revenue always being 0

· Fixed sphere where the Wang Cars buy pickup is located

· Fixed Doherty garage asset pickup (money) being in the ground

· Fixed cash reward after completing Gripped!

· Fixed crash after taking a snapshot (this was a FLA bug)

· Fixed game freezes and crashes in Bullworth

· Improved traffic behavior in Bullworth, cars no longer randomly turn around, and use one-way-roads properly (they wont just drive over the sidewalk anymore)

· Fixed cars turning around infront of Bullworth Academy when they were supposed to go over the split road instead

· Fixed Patriot spawn points during Cesar’s mission where you have to take out the car filled with cash/drugs (the car always spawned in Blueberry Acres)

· Fixed missing airport gates in San Andreas (you need to unlock access to the airport by improving your flying skill)

· The player wont fall off the bike anymore during the “PCJ Playground” side mission, making it much easier to complete (it still requires a high enough bike skill though)

· Fixed a possible savegame corrupting issue which can break save files after saving/loading at a bought asset

· Added testing code for the radio station script which allows all stations to be available no matter where (which can currently only be toggled on/off by recompiling the SCM and changing the variable which controls it) – this may become an optional feature in the future

· Fixed a bunch of issues with MLL traffic (reported issues fix is unconfirmed)

· Added opening/closing gates to Liberty City Pushed to a future release

· Fixed LOD on the fish factory in Portland

· Fixed “Suspect last seen in .” showing up in Liberty City while playing the Vigilante mission, one of the zones had a missing GXT and therefore it wouldn’t have a name

· Added opening/closing gates to Liberty City (for the fish factory, Staunton LCPD HQ, Dog food factory)

· Fixed NPC pathfinding issues (mostly applies San Andreas and Vice City – they used an older version of fastman92’s path format. Everything is now updated to the newest path format version (version 3) which comes with a fix for pathfinding issues)

· Added a lot of new peds for Upstate Liberty

· Updated all of the existing peds to fix crashes and other issues with them

· Fixed a random crash caused by train traffic

· Fixed a bug where the player cannot exit Catalina’s mansion

· Improved texture quality for Liberty City and Vice City – fixing a bunch of texture bugs

· Fixed Toni’s Shoreside Vale safehouse being enterable before buying it

· Fixed invisible rooftop access marker on a skyscraper next to Belleville Park

· Fixed crash when entering Café Robina

· Fixed VC Brass Knuckles weapon icon

· Added LCS weapon cheat codes:

o HoodsTools – Weapon set 1

o FireworkCollection – Weapon set 2

o TacticalGear – Weapon set 3

· Corrected LCS M4 weapon audio

· Corrected LCS Tec9 weapon audio

· Corrected LCS Ingram weapon stats

· The VC Benson and the VC Bobcat are now more SA styled

· The ped spawner, vehicle spawner, and weapon spawner now work with GInput, and the keys to navigate through the spawner menus can be changed in the in-game menu (redefine controls menu)

· Fixed vehicles spawned through the vehicle spawner getting spawned with the angle of the last vehicle driven

· Fixed SA Countryside savehouse icons (they had the red property icon, now they have the green one)

· Fixed missing alarm audio when robbing the VC Bank

· Fixed business save pickups not getting removed (or crashing the game) when you start a mission

· Improved the Elevator vehicle

· Fixed girlfriend house doors being open at all times

· The player now respawns in Bullworth when wasted/busted

· Fixed flickering trees in LC

· Fixed floating billboards near the LC Stadium

· Added missing nightlights in Shoreside Vale

· Added 2dfx to a bunch of models in Liberty City

· Sorted LC Portland road LODs (a bunch of missing LODs are fixed, and additional road LODs are added, I might get rid of the temporary models and replace them with the original III LODs – as by default, low quality versions (LODs) of road models were attached to LODs of nearby area’s and since SA handles LODs differently, all of them had to be sorted out by hand and separated from nearby areas, where temporary models would fill the gap)

· Trees in Liberty City now use mipmapping

· Fixed prelightning on Portland LODs

· Liberty City roads now use mipmapping

· Fixed reflections in the VC Bank interior

· Fixed some weapons using “Rifle Skill” instead of properly using “Machine Pistol Skill”

· Fixed a bunch of rooftops in LC

· Added 2dfx to a bunch of models in Vice City

· Fixed non-solid building near the Staunton Island fire department

· Fixed LC Portland pier models (only the LOD model would be displayed)

· Added missing doors to some GTA: III mission-only interiors to make the player unable to access them

· Fixed added AT400’s (and Airtrain) being unable to be entered

· Vending machines in LC are now useable.

· Fixed Portland fish market stands.

· Fixed missing textures on dumpsters in Liberty City

· Fixed hitmen not going after you when getting into debt

· Fixed girlfriends never calling CJ

· Added 25 Liberty City snapshots (the locations are something for the user to find out themselves)

· Fixed invisible walls inside the LC Tw@ interior

· Added missing breakable glass windows inside LC Tw@

· Kenji’s Casino now has a solid rooftop

· Fixed VCS Streetfighter + VCS Ventoso collision

· Added stadium events to Liberty City (8-track only)

· Paramedic side mission can now be played in Vice City and Liberty City.

· Reduced gang spawn probability a bit

· Fixed invisible VC Infernus in the VC Mall interior

· The ped spawn rate is now higher in the VC Mall (like VC PS2)

· Fixed Newport incorrectly called Torrington

· Fixed misplaced pickups inside the North Point Mall

· Improved the VC Pizza Stack interior (peds sitting and eating pizza, food doesn’t go through the table….)

· Fixed invisible wall inside Diaz’s mansion (specifically the cutscene interior from VCS)

· Changed the defensive gang war trigger code to limit enemy gang attacks to the city the player is located in. This means you will never have enemy gang attacks in San Andreas while in Liberty City, and instead you will only see Liberty City gangs attack your turfs.

· Fixed crash when entering the VCS Biplane from the passenger side

· Limited Cesar’s phone call for the drug stealing side mission to only occur in San Andreas

· Fixed performance issues when looking at the sun

· C++ Runtime 2017 is no longer required – instead C++ Runtime 2013 is required, like in Snapshot 2.2

· Fixed a few possible reasons behind a few system-specific errors

· Fixed visible bugs with the Bullworth Schoolbus and the MH Prison Bus

· Updated FLA to 4.3 – the development build is no longer used

· Added the LCS Flatbed

· Added LCS Pony, III Pony, LCS Ballot Van, LCS Panlant, III Panlant – and made them much more SA styled

· Fixed additional cheats not resetting on a new game

· Updated the wanted level code to make law enforcement use newer peds/weapons/cars which have been implemented recently

· Added the Atlantis Enforcer.

· Fixed SWAT peds sent down from police mavericks not using the correct weapons

· Fixed MLL crashes

· Improved the VC Victim shop logo texture (previously it looked way too pixelated)

· Added vending machines now use the correct soda cans

· Lots of improvements to all weapons currently in UG – mostly bug fixes

· Fixed a CLEO bug causing audio streams to not get paused when alt-tabbing out of SA (this affects the additional radio stations script too)

· Fixed VCS Shotguns not using the right weapon audio

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(Keep in mind the release is still a month or so away, this hasn't been released yet)



