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Should I trade in the Farmhouse Bunker for another Bunker


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Hi, this is my first post on this website.


As you may know the Farmhouse bunker was 30% off last week so I didn't want to miss out on the opportunity. It was in a good location, close to my house and MC as well as being very close to LS which makes it very handy for selling. But one of the biggest factors I take into consideration when Im buying properties is soltitude. I never buy the cheapest option when it comes to properties as usually the cheapest option is in a crappy location and is most of the time a warzone and a sweet spot for trolls who want to ruin the fun. Since I was buying a bunker a good deal more expensive then the cheapest. I thought I was sorted and for the first few days, I was very happy with the bunker no one else bothered me, until one day I was in a lobby with very few people. I was stealing supplies and I was right outside my bunker and BAM!!! An APC with 4 players right outside the bunker blow me and my supplies into next week, I quit the lobby and I find a new one with only 13 people and what do you know? A giant PVP warzone walking distance from the bunker! And when I exited, R.I.P me. Its starting to happen more frequently and it kinda defeats the purpose of why I bought the bunker in the first place. What do you guys think I should do?



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I got the FZ bunker for my male character and the Chumash one for my female character.


FZ Pros: Can access FZ during resupplies without a wanted level and grab a jet.


FZ Cons: Lots of kids and is on a dirt road.


Chumash Pros: Right on the highway, not many people have it.


Chumash Cons: Extremely close to a small cliff overlooking water. One small jump and bye bye supplies.


If you plan on going solo, like myself, then I'd suggest FZ.

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I would play with friends? No friends? I would scan the area carefully before leaving my bunker for a sale or resupply; come out guns blazing if necessary. Or you could do the dreaded public solo glitch to get into a solo lobby. Or you could bounce from bunker to bunker, but honestly, if they don't get you on the way out they will get you on the way back from any bunker.

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If I was thinking clearly, I would have paid for the Farmhouse one instead of the Grapeseed one.

I bought the Grapeseed one cause it was right next to an airport so I could grab a jet and blast to the bottom of LS quickly when I need to.


If you're looking for solitude Grapeseed would probably be the best choice. Literally nobody is ever in that area, apart from once in a blue moon. And so far, only one other player has actually owned the same bunker as me. Most own the Paleto Bay or Farmhouse one.

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I got the one in Raton Canyon.



Noone is ever there.

Cool location.

Quite in the middle of everything.

Perfect place for using the oppressor to get up in the air.



It's near a ravine. Be careful to not drive in the water.

Can't make a quick get away to hide since the road is twisty.

Edited by Khaisz
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Its the best location if you are doing the bunker missions. Its not the best if other things matter like solitude or access to a jet. But I cant imagine grinding these missions from another location. Every other bunker adds time to the majority of the missions. There is one closer to an airport. But the farm house isnt particularly far from one, and the hydra isnt really necessary or useful for most of the missions. Also, the extra drive in a van or technical while kurumas spray you...yeah its the best.

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Everyone overlooks the Thompson's Scrapyard bunker. IMO it's the best location out of them all.

  • Hardly anyone has it. Have only seen one or two other players there, ever.
  • It's only 20 seconds further up the highway than the Farmhouse bunker.
  • Massive amount of open space around it to land your chopper/Hydra/Oppressor etc.
  • Right next to both freeways that lead to the city.
  • Right next to the train lines for an alternative route back with your supplies. (Enemy NPC vehicles don't follow you along the tracks)
  • Easy access to Paleto Bay via the highway.
  • 20 seconds from Pegasus spawn at Sandy Shores Airfield.

The only time the location sucks is when you have to go to Chumash for the Insurgent delivery or the western hills for the Monster Truck delivery.


Another minor gripe is your PV spawns on the highway behind the bunker instead of the dirt road in front. You have to jump/hop through the sand to get to it. I normally drive my PV straight into the bunker and leave via it anyway, so not really a major issue once you get into the habit of doing that.

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Freddie Gecko

No. Best location for sales/resupply but if you've got other players out front i guess you better sell up an buy the bunker in Chumash...

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You got killed a few times and you want to sell up?

Welcome to GTAO.

Farmhouse bunker is the best, at least for me.

Highway access, right near the airfield if I need a jet or other plane, in between LS and my Biker Club and Businesses in Paleto.

Plus if you use the area to your advantage you can take out anyone that comes around... Pro Tip: Use the House next to the farmhouse and the Hill next to it and make everyone your bitch with the Heavy Sniper.

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I moved to chumash and never looked back blaine county is a hotspot for grief

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In my opinion, Chumash Bunker is one of the best.
It's near the freeway, so shouldn't take much time to reach the city. It's not that expensive. And it has Ammunation nearby too.
But there's no Pegasus air vehicles spawns around, but still not a problem to me, since i got only Savage and i don't use it.

Edited by Sanches
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Take a look at Smoke Tree Road


Bear in mind you'll lose all upgrades from your bunker when you move btw. Expensive process if you're running a budget.

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When you see players outside you should leave your bunker in the MOC, no on foot. That's my advice. I wouldn't relocate if I was you.

Edited by FlacidJack
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