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A krayzie way of playing...


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No this is not new, yes you have all tried it, no you don't fully respect it like I do so do this: ;)


You need two codes: Slow motion (do it twice) and Perfect Handling (the one that makes you jump by pushing L3)



Man slow motion has got to be one of the coolest codes.   Do it twice and you'll see the amazing details and graphics this game has.  Get a couple of stars and get on your bike.  Blast mo-fo'z left and right.  When you see a cop, get out and blast him in the chest with a shotgun. It's amazing.  Crashes are amazing too cuz you get to see all the little debris and glass and everthing flying around.  Everthing in the game seems better in slow-mo.  It just takes forever.  Take your car up high and ramp it off somewhere.  Ditch the car in mid-air.  The result in slow mo is amazing!!!!!




Alright, we all love air on Vice City....well use the slow motion cheat to get even more air.  Do the code twice, get a good hopping vehicle.  (Fast cars like the cheetah, stinger, and infernous are NOT GOOD HOPPERS.)  Police cars, slower cars, vans and trucks are good to use.  


Haul ass in slow mo and head for your favorite ramp.  Right when you hit the ramp, hit the L3 jump button.  HOOOLY SHIIT!  Use the different camera views to make it look cool.  

Right when you land.....hit it again!!!!  


Some of my favorite ramps are those two concrete ones by the malibu, the airport ones and just about anywhere you can ramp.


Ramp almost anywhere with these codes!


Forget what I said about finding a ramp. ANY thing with a slight incline, a bump, a small hill, ANOTHER CAR, all of these are sources for ramps.  I have literally climbed up the side of a builing using the jump code!  Now go have fun and use the slow-mo!

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Yeah, I've done that slow motion code too... it's so cool. Play in fast and it's stupidly insane. Everyone's just flyin' around... heh, it's like Tommy's on speed. :D

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It's okay for a while, but then when you play afterwards at normal speed, it's really really fast. But you get used to it again. Anyhow, it's fun for a while, so for those of you who havent done it, just try it once, that's enough.

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Yeah the slowmotion cheat is great!!!  What i'll do is, i'll hook up my sony minidisc player to the PS2 via: Optical output and i'll play music like the theme from terminator2 while shooting all the cop cars in slowmotion ontop of a building*inspired by T2 scene)....so beautiful!


or i'll play the COPS theme: The inner circle song while doing the VC police missions with the speed up game code


or i'll play the ROCKY song (when he jogs around the neighborhood) and ill knock pepz out with mah brass knuckle in slowmotion..lol


try these methods sometime....so fun youll never lose interest in VC as long as you can supply an imagination with the right music.

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The optical port is an OUTPUT.

No custom music.

I have GOT to try the slow motion cheat. Sounds mad.

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sh*t i never even knew there was a slow mo cheat - im gonna try this just now  :pp


EDIT: thats quite sweet, but when you hit a unique jump, the speed goes back to normal after it, same with when you die, or if you start the pizza boy missions. I prosume the same with the other vigilante missions, but its still dope.



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Opius I didn't meantion earlier that when I hook up my minidisc player to the digital output or optical output of the PS2, I can record the sounds of the VC game into the minidisc player and have them come out of my speakers and at the same time connect my minidisc player to my laptop to play custom music throughout the speakers as well.  That is how I add custom music I didn't mean direclty to the game console lol.   :cool:



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yeh slo mo is sweet...the only part about it i dont really like is gettin in a car is a drag....but then again who cares with the things u can do in slo mo. the shotgun thing's so cool.. :p

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