  • Fixed a bug where the last radio station is not remembered properly with SA radio (including UTR and radio off)
  • Fixed no traffic on the Callahan Bridge and the Staunton Lift Bridge
  • Fixed strange cop chase AI bugs
  • Fixed crash when buying beam cola from Bullworth vending machines
  • Fixed prelightning on the VC Gym in Little Haiti, the VC Printworks, and the basketball court in Little Havana
  • Fixed invisible fences on the Little Havana basketball court
  • The VCN Building now has an accessable rooftop
  • Fixed visual bugs on top of the VC Recording Studio exterior
  • Added lots of 2dfx to VC
  • Fixed stair collision on Diaz’s mansion’s exterior front model
  • Fixed invisible wall inside VC’s Downtown Ammu-Nation.
  • The VC Walton is now much more SA styled and can be tuned at tuning garages.
  • Added an FBI vehicle for Atlantis (it appears there too, although there are no roads L)
  • Added an Enforcer for Mainland Liberty
  • Fixed some barrels not exploding and/or respond to collision
  • Fixed SA safehouse garages being useable before purchasing them
  • Fixed visual bugs on the Sunshine Auto’s enter door
  • The remaining LCS gang peds are now introduced + a bunch of extra ones are included too (ofcourse with some fixes)
  • Umberto’s house is now purchase-able again
  • Lots of peds were updated once again, introducing bug fixes where needed (not just limited to LCS peds or any other category)
    • Added the missing GTA: III peds and fixed bugs/updated the rest.
      • This includes the second cop ped which now spawns alongside of the LCS cop ped and the other GTA: III cop ped.
    • Added the missing GTA: LCS peds and replaced the ones which were too blocky + fixed bugs/updated the rest.
      • A bunch of gang peds were missing, or had one or more bugs which we mostly fixed. A main example is the LCS Yardie peds which were missing, and the LCS Forelli peds, one ped was missing.
      • Emergency services peds spawn alongside with the GTA: III ones.
    • Added the missing GTA: VCS peds and replaced a few buggy ones + fixed bugs/updated the rest.
      • This includes a bunch of storyline peds, and badly rigged peds which had a few minor issues.
      • Emergency services peds spawn alongside with the GTA: VC ones.
    • Added the missing GTA: VC peds (mainly storyline peds) and fixed bugs in some peds and updated the rest.
      • The storyline peds might be duplicates with peds which are still broken.
    • Added a bunch of extra GTA: SA peds, some will roam the streets, others are converted cutscene/BETA peds which can be used in UG-MP if needed
    • Added the missing Bully peds and fixed bugs in a lot of them + updated all of the ones.
    • Added a few missing MH/MH2 peds + fixed a bunch of bugs/updated the rest.
    • A few peds are duplicates of peds which were renamed earlier on, all of the duplicate peds will be removed to ensure that every single ped in the game works properly and nothing crashes in the skin selector anymore.
  • SAMP support has been updated (not included in the release) to support added vehicles
    • This means that you can use UG vehicles in SA-MP gamemodes, and SAMP natives such as IsVehicleStreamedIn will work too (dunno if we can finish support for it)
  • Fixed a development build bug causing crashes related to pickups with SAMP support
  • Added weapons now work with SAMP
    • Weapon types with ID 0-255 are supported only. This is a technical limitation which will probably be removed in a future update.
  • Added vending machines now work with SAMP
    • This means that vending machines which sell Beam Cola or “Soda” will also work in SA-MP.
  • Added Ammu-Nation stores now work with SAMP
    • This means that Ammu-Nation stores sell the same weapons as they do in normal GTA: UG. Like in stock SA-MP, you can disable the built-in shops by removing the enex (yellow interior enter/exit cone).
  • UG’s radio station script now works with SAMP
    • By default, radio stations are not zone-based and all radio stations are available everywhere.
  • Added additional SAMP connection screen locations (by default, when connecting to a server on SAMP, it shows Santa Maria Beach, with UG it will choose other locations too)
    • This is rather a minor change to have some variation instead of just one location
  • The radio script now factors in a slight volume difference for added radio stations when ‘RADIO EQ’ option is set
  • The radio script now mutes all added stations if a beat track (such as the mission passed tune) is playing
    • This may affect the “Mission Passed” track bug too
  • The radio script now reduces the radio volume for added radio stations if ambience radio is playing (example: some interiors play radio stations as a background melody)
    • Interiors like the Kickstart arena use ambience radio, and previously it would also play UG added radio
  • Changed the LC gang turf colors of some gangs to more fitting colors.
    • They were hard to separate.
  • Added restaurants now work with SAMP
  • Added trains now spawn on rails when spawning them in SAMP
  • Added the Bullworth Copbike which will be used by the cops in Bullworth
  • Added weapons with a weapon type ID above 64 are now returned correctly from SA-MP natives
  • Fixed connection screen scene rendering on SAMP
  • Phil’s Fully Cocked and Hardware Stores now work with SAMP
  • Darkened the Yardie turf a tiny bit (see changelog entry for gang turf color changes, it’s a tiny bit darker now)
  • Added SA-MP 0.3.7 map changes
    • SA-MP has a few minor map changes such as one building in Santa Maria Beach which can be entered
  • Added SA-MP 0.3.7 skins
    • This includes all SA-MP skins which are present in 0.3.7. Their IDs are the same.
  • Fixed collision camera clipping on the Bullworth beach
  • Fixed collision camera clipping + prelightning issues with the VC Trailer Park
  • Fixed collision camera clipping inside the VC Recording Studio interior
  • Added a second MLL cop car + a civilian version
  • Fixed a tiny error on the front wheel of the VCS Streetfighter
    • Missing texture.
  • Fixed floating trees on a building in VC Downtown
  • Added a bunch of SA cutscene peds and/or BETA peds, some of which spawn on the streets in San Andreas
  • Added the Cottonmouth Admiral in SA style, as converted from Manhunt II. It can be modified at tuning garages too.
  • Added the Cottonmouth Greenwood in SA style, as converted from Manhunt II
  • Updated the VC Stallion to be much more SA styled. It can now be modified at tuning garages too.
  • Updated the K.U.T.T vehicle to be much more SA-styled
  • Introduced SAMP vehicle streaming for additional UG vehicles. This means that SA-MP natives like IsVehicleStreamedIn will be able to work with a variable number of vehicle IDs (instead of 400-611, it would be like the vehicle spawner, where it uses a list of valid vehicle IDs to check against)
  • Added the Carcer City Boxville variant, which was originally a static, destroyed prop in Manhunt, but a drive-able vehicle in UG. It is similar to the CCPD Swatvan.
  • The VCS Streetfighter received some improvements and bug fixes and shouldn’t flip when performing a stoppie anymore.
  • Added the LCS Romero Hearse, which was actually done in August but was never introduced.
  • Added the GTA: III leftover multiplayer maps in the interior world. Server developers for UG-MP will be able to use them in their gamemodes.
  • Added a new custom vehicle specifically designed for UG-MP zombie gamemodes, the Tranquility. It is a special variant of the FBI truck, but with a completely different paintjob and other parts are changed as well to better reflect a typical zombie gamemode.
  • Introduced a new archive format (UGA-format) which can be used to greatly shrink the mod’s size when extracted. The format has been introduced as a replacement for the samp.saa file already, so people won’t be able to mod certain files when playing UG-MP to combat cheating.
  • Added a new custom vehicle, the Henry.
  • Added the MH2 Kuruma variant, which differs slightly from the GTA: III version with a few minor differences and performs better than the III version
  • Fixed the engine volume on the VCS Streetfighter, it should make the idle sound more hearable
  • Fixed a few texture bugs around Bullworth Academy
  • Added an UG-MP racer variant of the Polaris V8 which handles faster than the normal Polaris V8 and is SA styled
  • Added the Bully variant of the Stallion which can be seen in shop class which can be modified at tuning garages and is fully SA styled
  • Added 2dfx to several Bully interiors
  • Added an UG-MP racer variant of the Sabre, which also handles faster than the normal version and is SA styled
  • Added an UG-MP racer variant of the Dukes, which looks quite different and handles somewhat faster than the normal Dukes which rarely spawns in all map areas and is also SA styled.
  • Added an UG-MP racer variant of the Tahoma and the Majestic, these two vehicles don’t have a lot of differences but still look unique enough to be used.
  • Replaced SA-MP’s connection refused messages with more informative ones
  • Added a zombie variant of the Greenwood – the Deadwood.
  • Added UG-MP F1 vehicles which are done from scratch and are all SA styled.
  • The VC Phoenix is now fully SA styled and can be tuned at tuning garages.
  • Added the MH2 Burrito which is fully SA styled.
  • Fixed a few visual bugs with the MH2 Bloodhound Rhino
  • Added the UG-MP Cabbie Bloodring Banger, it has alternative handling, and is SA styled.
  • Fixed a minor visual bug on the VC Voodoo where there were two exhaust particles
  • Updated the VCS Bulldozer to be fully SA styled and support the Dozer vehicle feature.
  • Fixed a development build bug affecting SA-MP server-side pickups causing undefined behavior related to pickups (crashes, scm opcodes failing due to a missing patch for an altered CPickup size)
  • Removed unavailable singleplayer stats from the stat display menu and the “Start New Game” option from the SA-MP pause menu as they are useless on SAMP
  • Fixed invisible walls on the VC El Swanco Casa exterior + adjusted prelightning at night
  • Fixed missing curbs on some roads in Little Haiti (VC)
  • Fixed missing shop window background textures on the building with the rooftop restaurant in Staunton Island (LC)
  • Added “memory allocation failed” error message with appropriate translations
  • Replaced the “x failed to import!” message with something much more informative as it was confusing for some + added appropriate translations
  • Fixed invisible wall on a skyscraper in southern Staunton Island
  • Updated the LC Firetruck to be much more SA styled
  • Added the LCS variant of the LC Firetruck, also fully SA styled
  • Fixed a bug where the “Player Stats” tab in the statistics display menu displayed money stats instead of the player stats
  • Added the VCS variant of the VC Firetruck, also fully SA styled
  • Made the VC Lighthouse beam transparent as seen in the PS2 version of GTA: VC
  • Fixed a rooftop in Downtown VC with the office buildings you can enter in one of the GTA: VC missions using a bike
  • Updated SkyGfx to latest version available
  • Re-added TransFender to Vice City – this time at the Cop Land garage
  • Fixed the parachute animations which were broken on the PC version of GTA: SA but working on the PS2 version
  • Added weather interpolation – sharptrails haven’t been improved on yet
  • The game now uses a 24-hour weather cycle instead of the stock 8-hour weather cycle in the stock game
  • Removed additional timecyc.dat files, instead UG adds additional weather types past the original 21
  • Re-converted Bullworth’s weather data, fixing incorrect 2dfx light colors at certain times + made the weather much more accurate to the original game, infact its as close as possible, excluding sharptrails
  • Added the VC Coach – which was previously missing
  • Updated the VC Mesa to be SA styled and tuneable
  • Updated the VC Pizzaboy to be SA styled
  • Fixed the VC Oceanic color scheme
  • Updated the VC Trashmaster to be SA styled
  • Updated the VC Yankee to be SA styled
  • Updated the LC Perennail to be SA styled and tunable
  • Re-introduced the plane speed limit cap – as a result planes handle like they do in the stock SA game, however this cap can be removed by setting a handling flag (0x8000000) on a handling line
  • Added wet roads effect in VC – this means that vehicle traction will be affected + lights will be reflected somewhat
  • Fixed a rooftop in VC Downtown near the VCN building
  • Changed the window name to include the current game version and if it’s a development build or not
  • Added a bunch of UG-MP firetruck vehicles
  • Fixed non-solid ground in a garage in LC which prevented the player from collecting a hidden package
  • Fixed procedural plants on the piers near Asuka’s place in LC
  • Introduced the “move tree by wind” effect to trees in LC which had this effect hardcoded in GTA: III
  • Introduced the “moving banner” effect to banners in Chinatown LC
  • Introduced the GTA: VC weather cheats
  • Introduced the GTA: III weather cheats
  • Found a FLA bug which causes crashes when the Trailer Park Mafia, LC Bikers, or Diaz's gang attacks your turf as all three gangs use a blip id larger than 128, and I'm guessing that fastman never patched the internal memory structure fields which store blip ids. Until fastman92 updates his code, I've moved stuff around a bit as a temporary solution to keep things under this limitation.
  • The Carcer Church level should now be marked on the map – it has been present in both 3.2 and snapshot 3, but failed to export properly and never saw its potential sadly.
