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(tutorial) [GIMS Evo] [3ds Max] How to make a custom ped (Part 1)


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open iv : http://viahold.com/3fLT

gims evo :http://viahold.com/3fMO

blender : http://viahold.com/3fNE


Setting up
To start off, you will need to install GIMS Evo into 3ds Max. Follow the instructions given in the link above. After installing, launch up 3ds Max. GIMS Evo will download a few things if it is your first startup, otherwise this is how you'll be greeted:


On the right side, you can see GIMS Evo's in the Utilities tab.

Click on the door button under the GTA 5:
It will then ask for materials.dat and materialfx.dat:

To get those files, open up OpenIV. Click
If this is your first time using OpenIV, follow the on-screen instructions until you get to this:
Now, to get the two files(materials.dat and materialfx.dat) click on common.rpf, then click on data. Materials.dat is in the materials folder. Right click it and extract it to any folder, I usually make a new folder named Game Modding and put it in it:
cf0b816c-45df-4cf8-8f09-41647835432c.PNG 3c7bf84a-5b57-4386-bbee-232a4a1e2ca4.PNG

Now go back to the data folder and now go to the effects folder. There you will find materialfx.dat. Extract it to the SAME folder as you did for materials.dat. Now, go back to 3ds Max and browse to that folder:

Once it is loaded, you will see this window:


Loading up a normal model in GIMS Evo

Now that that is done, we need a base model to work with. Most people use ig_bankman(poor guy) and so that's what we will use.

Using OpenIV navigate to x64e.rpf\models\cdimages\componentpeds_ig.rpf and find ig_bankman. You can use the search function:
Using the search function, you will find 4 files:
Right click on the .ydd file and click Export to openFormats (.odd)da9fabe5-0524-4143-a271-0e07dbfea684.png

Export it to whereever you want. I'm going to export it to the Game Modding folder we made earlier.

Now you need to get the textures. To do that, double click the .ytd file. This will open:

Click on Export all Textures and navigate to your Game Modding folder. I ususally put it in the folder created when exporting. I create a new folder called textures and put it there:

Click Select Folder.

Once exported, you will now right-click on the .yft file and click Export Skeleton to openFormats (.skel):

Export it to the SAME folder you exported the .odd to. It is IMPORTANT.

Now go to the folder you exported the two files, in my case, Game Modding:

Right click the .skel and add " FULL" to it (before .skel 660f1b35-106c-4e85-9430-5341050afbf4.PNG and after the end of the name) and also, the space is also important.

Phew! Done! Now go back to 3ds Max and click on Import:
Navigate to your folder and double click the .odd file:

Select the textures folder:
Click OK.

Now, you will notice that the model is very small. What I usually do is select the whole model:

And click on Zoom Extents Selected:

Voila! Model is loaded!


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