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GTA SA savegame error




So i installed gta san andreas on my windows 10 pc i done the first mission. When i walked into the disk in cj's house and try to save it comes up with an error saying save game failed. I have checked user files in my documents and there are no files in there other than user tracks and gallery. I believe there should be a file in there called gta_sa.set but thats not there.


I researched online about where else i can find this file on my pc, some said do a search for it from start menu, i tried that and no luck, i spent about 20 mins looking for this 1 file and re installed the game about 10 times in total and yet still no luck


I have 3 drives in my computer (2 ssds and 1 hdd) each time i reinstalled the game i installed it on different drives to see if that would work but it didnt.


Could someone pls help me out


Useful notes:

-My pc runs windows 10

-The install is from the cd, not steam

-I tried compatability settings for gta_sa.exe ( no luck)



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5 answers to this question

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I FIGURED IT OUT :)))). It turns out my antivirus (Bitdefender 2018) was blocking gta_sa.exe from modifying files in my documents. A quick permission change in Bitdefender fixed the problem. Appreciate your help OrionSR.

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This sounds like a permissions error rather than the usual issue where SA loses track of it's user folder. Have you tried running SA in Admin mode? Or, installing using Admin mode, maybe? Or tweaking the permissions of SA's user files folder?

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I have ran it in admin mode multiple times and also installed in admin mode, however i have not tweaked permissions, how would i do that?

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I'm not exactly sure if this will work, and there are security risks I'm not prepared to evaluate. I'm also not as familiar with Window's permissions as I like to be, but maybe something like...


Right click on the folder and select Properties, Security, Edit, Add, Advanced, Find Now, Everyone... OK, and I'm not really sure because my files work fine and I don't want to mess it up. I have three Groups/User Names on my list. SYSTEM, (my username), and Administrators.

Edited by OrionSR

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Tried that, but still no luck, so i will be removing "everyone" for security reasons, thanks though. Are you on windows 10, if so could you please tell me your setup (as in permissions, where you have installed your game. i.e which drive and also where your gta SA user files are.



Edited by Kunal96

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