  • Did a bunch of fixes to the Church level – props are now present in the level as well. This includes breakable lampposts with 2dfx, and fixed misplaced trees.
  • Introduced the Carcer Ramirez level. It comes with additional rooftops and buildings, just like the Church level. Plus, it’s marked on the map/radar.
  • Introduced the Carcer Subway level. This level connects the journalist level (which has a purchase-able safehouse) to the trainyard. It comes with a lot of 2dfx, some extra props, and is marked on the map/radar.
  • Fixed a crash inside the SA Desert whenever a firetruck/ambulance was attempted to spawn.
  • Updated the Carcer Church level – additional shops are added, including an interior for the Ammu-Nation store near the mall, and a Binco which offers buyable clothes too.
  • Added additional UG-MP-exclusive textures which can be used in SA-MP (textdraws), they are stored in the texture dictionaries “ugmp.txd”, “mp_cellphones.txd”, and “mp_logos.txd”.
  • Introduced postfx interpolation – as a result weather interpolation is fully implemented
  • Updated the LC Blista to be more SA styled
  • Added the Cottonmouth Blista – it is fully SA styled
  • Added a custom Cottonmouth Cabbie – being fully SA styled
  • Added the VCS Cabbie – it’s fully SA styled and spawns in traffic
  • Added a multiplayer lifeguard vehicle - it’s fully SA styled
  • Added VC/III/LCS RC vehicles – all SA styled but require vehicle feature patches
  • Added a custom Carcer FBI car – it’s fully SA styled
  • Added a custom Cottonmouth FBI car - it’s fully SA styled
  • Added the VCS Stinger + Cottonmouth Stinger variant – both are SA styled
  • Updated the LC Yankee, VC Packer, VC Jetmax, LC Predator, and VC Predator to be fully SA styled
  • Replaced the Bullworth firetruck with an entirely custom one
  • Updated the Cottonmouth Kuruma to be more SA styled – it comes with a more accurate look
  • Updated the Forelli Excess to be more SA styled
  • Fixed the Carcer Tailgater scaling
  • Made SkyGrad compatible with the new time cycle system – the compatible .asi file can be found in the compatible mods folder and the source on github.
  • Updated the VC Greenwood + VC Moonbeam to be much more SA styled
  • Added a basic anti-cheat for UG-MP
  • Fixed a development build bug where using weapons tipped off SA-MP’s anti cheat
  • Added a new SA-MP GUI texture
  • Added Discord Rich Presence support
  • Purchasing the Malibu Club and the Pole Position Club is no longer necessary to be able to enter either of them.
  • Added GTA: LCS/GTA: VCS weather types – they are unused by default but can be used by ASI modules, CLEO scripts, and UG-MP server devs.
  • Patched a hardcoded gta.dat/default.dat file count which caused the loading screen to fade out earlier than it was supposed to (also applied for SA-MP)
  • Fixed a development build bug where occluders/culling zones introduced at a late stage of snapshot 3 development were not used in SA-MP (which had outdated files)
  • Fixed a bunch of SA ID duplicates (this shouldn’t be too problematic, it only involved leveldes/vegas stuff, the latter being the same objects declared twice)
  • Implemented the King Knuts restaurant from GTA: VCS, complete with peds roaming the interior, the ability to purchase food, an extinguisher pickup, and more.
  • Improved the VC Downtown Ammu-Nation exterior - it now has some posters on the windows and no longer has a slightly darker wall around the entrance door
  • Fixed visual bugs to the left of the VC Downtown Ammu-Nation (wrong textures to be exact)
  • Fixed pool water on a hotel near the North Point Mall in VC
  • Fixed misplaced building near the VC TransFender mod shop
  • Added a new menu option to enable/disable the sharptrail overlay – this only has a difference on VC weather. Sharptrail is a term used to describe the GTA:III/VC trails effect, but without the blurring. Turning it off results in GTA: VC PC weather.
  • Replaced some VC textures (specifically roads, vegetation) with higher quality ones from other games.
  • Implemented GTA: VC PS2 vertex alpha to models which lacked it in the PC version of GTA: VC – as UG has a map port of the PC version, those bugs also existed in UG, until now!
  • Fixed procedural grass & rooftop on the tall hotel close to the North Point Mall (the one with the swimming pool with the shape of 1/4th of a circle)
  • Added a cheat to enable/disable the unused earthquake effect which was always disabled in GTA: SA
  • Added server-side weather for UG-MP – this allows server developers to create and modify their own weather types. There can be up to 32 weather types for servers.
  • Added a bunch of extra SA-MP natives to control postfx such as CCTV, infrared, night vision, and a lot more.
  • Updated the custom versions of the AT-400 for VC
  • Updated the Elevator vehicle which makes getting in and out of airplanes easier
  • Updated the VC Regina to be more SA styled
  • Updated the III Trashmaster to be more SA styled
  • Fixed incorrect texture used on the VC Hardware store exterior in Washington Beach – it had white walls (which was also a bug in the PC version of GTA: VC), it is supposed to be green like in the PS2 version of GTA: VC and GTA: VCS
  • Fixed stretched textures on the flags in Leaf Links (VC) – which was also a bug in the PC version of GTA: VC but not on the PS2 version
  • Fixed "disabled backface culling flag" not being considered when rendering roads - this is a bug because SA has objects which use this, as a result only one side of a model is rendered, the other is invisible, causing visual bugs in SA
  • Added some missing vegetation in Washington Beach. This includes vegetation near the Ocean Beach hotel and Apartment 3C.
  • Added missing props outside of the Malibu Club exterior in VC – these were seen in GTA: VC when looking out the doors/windows from inside the club interior, it was an oversight clearly
  • Fixed backface culling on the VC Lighthouse – this caused the fences opposide of the camera to be invisible
  • Fixed procedural grass spawning on the hedges and the entrance building in Leaf Links
  • Fixed visual bugs on the rooftop of a building near the Malibu Club – it mainly involves backface culling and low quality vegetation textures.
  • Fixed backface culling on the Pole Position club sign
  • Implemented an UG-MP native which allows server developers to enable/disable the sun for individual players
  • Added a cop bike for MLL. It has fully functional cop bike vehicle features (toggle-able sirens) and spawns in MLL.
  • The VCS/LCS stations will be merged with the III/VC stations, the VCS/LCS radio would play first, and the III/VC radio afterwards.
  • Missing songs (such as Running With The Night from GTA: VC PS2) are also added.
  • Double Cleff FM uses higher quality recordings (for III songs)
  • Most of it is remastered and the audio levels are changed to match SA audio levels (VC radio shouldn't sound loud as f*ck anymore)
  • Fixed performance issues when looking at the sun
  • Fixed the sun shining through buildings
  • Fixed bullets not hitting their targets (so-called 'weapon accuracy bug' which can be really annoying during gang wars)
  • Fixed missiles going through the ground when firing sometimes
  • Added the laser scope dot from GTA:VC which is applied to GTA: VCS, VC, and LCS Laser Rifles
  • Fixed bugs with the VC Taxi/LC Taxi
  • Added an improved VC Burrito
  • Added a caravan trailer and a trailer based on VC/III static map object trailers
  • Added a new street racer – the Insurrection. It spawns in Vice City by default and can of course be modified at Wheels Arch Angels.
  • Added a custom MLLPD Predator.
  • Fixed car spawner/skin selector/weapon spawner and other stuff not taking aspect ratio into account when calculating screen positions – as a result it could look bad on some systems
  • Added a two extra vehicle.ide flags which can disable vehicle headlight/taillight rendering. This was a problem with the F1 cars as they have no front lights. Spartan simply hid the headlight sprite, however it would still be visible when it rains ingame. Because of that, we've patched in two flags which prevents headlights/taillights from rendering on vehicles which have these flag(s), thus solving the problem.
  • Finished patching vortex model ID checks. This will make the Bovver ’64 properly controllable – previously it acted like a plane when it comes to controls
  • Replaced the CC Rhino with an APC which looks much better
  • Added a custom CMPD Predator.
  • Improved the LC Bobcat. It can also be modified at tuning garages now.
  • Added the freight train oddjob to Liberty City – it can be started while driving the Subway.
  • Fixed CLEO scripts incorrectly reporting an incorrect number of vehicle transmission gears
  • Added UG-MP LCFD vehicles which can be spawned in the vehicle spawner, but can be used by server developers in their own servers.
  • Added a custom CC Barracks and Patriot. The Barracks will be used by the army in Carcer City, however it won’t spawn until Carcer has its traffic data.
  • Added a custom 1984 Turismo variant, which spawns in VC. It has a few paintjobs too.
  • Added a custom CC Trashmaster.
  • Improved the VC Hunter. It no longer has a muzzle flash on the model.
  • Added 2dfx to most added planes and helicopters
  • The VC Squalo is now SA Styled
  • Added two custom BW Yankee variants
  • Updated the LCS Sindacco Argento
  • Updated the III Mr Whopee
  • Added the MH2 Trashmaster
  • Updated the final VC Hotring Racer. Two of them were already SA styled, however the third was never completed.
  • The VC Sea Sparrow is now SA styled and has 2dfx
  • Updated the VC Sea Sparrow – it is now SA styled
  • Reversed a bunch of weather-related code – as a result new weather types such as snowy weather, hurricane weather, and even snowstorm weather are (going to be) implemented.
  • Added the BW Faggio – it is fully SA styled and spawns in Bullworth
  • Weather settings can now be modified in weather.dat – this allows people to configure their own weather types if they wish to do so.
  • Added the Bully bicycles – they will spawn in Bullworth, use unique handling, and colours.
  • The Courier side mission can now be played with the extra bicycles, Freeway bikes, and Faggio scooters GTA:UG adds
  • The Observatory in Bullworth is now enterable
  • The Boxing Gym in Bullworth is now enterable
  • Mobile HUD by DK22Pac is now fully supported by GTA: Underground, it needed weapon type check patches (e.g displayed flamethrower ammo, parachute/melee weapon checks) and a model ID check to not use an aircraft HUD when using a Bovver ‘64
  • Fog postfx can now be used in UG-MP – the game has leftover code for a fog overlay which can be used as a drug effect
  • Carcer City now has a functional Ammu-Nation store in East Los Albos – it uses a custom interior, custom shopkeeper, and sells Manhunt weapons.
  • The Trainyard level is now added in Carcer City – this level is connected to the subway level and the journalist’s level, and has 2dfx, proper collision, and more.
  • Fixed a non-solid wall in Portland near Toni’s Portland safehouse in LCS.
  • Added a bunch of exclusive UG-RP server objects
  • Added navigational zones for Carcer City (East Los Albos/Stockyard)
  • Introduced the rubbish feature from GTA:VC/III/LCS/VCS which will introduce the 'Zombie Elvis Found' newspapers and random leaves to all map areas (and yes, they are affected by in-game wind)
  • Introduced support for The_Hero's debug menu - adding in a bunch of extra options like switching to VCS/LCS weather (yes, this means VC and LC will use VCS/LCS weather instead of the III/VC weather), all additional UG cheats and a lot more!
  • Added sunglare 2dfx near the hospital in Little Haiti
  • Fixed a bunch of backface culling issues and other minor visibility issues in Little Havana and Little Haiti
  • The VC Hunter is now more SA styled    
  • Added a custom Turismo variant for VC
  • The VC Phoenix is now more SA styled
  • The VC Sanchez is now more SA styled
  • Added two custom Flatbed versions for Bullworth
  • Added all of the bikes and BMXes from Bully which spawn in traffic
  • Added the BW Faggio which also spawns in traffic 
  • Improved the MH2 Police Maverick - it was a bit inaccurate compared to the one seen in the original game
  • Added the Reefer from MH2
  • The VC Pony and VC Top Fun are now more SA styled
  • Added the VCS Pony which also spawns in traffic 
  • Added the VCS Top Fun
  • Added the VCS Quad
  • The VC Benson is now more SA styled
  • Added the VCS Benson which also spawns in traffic
  • The VC Boxville is now more SA styled
  • Added the VCS Boxville which also spawns in traffic
  • Added the BW Boxville - sadly its scaling is a bit messed up (its a bit small) however it is fully SA styled
  • Added the two MH2 Mule versions, both being fully SA styled
  • The LCS Sindacco Argento has been improved - it is now a lot more SA styled
  • The VCS Gang Rancher has been improved - it is now a lot more SA styled
  • Added the BW Go-Kart
  • Added a custom bus for Carcer City based on the wreck seen in the Church level and it is fully SA styled
  • The fish stands in Portland are now breakable
  • Added some props to the journo level as well (specifically ones which were re-used in SA and all of the other levels which were ingame at the time the props were added, in other words not everything is there)
  • Added missing props (power lines, Chips Casino sign) to the Journo level (Journalist's apartment) in Carcer
  • The Subway level in Carcer now has 90% of its props - this includes props reused from SA and props which were already converted for the trainyard


