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GTA-L XboxOne Civilian / Police roleplay


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Hello! If you're interested in a sophisticated crew which offers realism, roleplay and structure - be sure to head to the discord below. You can apply for a spot on the crew there, the fellow moderators and directors will greet you and give you anything you need to know.

We are currently growing and we are hosting roleplay lobbies daily with a great turnout. We are strict and our punishment system is followed by every member of the staff team. So any issue in-game you are more than happy to express that in the discord.

During lobbies, you can just be a daily citizen and drive around doing odd traffic violations. Or.. you can be more than that - running a mobile business selling black market items whilst hiding from police. The opportunities are endless if you think of a realistic scenario you go ahead and do it!

The lobbies are fair and during a lobby, you may switch to a police or civilian to create activity and some communication with the hosters. This gives us opportunities to refresh and chill out until the next switch over. The switches are generally a few hours apart so you are not switching too quickly.

We host sessions and lessons for new players wanting to try roleplaying so we can include everybody! You do not need to know everything, but the common 10-codes and the codes 0- etc are needed. Our community is changing from player suggestions as we are new.

If you want to join a group with serious role play and punishments to rule breakers. Be sure to join us!

The discord is: https://discord.gg/5jh3NkN


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Hello buddy, your thread doesn't comply with the Recruitment Rules, please read them thoroughly.

You need to post your Rockstar Social Club Crew Page link


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