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A dumb question about turf glitching


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Ok so I've recently found Rhan's channel I saw some stuff but I really didn't get much..
So I've tried it in my GTA got a few turfs to get the "your hood is under attack" bla bla bla stuff went there killed a few guys got the explosive box on 3 of them then got the hydra went to SF and detonated it and... nothing happened



well my question is , do I really need to get them nearby me when detonate cause as soon as I reached back to glove street I got the message "You showed them" when I didn't even land.



I'm a beginner go easy on me

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Figure that this topic will probably get moved to the strategies sub-forum.


Please link to the video in question. I too have had trouble glitching turfs when CJ is too far away from the satchels, so I'm curious what rhans has learned.


(rhans has a new trick up his sleeve, hopefully he'll come share)


In the meantime, please review The Ultimate Territory Glitch FAQ. It contains a lot of details that might be difficult to share in a video. I consider this mandatory reading if you want to mess with turf glitches. You'll need to master all the basics if you want to pull off the more complex exploits. This topic is a summary of the Mastermind Glitch investigation topic, which has lots of great info buried within false hypothesizes and other misinformation. You pretty much need to read the whole thing to weed out the garbage - hence the FAQ. By the end though, we had a pretty good grasp on the glitch mechanics.

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