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Snapshot 3+ patch changelogs

Snapshot 3.2 patch changelogs


  • Fixed a lot of missing text lines (we forgot to ship the latest american.gxt file with the release)



  • Fixed a bunch of collision detection issues, including the so-called 'weapon accuracy bug', a bug where the sun would sometimes shine through buildings, and a lot of others.



  • Introduced Discord Rich Presence support - as a result your in-game location and other info is now displayed on your Discord profile while playing GTA:UG.


Snapshot 3.3 patch changelogs


  • Fixed a crash whenever the player uses the jetpack



  • Fixed a bug where rubbish (random 'Zombie Elvis Found' newspapers/leaves) would spawn inside interiors
  • A bug should be fixed where parked cars sometimes spawn numerous times, leading to performance issues



  • Fixed a bug where ambient lighting based on the user's brightness setting was calculated wrong in some cases, causing some interiors to appear really bright
  • Rubbish now spawns normally again - the check against the interior world is removed as it caused visibility issues



  • Fixed postfx colours not being read and written correctly by the compatible version of fastman92's in-game timecyc editor


Snapshot 3.3.1

  • Added Starkweather's mansion exterior to Carcer City – however props are partially added
  • Added the two Scrapyard levels to Carcer City – the first scrapyard level has all of its props, but the second one does not
  • A lot of peds received updates, bug fixes, and more.
  • Added all of the MH2 weapons
  • Added a few missing MH weapons
  • Added the missing LCS, VCS and VC Cane
  • Added the missing VC Bat
  • Hardware stores in Vice City now sell the VCS/VC Cane and VC Cane
  • Updated all of the existing weapons – a lot of bugs are fixed, and the majority of weapons now use reflections
  • The Journo level now has all of its props - some are breakable, some aren't, some have 2dfx, some don't.
  • Fixed a bug inside the radio script where SA radio would play inside the North Point Mall while driving
  • LC radio stations were improved a bit - LCS radio stations are included as well
  • Added the LCS Bullion - a street racer which can be modified at Wheels Arch Angels and spawns in LC
  • The Museum in Staunton Island now has solid rooftop collision
  • Fixed a rooftop near Belleville Park and the museum in Staunton Island
  • Fixed numerous other rooftops in Liberty City
  • Replaced the static helicopter object on top of Kenji’s Casino with the LC Maverick which can be flown around the city
  • Disabled occluders for LC again…
  • Fixed UG-MP Linux compiling again – this does not come with any in-game changes however it does mean UG-MP development will be easier and new features can be tested and introduced
  • Fixed an internal memory pool issue which potentially caused rather subtle issues related to vehicles, peds, buildings, etc (also parked cars), the issue also potentially caused numerous random crashes!


