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vehicles stuck in garage [PS2]


Go to solution Solved by crashoverride93,

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Ok so here is the deal so a friend of mine was playing GTA San Andreas On the playstation 2 and some how he managed to cram both a police rancher and a buffalo in the dilimore garage and now I cant get eaither vehicle out of the garage for the life of me.


Ive Tried Blowing them both up but it dont do any good



Anymore Ideas


heres a link to the picture of the house containing the garage Im talking about




Edited by crashoverride93
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Almost common problem


Try a tow truck.

Try getting CJ in the garage to push one out.

Start with a save before the problem.

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Place satchel charges on the back of the garage and use the blast to push the cars out as best you can. I've has some success with this strategy at Dillimore and the Johnson house garage.

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Don't know if this will work, but this helped me once when I faced this problem. Can't remember exactly what I did since it happened like 2 years, but I do remember it involved a Bobcat. (Not the truck, but the SA model of a Bobcat, as in the machine that workers and builders use). I think I just rammed the sh*t out of the vehicles until one of em' came out.

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  • Solution

It took me a while to find Eventually I found a code for the codebreaker that allowed me to walk through the wal and enter one of the cars and I just drove it out. Thanks Though For the Suggestions

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