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What am I supposed to do with a Hydra which I've accidentally bought?


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I tried to get a better look at the pre-discount price, but I accidentally clicked on the price tab and *poof*, the game removed nearly 3 million from my account without asking for a confirmation, and now I've ended up with a Hydra which I can't sell anyway.


Now what am I supposed to do with an old jet? I don't hunt and kill randoms, so griefing is not possible. Is there any other use to a Hydra other than flying across the map? Can I use it any Gunrunning , CEO, I/E or VIP missions?

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It's good for Headhunter and Sightseer VIP stuff. I can't confirm or deny its usefulness with the other activities (I live a ​boring​ sheltered existence online).

But you will be thanked for using it if you're helping friends / team-mates in a defensive role whilst they are doing collections etc.

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Just play with it, It'll eventually earn it's keep

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Start with Headhunter and I bet once you get good you'll be tempted to try it on players ;)

Actually it's not as useful after the Gunrunning update though since it's a big target and almost everyone has explosive sniper ammo now. It's a great addition to your arsenal though and it definitely has it's moments, like protecting sale jobs for example.

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Useful in GR supply runs, eg kill the trucks, kill the choppers, kill the enemy stores, and so on. Park it outside your bunker and it stays there. Does paint a bit of a target on your back though.


Best thing to master early is fast landings - fly in around 1000ft to directly over landing zone, aim straight down (no throttle), transition to VTOL at the right moment* throttle up, and end up stationary exactly where you want to be. Flying high (cloud level) is also the easiest way to avoid any drama from the ground.


* Too early and you'll be a little high, too late and you'll be a little puddle :D

Edited by Gridl0k
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It's the best thing in the game!


(and no, I'm not one that trolls other players)

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I will trade you my yacht that i somehow accidentally purchased by checking prices like you did so with your Hydra.

Edited by jazzbone
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Just be happy it wasn't the Dump you accidentally purchased. Now if you will excuse me I'm goings to go take a dump with all this dump talk.



Fly it.


:) I Chang

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