Snapshot 3.3.2

  • UG-MP: Wind speed and base temperature can now be set for server-side weather types
  • UG-MP: Rubbish (random newspapers and leaves) can now be enabled/disabled by server developers.
  • UG-MP: Added a bunch of extra objects for server developers to use.
  • Numerous rooftops are now solid in Liberty City + low quality versions (LODs) are also updated now
  • Fixed numerous LOD issues in Liberty City
  • Fixed the misplaced telegraph poles in Portland and replaced them with the model used in GTA:III
  • The VC Coastguard is now SA styled – however it is partially submerged and CJ sometimes ‘sits’ while driving
  • The III Speeder is now SA styled
  • Added the LCS Speeder which is fully SA styled and spawns in traffic
  • Fixed an incorrectly set up Dunsfold LOD which prevented the project 2dfx LOD preloading feature from working properly
  • Fixed broken LOD light rendering when project 2dfx is used
  • Fixed added missile objects not having the same effects as the standard missile has – as a result missiles fired from added rocket launchers now have the right effects
  • Added grenade, tear gas, and Molotov cocktail weapon types now use the correct sounds
  • Also fixed the sounds on added grenades and Molotov cocktails 
  • Fixed a lot of the misplaced props in LC/VC, including sunken lampposts
  • Fixed flickering flags on the Easy Credit Auto’s in Portland
  • Fixed missing textures on some of the rubbish bins used in VC and LC – this was actually a bug in GTA:SA itself
  • The LCS Manchez, LC Toyz and LCS Toyz no longer spawn in traffic
  • The SpandExx van, Sabre Turbo, and Zebra no longer spawn in traffic
  • Changed Ammu-Nation weapon prices 


Snapshot 3.3.3

  • Fixed the ‘Game has crashed’ message – it previously incorrectly said that 3.3.2 and 3.3.1 were ‘development builds’
  • Changed the ‘PedSpawner’ cheat string to ‘SkinSelector’
  • Fixed a small bug on the front of the CC Boxville
  • Fixed a lot more misplaced props – including most (if not all) of the sunken lampposts in LC
  • Reverted one of the Upstate Liberty tunnel entrance models back to the original
  • Fixed collision materials on the ramp on the Cochrane Dam in Shoreside Vale – grass no longer spawns on top of it as a result
  • Fixed collision materials on the path going to the pier in Bedford Point – grass no longer spawns on top of it as a result
  • Started replacing postboxes in Vice City as they looked different in GTA:VC
  • Added a custom Midway (MLL replacement city) Barracks
  • Added a custom Midway Bullet variant – the Bullet GT
  • Added a custom Midway vehicle – the Caldwell
  • Added a custom Midway vehicle – the Canyon, which has an FBI variant and a prison variant
  • Added a custom Midway vehicle – the Cottonmouth, which has more tuning options than usual and comes with unique paintjobs
  • Added a custom Midway vehicle – the Dagger GTX
  • Added a custom Midway vehicle – the El Destino
  • Added a custom Midway vehicle – the Faction TT
  • Updated the current MLL firetruck to reflect the removal and replacement of MLL with Midway
  • Added a custom Midway vehicle – the Juliette
  • Added a custom Midway vehicle – the P-996 LAZER
  • Added a custom Midway vehicle – the Lobo Donk
  • Updated the current MLL Ambulance to reflect the removal and replacement of MLL with Midway
  • Updated the current MLL Predator to reflect the removal and replacement of MLL with Midway
  • Added a custom variant of the Premier to Midway
  • Added a custom cop bike for Midway – a Wayfarer
  • Updated the current MLL Police Maverick to reflect the removal and replacement of MLL with Midway
  • Added a custom Midway vehicle – the Schafter
  • Added a custom Midway vehicle – the Super Diamond
  • Added a custom Midway vehicle – the Ontario. Also added a cabbie variant
  • Added a custom Midway variant of the Trashmaster
  • Added a custom Midway street racer – the Zion which can be modified at Wheels Arch Angels
  • Mainland Liberty is now marked as ‘Midway’ on the map
  • The custom Midway vehicles spawn in Mainland Liberty until the city is removed and replaced with Midway
  • Forgot to patch in model ID checks for the Carcer City Barracks
  • Carcer City Rhino and Carcer City Barracks now spawn as law enforcement in Carcer City (but since the city lacks traffic it won’t be noticeable)
  • Patched all Skimmer model ID checks – as a result the VC Skimmer can actually fly and land on water (instead of not being able to control it at all)
  • Added a driveable CC train – it doesn’t spawn anywhere yet though
  • Added a custom Midway vehicle – the Prison Bus


Snapshot 3.3.4

  • Fixed crash when the first biker model (‘lcs_biker01’ in the skin selector) was spawned – this could randomly crash the game in
  • Removed the fourth Cottonmouth orderly model from the skin selector as it had no model set up
  • Removed the two Texan peds as they always crashed the game when spawned (wmytx1 and wmytx2 in the skin selector)
  • Removed the duplicate VC lance vance models – two of them lacked their models but were present in the skin selector (old model names: vc_igbuddy, vc_igbuddy2,
  • vc_igbuddy3 – new model names: vc_lance, vc_lance2, vc_lance3 in the skin selector)
  • Removed and updated a lot of other skins which previously did not work properly or straight up crashed the game – this should hopefully be the last time 
  • A few III/LCS peds which previously did not spawn in Liberty City now spawn in Liberty City
  • The LCS Phobos VT now spawns in traffic
  • The LCS Rumpo now spawns in traffic
  • The LCS BETA Bullion now spawns in traffic
  • The LCS Perennail also spawns in Vice City now
  • Fixed NoOneCanHurtMe cheat not making the player invincible for bullets fired by added weapon types
  • Replaced all of the telegraph poles in Vice City with the model used in GTA:VC 
  • Started making GTA IV HUD by _AG compatible with GTA: UG. Currently we did a few patches for the 1.3 version.
  • Added a Wheel Arch Angels garage in Staunton Island


Snapshot 3.3.5

  • Renamed the Stanier Racer for UG-MP to Premier Racer
  • Fixed a bug where all FBI vehicles did not have their emergency lights
  • Added custom emergency lights to some added emergency vehicles
  • Added the LCS Faggio which spawns in Liberty City
  • Added the LCS Pizzaboy which spawns in Liberty City
  • Added a custom CC vehicle – the Blista GPX which can be modified at Wheel Arch Angels
  • Added a custom variant of the Tampa for Carcer City
  • Added a custom CC vehicle – the Bolter
  • Added a custom variant of the Clover for Carcer City
  • Added a custom variant of the Emperor for Carcer City
  • Added a custom variant of the Premier for Carcer City
  • Added a custom variant of the Voodoo for Carcer City
  • Added a custom CC vehicle – the Whistle
  • Fixed a crash when trying to launch the game right after it is already launching in a separate process
  • Started giving EMS vehicles their emergency lights – some of them already have them
  • Added a custom variant of the Comet for Midway
  • Added a custom vehicle for Midway – the Coquette
  • Added a custom vehicle for Midway – the Fiammetta
  • The Cottonmouth Greenwood can now be modified at TransFender tuning garages
  • Fixed a couple of issues with the Cottonmouth Admiral
  • Fixed a bug where the Tractor did not have a functional hook
  • Greatly improved the in-game radar – the following changes were made:
  • Dunsfold now has a redrawn radar map which properly placed as well
  • Bullworth now has a completely redrawn radar map
  • Vice City now has a completely redrawn radar map – this one is by far the most detailed
  • The entire map now uses the correct colours (as opposed to the slightly darker colours which was done by accident)
  • Improved the Cuban Hermes handling
  • Improved the Sabre Turbo handling and vehicle audio
  • Added a custom variant of the Forelli ExSess for Midway
  • Added a custom vehicle for Midway – the Skimpy which is a truck for the industrial areas of the city


