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Cabbage Farmer

Will RDR2 Have 3 Protagonists?

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Cabbage Farmer

Something like a prequel of the original, it follows the story of Dutch's gang with the protagonists as Dutch, Bill, and Javier and their adventures across the west.

Or something completely different after the events of RDR..


What do you all think?

Edited by Cabbage Farmer

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I think Rockstar will continue with the concept of three protagonists.

A lot of people seem to have disliked the system in GTA V, but I think the idea of multiple protagonists holds a lot of potential. Plus I don't think GTA V's story with three protagonists was bad at all.

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I must say at first I was very sceptical about multiple playable characters but after some time the feature grew on me in GTA V. With V the reason why a lot thought it was a bad choice is because R*'s execution was bad, the story really was 'sh*t' ... and I think it should be separate stories that only meet at certain points/missions ... as it was with GTA IV EFLC. If they go for multiple characters in RDR2, I really don't know ... I think yes!

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2 protags, seth and irish!

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Rockstar Vienna

It wasn't a bad idea for V. It was something fresh for the GTA series. Nevertheless i hope we'll only play one character in RDR2.


Gameplay-wise 3 playable protagonists offered some cool moments, that's for sure but the story definitely had its shortcomings because of it. After I finished the game I didn't really care about Michael, Franklin and Trevor. I think it's way easier to feel with (for) a single character. The plot and all the missions revolve around that single person. With 3 characters everything gets split into 3 smaller pieces. And after you finished the game it feels like there should have been "more" for each character. That's at least how I felt after V's story.


3 protagonists are just too much. 2 characters could work better imo. Playing as an outlaw and as a sheriff for example. That could make an interesting plot. Or even a gun-slinging prostitute, haha.

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I thknk it should have two max. But if it does have two or even three.. it's going to be exciting what changes they made from gta v.

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i liked the three protagonists in gta 5. and i loved the story too. so i would be happy if they had multiple protags. but the story was short. and there were some great characters that deserved more screen time. so if they have multiple protags they should make the story longer and more fleshed out. and if 3 is too much than 2 would be cool.

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