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GTAs most depressing story, backstory, side story


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I seen someone had "most depressing moments" but i couldnt find the most depressing story, backstory or side story, if there is a topic like this already im sorry but i did not see it.


I wanna know your peeps thoughts on the most depressing story in the GTA universe, either its main story, backstory, side story or just the random npcs you meet thought the game.


I know Nikos is depressing but i say the homeless vietnam vet you meet in GTA V in Blaine County.

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I think the Leonora Johnson story was a pretty big bummer??? especially because they were trying to be funny with it. That makes the whole thing extra sad

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Lemoyne outlaw

trevors story. he had a terrible childhood. his mom treated him like crap. his father abandoned him at a mall. and when he found a good job as a air force pilot he got kicked out. so he became a criminal. i think its sad,

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Super Shizuku

No one's gonna say every terrible things happened to Louise, Vic, and Lance?

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CJ&Sweet's mom getting offed by Big Smoke in a driveby

It wasn't Big Smoke who did it, just some Ballas.

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Man Johnny Klebitz takes the cake on this, from the start of tlad to you know, V is all downhill, dude did what he could but at the end it never got better, i think is the best portrayal of an antihero on any gta, the sensibillities showed by johnny and the consequences they bring ain't on any other character, so to me it feels like a tragedy, and despite disliking what they did with him on V Is true to the story even and in a twisted way to the character.

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I think Floyd's story is the saddest.


Nothing ever goes good for him, from his girlfriend to his dead end job and then Trevor barges in and makes it even worse just because he's related to one of his associates. In the end, he's pushed over the edge to where he threatens Trevor & his girlfriend with a knife and meets an ambiguous ending.


Press F to pay respects

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Vic Vance joining the army to try to help his sick brother by paying the bills, then getting kicked out of the army because of asshole Sgt. Martinez. Pretty depressing imo.

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Queen Elizabeth II

Niko Bellic and Roman Bellic when they were young.




It was a real war which changed them completely. They will never forget their past even if they try.


Nothing beats that. Nothing. Other characters have never experienced anything like that. Niko had it rough. When he was young his father was always drunk and beat him up. When the war came things only got worse. He also saw all his friends dying. He saw dead children with their arms chopped off, he saw his house in ruins and he knew that Roman's mother was raped.


War is a terrible thing. Much worse than gang-wars or drug-wars. It is also worse than having a bad father, like for example Trevor.

That is war.




Even military in 3D era wouldn't do so much damage.





Trevor became a crazy person, but not like Niko - he was just an idiot who would rape, kill, eat people, drink and take drugs. All that because.. he had rough childhood? Come on. I know it's possible, but still not very reliable. Especially when we know that Niko, who had much harder experience, grew up to be quite a normal person with feelings and emotions.




Edited by Queen Elizabeth II
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The most depressing GTA story is the story of GTA itself. GTA has the same story as Bernie Cravic. We know what it was and what it is now. I guess life is better now for it at least.

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