Snapshot 3.3.6

  • Fixed procedural grass spawning near El Banco Corrupte Grande
  • Fixed Wheel Arch Angels in VC not using the correct logo (it previously said ‘AB Autos’)          
  • Introduced businesses in Liberty City – you can unlock them by purchasing Kenji’s Casino in Staunton Island. The following businesses are added:
  • Portland Car Crusher
  • Saint Marks Bistro
  • Phil’s Fully Cocked in northern Staunton Island which will sell heavy III weapons
  • Kenji’s Casino
  • You can now buy weapons at Phil’s Fully Cocked in northern Staunton Island
  • Removed the old CC Blista Compact as it has been replaced with the CC Blista GPX in Snapshot 3.3.5
  • Renamed the Midway ExSess to Exsess
  • Renamed the Forelli Excess to Forelli Exsess
  • Added a custom vehicle for Midway – the Steed which is an industrial vehicle
  • Updated the Midway Comet – it has been renamed to the Comet SR and received a few improvements
  • Updated & improved the SA Hotknife
  • Updated all of the SA trailers
  • Added a new custom flatbed trailer
  • Added a new custom Carcer vehicle – the Hauler, which is an industrial vehicle
  • Fixed a missing rooftop near Phil’s Fully Cocked in southern Staunton Island
  • Fixed a misplaced LOD in the Vice City Junkyard
  • Improved the LCS Forelli Exsess
  • Improved the SA M4 a bit
  • Fixed a rooftop near the North Point Mall in Vice City
  • Fixed a crash related to roadblocks in San Andreas
  • Added a new custom Midway vehicle – the Bug
  • Fixed vehicle lights on the following vehicles:
  • The SA Huntley
  • The VC Gang Burrito
  • The LCS Landstalker
  • The secondary VC Bloodring Banger
  • The BW Domestic
  • The LCS Ballot Van
  • The UG-MP LC Fire Unit
  • Fixed a missing texture on the Cherry Poppers building in Vice City
  • Fixed backface culling issues in the Cherry Poppers interior in Vice City
  • Added 2dfx to the interior of the Cherry Popper interior
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn’t see through the windows inside the Cherry Popper interior
  • Added a trailer vehicle from the static III/VC trailer objects which can be pulled by trailers. This trailer vehicle will replace the static objects soon.
  • Added a custom variant of the Patriot for Midway
  • Added a custom vehicle for Carcer City – the Python


Snapshot 3.3.7

  • Added a cheat code to remove the ‘blue fog’ which covers the in-game map so everything is ‘explored’

  • The Midway Lazer can now travel faster – it lacked an internal flag which tells the game that the vehicle can travel faster than the built-in speed limit

  • Fixed a bug where the LC Colt 45 did not have a weapon icon

  • The Carcer City Weasel level is now added into the game. Its props will be converted soon.

  • Fixed missing Wheel Arch Angels logo texture on the Sunshine Autos building

  • Fixed procedural grass spawning near the Downtown Vice City police station exterior

  • Fixed procedural grass spawning on a wall between Escobar International and Little Havana

  • Fixed procedural grass spawning on a fence near the big hotel in Downtown Vice City

  • Fixed a flickering LOD inside the Escobar International airport building

  • Fixed a swimming pool in Starfish Island

  • Fixed a swimming pool in southern Washington Beach – it had procedural grass and also had an old pool water model

  • Fixed procedural grass spawning on the beach in Downtown Vice City

  • Removed the LOD airplane models spawning near Fort Baxter – airtrains now spawn there instead

  • The Elevator and VCS Firetruck are both parked in Escobar International by default now

  • Fixed procedural grass spawning in the swimming pool in the Vice City Docks hotel + also removed the pool water map object there

  • Fixed the windows on the Craw Bar in Downtown Vice City

  • Fixed procedural grass spawning on a wooden wall in Little Haiti

  • Fixed procedural grass spawning on a wall located near Escobar International and the docks

  • Fixed procedural grass spawning near a pool in a hotel in northern Washington Beach + removed water objects inside the two pools there

  • Fixed backface culling issues on jetties in Vice City Beach

  • Removed the static pool water objects in Leaf Links.

  • Fixed procedural grass spawning in Downtown Vice City

  • Fixed procedural grass spawning on the tennis court in Leaf Links

  • Fixed the Washington Beach clothing store exterior.

    • Fixed the fences

    • Peds now take shelter there when it rains

    • Fixed the bumpy stairs

    • Fixed the neons

    • Updated the 2dfx lights

  • Fixed a backface culling issue on a hotel near the North Point Mall

  • Removed static pool water in one of the pools in southern Washington Beach

  • Fixed the 2dfx on the gas station in Washington Beach

  • Fixed the 2dfx on one of the hotels in Washington Beach + fixed the rooftop as well

  • Fixed the 2dfx on the hospital in Washington Beach

  • Fixed the 2dfx in the mall in Washington Beach

  • Fixed prelighting on the Ocean Beach Hotel

  • Fixed a backface culling issue on a building in Washington Beach

  • Fixed the visual bug on the wooden fences on the area behind the Inside Track Betting store in VC

  • Added a tattoo parlor in Washington Beach

  • Removed the VCPD HQ icon on the map

  • Fixed backface culling issues on the construction site in Washington Beach

  • Fixed backface culling issues on the jetties in Starfish Island

  • Fixed backface culling issues on the Burger Shot near the North Point Mall

  • Fixed backface culling issues on the balconies on the safehouse near the North Point Mall (not El Swanco Casa)

  • Added a Loco Low Co tuning garage to Downtown Vice City which can modify lowriders

  • The Carcer City Hauler can now pull trailers

  • Fixed missing textures on one of the building models in Washington Beach which is also used in SA but because of how poorly R* took care of the textures from the re-used models from GTA:VC, it ended up missing

  • Also fixed backface culling issues on the same model

  • Corrected the VCS Cholo Sabre door sounds

  • Corrected the VC/LC Idaho engine sounds

  • Fixed VC Infernus handling being too slippery

  • Fixed a bug where the Diablo Stallion tended to flip a lot

  • Corrected the VC Cuban Hermes enter/exit animation for the player

  • The following vehicles now have the ‘Racer’ suffix in their in-game names:

    • The UG-MP Dukes Racer

    • The UG-MP Majestic Racer

    • The UG-MP Picador Racer

    • The UG-MP Polaris V8 Racer (named Polaris Racer in-game)

    • The UG-MP Sabre Racer

    • The UG-MP Tahoma Racer


Snapshot 3.3.8

  • Added all of the unique stunt jumps to Liberty City
  • All of the VC/VCS criminal peds now spawn in VC
  • The VC Rancher can now be modified at tuning garages
  • Fixed a double face issue on the concert hall exterior in Vice City
  • Also added ped attractors on the same model
  • Fixed backface culling issues on the railings near the SubUrban store in Vice City
  • Peds now take shelter underneath the buildings to the right of the recording studio in Vice City
  • Peds also take shelter in other places around Downtown Vice City as well
  • Peds can now be seen sitting on stairs (or specific chairs) in numerous places around Vice City
  • Added 2dfx to Mercedes’s mansion in Vice City
  • Diaz’s Mansion now uses custom entrance/exit doors (only the front doors)
  • The Ocean Beach Hotel now uses custom entrance/exit doors
  • El Banco Corrupte Grande now uses custom entrance/exit doors
  • Started replacing the SA stone benches in Vice City with the GTA:VC variant
  • Started adding collision-based shadows to Liberty City which will be affected by the in-game time of day and will replace the static shadow meshes
  • Fixed backface culling on the big hotel in Washington Beach with the pool bar
  • Fixed a flickering LOD near the Ocean Beach Hotel
  • Fixed procedural grass spawning on an alley entrance near Café Robina
  • Fixed a misplaced LOD in Washington Beach near Ken Rosenberg’s interior
  • Fixed a misplaced LOD near the construction site north of Washington Beach
  • Fixed the misplaced LODs near the Malibu Club
  • Fixed a double face issue on the exterior model of the Café Robina
  • Added 2dfx to one of the hangars in Fort Baxter
  • Fixed backface culling issues on the telegraph pole model from GTA:VC
  • Fixed the missing stairs used in the GTA:VC G Spotlight mission
  • Fixed the prelighting on the VC Gym in Little Haiti
  • Improved the 2dfx inside the Malibu Club
  • Fixed the ped attractors inside the Malibu Club – peds can now be seen sitting inside the club
  • Added custom 2dfx to the Pay N Spray in Little Haiti
  • Added custom 2dfx to the Vice Surf billboard in Escobar International


Snapshot 3.3.9

  • Added 2dfx to the film studio in Vice City
  • Fixed civilian vehicles spawning on the VC airport runway – airport workers now spawn there instead
  • Added custom 2dfx to the Pay N Spray in Viceport
  • Added 2dfx to the Leaf Links golf club entrance
  • Vice Docks is now named Viceport, as that’s the correct name used in GTA:VC
  • Fixed backface culling on the biker shop windows in Downtown Vice City
  • Added custom 2dfx to the billboards in Little Haiti near the bridge connecting Little Haiti with Leaf Links
  • Fixed the visibility issues with the windows on the biker shop in Little Havana
  • Added custom 2dfx to the road signs in Escobar International
  • Decreased some memory pool sizes by quite a bit – saving a bit of memory
  • Fixed a visibility issue on the stairs near the King Knuts restaurant in Washington Beach 
  • Fixed a material colour issue on the exterior model of the Gay Gordo’s barber shop in Washington Beach
  • Added the missing LOD model of the hospital in Little Havana
  • Added the VCS neons and night lights
  • Fixed a bug where the game would never load police mavericks, news mavericks, and their pilots anymore, causing a crash when these are spawned
  • Included a missing file for the in-game timecycle editor, causing the game to crash whenever the menu is opened (it can be found in the optional mods directory)
  • Added 2dfx to the terminal in Escobar International
  • Fixed the LC Rocket Launcher being upside down
  • Renamed the LC Monstrosity to the LC Landstalker
  • Added the Leeds building pipeline which can be attached to the VCS/LCS models in the game to make them look like they did in GTA:LCS/VCS
  • The following interiors have been adapted to use the Leeds building pipeline:
    Toni’s Shoreside Vale safehouse
  • The Leeds postfx is now included and used by the VCS/LCS weather types. To see it for yourself, turn on ‘Use Stories weather’ in The_Hero’s debug menu, or look inside the Stories interiors which use the Leeds pipeline (those also use Stories weather types!)
  • Fixed a bug where the ‘Use Stories weather’ option in The_Hero’s debug menu did not make the game use LCS weather while in LC
  • The sun size code is now corrected and should be as accurate as possible
  • Introduced the d3d fog colour calculation code from III/VC/LCS/VCS and also added interpolation between the SA method and the other method. See screenshots of this on GTAForums.


Snapshot 3.3.10

  • Updated the other LCS weather types to have the correct ambient (object) lighting – the interior weather (extra colours) was already updated in 3.3.9
  • Added weather interpolation handling code for timecycle boxes
  • Improved the ambient lighting timecycle code by quite a bit
  • Added extra timecycle-related options to The_Hero’s in-game debug menu
  • Numerous code refactors (there shouldn’t be any in-game changes)
  • Added the fluffy clouds from GTA:III, VC, LCS, VCS, and Bully – they use textures from particle.txd
  • PS2 colour filter can now be toggled through the skygfx.ini file again – this will make the game use it everywhere
  • The same is also done for the Mobile colour filter, but it doesn’t work properly yet. VC/LC postfx can also be forced globally this way.
  • Updated SkyGfx to 3.7
  • Options such as ‘Z write threshold’ now work with the Leeds pipeline
  • Added an option to The_Hero’s in-game debug menu which can override the in-game draw distance
  • The VC Rio is now SA styled
  • The VC Faggio is now SA styled
  • The VC Marquis is now SA styled
  • The III Reefer is now SA styled
  • The VC Reefer is now SA styled
  • The VC Sandking is now SA styled
  • The VC Perennial is now SA styled
  • The III Esperanto is now SA styled
  • Added the VCS Angel which is used by the Bikers in Vice City
  • Added the VCS Freeway which spawns in Vice City
  • The VC Marquis now uses its vehicle feature – some model id checks weren’t patched previously
  • Corrected SA Tropic model ID checks – making the SA Tropic use its vehicle feature again
  • Fixed several bugs with the III Cartel Cruiser
  • Fixed a SA bug where roads always used different lighting than non-roads – the former were always darker and had a ‘wet road’ effect
  • Improved the III and VC weather interpretation code even further
  • III & VC trails are now in the mod. You can enable/disable it from the options menu, and the blurring effect is present as well.
  • Added the plane trails to Vice City and Liberty City. Previously they only appeared in San Andreas.



  • Fixed the bugged sniper scope/rocket launcher scope
  • A few code refactors (has no in-game impact)
  • Fixed project 2dfx support – previously the game had really short draw distance + the draw distance settings are now fully functional again – as a result you can customize the mod so you can see VC and LC from SA (you need a beefy system for this though)
  • Fixed the broken ambient object colours – sometimes peds, cars, and objects used red, yellow, or other colours at random
  • Fixed a bug where all water was transparent if the player looks at it while swimming at a certain angle
  • Fixed a crash whenever the player reached a 3 star wanted level or higher



  • Fixed the broken LOD lights when Project 2dfx is installed



  • Added partial support for the ‘Vehicle Lights Fix’ modification by Wesser
  • Fixed a bug where the sun would have the size of a dot if Project 2dfx was not installed
  • VCS radiosity now uses radiosity intensity values from timecyc.dat – as a result the trails effect is slightly less intense
  • The LCS colour filter alpha colour is now corrected to match the one used in The_Hero’s lc98 modification
  • The SA clouds are no longer used by LC/VC/LCS/VCS/Bully weather (the clouds which aren’t on the skydome but are at a fixed height)
  • Fixed the ‘black interiors’ bug which happens when CJ enters interiors such as El Banco Corrupte Grande



  • Fixed a bug where everything (buildings, roads, etc) would be really bright whenever the VC trails were applied
  • Improved sun size code for LCS/III – the values are no longer multiplied and divided by 10
  • Started introducing Bully timecycle fields – no in-game change is visible
  • The rubbish visibility value is now calculated with the frame delta time factored in – as a result the ‘zombie elvis found’ newspapers + leaves now fade in/out at the same speed no matter how many FPS the user has (previously they faded in and out faster when the user has 60 fps compared to when he/she has 25 fps for example)
  • UG-MP: Added a native to enable/disable grass rendering
  • UG-MP: Added a native to enable/disable sun rendering
  • UG-MP: Added natives to create and remove timecycle boxes – these are already used in the original GTA: SA game to give some of the countryside towns slightly different weather
  • UG-MP: Fixed compability issues with Widescreen Fix, CLEO, SkyGrad, and others
  • Fixed rubbish visibility issues when exiting/entering an interior
  • Fixed a bug where the VCS Gaff had weapon ammo displayed on the HUD
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•    Added the VCS Forklift – it can be found in the docks in Vice City
•    Added the VCS Patriot – it can be found in Fort Baxxter where it may be used by the military
•    Added new loadscreens which were done by Yhdf
•    Finished the forklift patches. The new VCS Forklift now has its special ability like the stock SA forklift has.
•    The VC Cuban Hermes now uses the VCS colours as well
•    Physical object collision based-lighting is now ignored when VC/III/LCS/VCS/Bully weather is used – as a result vehicles and other dynamic objects don’t appear as dark anymore
•    The game now uses all rubbish sprites in rubbish.txd everywhere – previously only the GTAIII/VC ones were used
•    Added a few missing options to The_Hero’s in-game debug menu which weren’t in UG but were present on the SA counterpart – specifically an option to toggle player invincibility, taking a screenshot, and enabling/disabling the HUD. The remaining options in the ‘Debug’ tab will be added later.
•    The VCS Laser Rifle now has 7 bullets in its magazine like in the original game
•    Weapon ammo is no longer displayed when using the MH2 news paper melee weapon
•    Fixed 2dfx timecycle data interpretation code – 2dfx lights should be visible in LC again as a result
•    Improved support for the SkyGfx vehicle pipeline
•    Fixed issues with melee weapons (like the chainsaw not working properly + pistol whipping being broken)
•    Massive improvements were made to the weapon stats of a lot of the weapons in UG – a lot of bugs are fixed as a result
•    UG-MP: Fixed compability issues with Widescreen Fix (no more yellow bars)
•    UG-MP: Added a native to enable/disable vehicle name rendering
•    UG-MP: Added a native to enable/disable place name rendering
•    UG-MP: Added Discord Rich Presence natives
•    Fixed a possible crash when the player enters a garage
•    Slightly refactored the Project 2dfx support code – has no in-game changes
•    Fixed real-time shadows not being rendered in singleplayer development builds
•    Added a custom favicon which is only visible while running the game
•    You can now run GTA: Underground and GTA: San Andreas at the same time (this could result in some bugs)
•    Fixed a small timer issue while processing the game
•    Updated Discord Rich Presence – new images are now displayed while playing GTA: Underground
•    The BigBang cheat now works
•    The SA Beagle can now hold 4 passengers
•    Fixed a bug where two moons appeared in the sky at night
•    Added an option to make the game use a single low cloud sprite or three (SA uses one, other games use multiple) to the in-game debug menu
•    Added an option to change the time in minutes the moon is fully visible (180 minutes or 3AM in other games, 220 minutes or 3:40AM in SA) to the in-game debug menu
•    Fixed a bug where the moon mask would not appear despite being fixed in SkyGfx
•    Introduced an IDE flag for moving banners (16777216 to be precise) – the hardcoded model id checks are removed
•    UG-MP: Added a native to enable/disable the moon at night
•    UG-MP: Added a native to enable/disable the stars at night
•    UG-MP: Added a native to enable/disable the low clouds
•    UG-MP: Added a native to enable/disable the fluffy clouds
•    UG-MP: Added a native to enable/disable rainbows
•    UG-MP: Added a native to change the time in minutes the moon is most visible (as this is different in 3d era games)
•    UG-MP: Added a native to make the game use three low cloud sprites (in SA, only one is used while in other 3d era games three are used)
•    UG-MP: Added a native to enable/disable random hurricanes and snowstorms – in GTA:VC and GTA: VCS hurricane weathers are used at random when the second island is still locked. 
•    UG-MP: Added a native to set the in-game season – this only really affects Bullworth as it uses seasonal weather
•    Fixed the lightning flash code – the ‘lots of random lightning flashes when interpolating from rainy/hurricane to any other weather’ issue no longer happens
•    The SA_GPS modification is now compatible with GTA: Underground
•    Fixed the GInput cheats – they were broken since Snapshot 3.3.10 
•    UG-MP: Implemented ped colour syncing + natives to control ped colours on models which are adapted
•    Fixed possible undefined behavior whenever a cross product was calculated
•    Gamma is now set whenever the brightness slider is changed
•    Fixed the broken binoculars scope – the scope sprite wasn’t surrounded by black rectangles so all you would see is the scope texture covering the screen
•    The trails option is now stored inside the settings file – the game can still parse the GTA: SA settings file format of course
•    Fixed a possible crash whenever the trails option was enabled/disabled from the main menu (before the game really loaded)
•    Added a custom version of the Yosemite for Midway, the Texas. This vehicle is tuneable at TransFender.
•    Added a custom military helicopter for Carcer City, the Annihilator
•    The UG-MP F1 cars now have their decals
•    Added a custom bus for Midway, called the Transit
•    Added a custom Rumpo for Carcer City
•    The VCS Armadillo now spawns at the same location as in GTA: VCS, previously it was unobtainable without using the vehicle spawner
•    The VCS Biplane now spawns at the same location as in GTA: VCS, previously it was unobtainable without using the vehicle spawner
•    The VCS Bovver ’64 now spawns at the same locations as in GTA: VCS, previously it was unobtainable without using the vehicle spawner
•    The VCS Bulldozer now spawns at the construction site next to Starfish Island
•    Fixed the ‘bright vehicle tuning parts’ bug
•    Fixed the prelighting on the TransFender in Vice City
•    The news stands in Escobar International are now breakable – previously only the ‘damaged’ version was displayed at all times
•    The custom triple barrel shotgun now has three bullets in its magazine instead of two (and 6 if you have Hitman-leve sawnoff skill)
•    Fixed a bug where the sniper trails effect wouldn’t disappear after using a sniper scope at least once while in LC (the VC counterpart is also fixed, but there’s no greenish overlay on any snipers/RPGs/etc while in VC)
•    The LC Cartel Cruiser received several improvements and bug fixes
•    The VC and Manana both received numerous improvements
•    The LC Corpse Manana also received numerous improvements
•    Fixed the trunk on the VC Rancher and VC FBI Rancher
•    Added a custom vehicle for Midway, the Stanier.
•    Fixed the muzzle flash on the VC Ruger. It no longer looks odd while firing (previously the flash appeared in the wrong place sometimes)
•    Replaced the only postbox in Escobar International with its VC counterpart.
•    Fixed a missing road LOD on the road going south towards Kenji's Casino (previously there was a gap between the crossroad and the bridge seen on the screenshot if the camera was far enough away)
•    Fixed a missing texture on one of the fences in the Staunton Island construction site
•    Ambient object lighting colours are now ignored for III weather types – this is because III never had them to begin with – and instead used the normal ambient lighting colours but 30% brighter. This means UG-MP won’t support them as well! This might be done by editing timecyc.dat just to make sure you can still modify them in UG-MP
•    Nearly all of the LC models now use static ambient lighting colours – previously all of them used ambient object lighting. This didn’t matter because GTA: III never had them, but with the change mentioned above, it was changed. 
•    Props in LC no longer appear very bright compared to the area around it
•    Procedural grass also appears less bright now
•    The Skumole Shack is now a purchasable safehouse
•    The VC Baggage Handler received some improvements 
•    Added a custom Midway vehicle, the Veloce
•    Fixed the weapon icon on the MH M4
•    Fixed the weapon icon on the VCS Ingram
•    Added an option to highlight models which have a custom building pipeline to The_Hero’s debug menu – it has no point in being there as it’s something we used while testing
•    All of the roads in Liberty City now have the wet road reflection effect
•    Fixed the broken savegame pickup in Umberto’s house
•    Fixed the double wheels on the VC Bloodring Bangers – they only have two rear wheels instead of four
•    Added a custom street racer for Upstate Liberty and Liberty City – the Deviant. This car is a remodeled version of the Driver PL Cerrano.
•    Added a custom vehicle for Midway, the Dubsta. It will be used by one of the gangs there.
•    Replaced the CC Police Maverick with the Police Armadillo. This way you have some variation instead of 20 different police mavericks
•    Added a custom vehicle for Midway, the Lokus. It will be found in the richer areas of the city.
•    Added a custom vehicle for Carcer City, the VanderLinde
•    Added a custom street racer for Carcer City, the V8 Imperator. This vehicle will not spawn in traffic, but you can modify it so it has rusty body parts.
•    The VC Sentinel & VC Sentinel XS both received some improvements (they didn’t have the double exhaust flag set, so one side of the vehicle had an exhaust particle while the other didn’t)
•    The LCS and III Hoods are now renamed – their in-game name is now ‘Hoods Rumpo XL’, like in the original games
•    The LCS Avenger Angel no longer spawns in traffic – this was an oversight which went unnoticed until now
•    The Henry now has a spinning engine part – the vehicle developers wanted the vehicle to have this but in order to assign it some code changes were necessary which weren’t done
•    Added a custom industrial vehicle for Midway, the Spacevan, which is a van version of the Steed.
•    Added a custom vehicle for Carcer City – the Dead Interceptor. It will not spawn in traffic and will probably be parked somewhere hidden.
•    Added a custom vehicle for Midway – a Mesa which will be used by the military
•    Added a custom vehicle for Carcer City – a custom version of the Landstalker
•    Added a custom vehicle for Carcer City – the Reagan
•    Added a custom vehicle for Carcer City – a SA BETA version of the Savanna, seen in cutscenes
•    Added the BETA version of the GTA: VC cop car
•    Added the LCS Freeway – it is used by the biker gang in Liberty City
•    The LCS Avenger Angel received some improvements
•    The LCS Angel received some improvements – the license plate now changes based on the area the player is in (it had a LCS texture previously)
•    Updated the Project 2dfx compability files
•    Added a custom version of the Buffalo for Carcer City
•    Fixed the collision on the Ventoso and Streetfighter – as a result it doesn’t ‘bounce around’ when both bikes lay on the ground
•    Road blocks now spawn in Vice City and Liberty City when the player has a wanted level. They spawn in the same locations as in GTA: VC and GTA: III.
•    The road block patches from FLA are now included in GTA:UG directly – this was initially done for debugging purposes but we decided to keep it like this – as a result the same ‘file is missing’ error shows up when ROADBLOX.DAT is not present
•    Fixed a rare crash when the game tries to spawn a road block when the node.dat file containing the traffic nodes isn’t loaded (yet) – the game will simply not spawn anything at all now
•    UG-MP: Fixed custom radio stations always being muted
•    UG-MP: AttachObjectToVehicle now works properly – previously the camera would center on the pivot of the vehicle if the vehicle was not within the GTA:SA original map bounds
•    UG-MP: Did some rather primitive includes which spawn the III BETA multiplayer level objects – in some cases some models can be swapped with other models to allow server developers to make gamemodes with them
•    UG-MP: Fixed occasional random crashes whenever the game tries to spawn/delete a pickup
•    Kenji’s Casino now has water inside the big swimming pool on the roof
•    All of the traffic lights in Liberty City, Carcer City and in the III BETA multiplayer levels are replaced with a converted GTA: III model – this model has some small differences and breaks in a different way
•    A set of remastered textures by Len, the UG-MP development manager, is now included in the optional mods folder
•    The lampposts in East Los Albos now use an animation when they break (like, when the player drives into them)
•    Fixed the UV mapping on the animation which is used on the lampposts while being broken in the area around the Journalist’s apartment in Carcer City
•    UG-MP: Fixed numerous bugs and improved the collision models of the III BETA Construction Site level. As a result, the player can no longer jump over the scaffolding to then fall to their death. Several non-solid piles of wooden planks are solid now too.
•    The school bus stop signs in Bullworth are now breakable
•    Numerous other props (lampposts, shop signs, wooden boxes, etc) in Bullworth are also breakable now
•    Fixed a visual bug causing one side of the entrance gates on one of the mansions in Old Bullworth Vale to be invisible from one certain direction (backface culling had to be disabled)
•    Fixed backface culling issues on the lampposts in Bullworth Town and Bullworth

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  • Fixed the intro text mentioning ‘3.3.10’ – now it correctly mentions ‘3.3.11’
  • Fixed a crash whenever the player enters a vehicle with a 3 level wanted level or higher
  • Fixed a possible crash which occurs randomly at the end of the loading screen when initializing purchasable properties
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  • Fixed the broken binoculars scope – the scope sprite wasn’t surrounded by black rectangles so all you would see is the scope texture covering the screen
  • Fixed the binoculars scope texture being slightly transparent
  • Fixed the rather broken fluffy cloud highlight effect – sometimes it wouldn’t appear at all
  • Fixed the rotor animation on the VC Maverick


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Snapshot 4 and onwards

We no longer post our changelogs here anymore. Refer to our official website to find the latest mod changelogs!

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