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Musicians who aged greatly/poorly

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What are some artists you feel that time has been nice/dreadful to after all these years of performing?


Ringo Starr definetly comes to mind for the former. One could certainly confuse him for a 50 year old and he somehow manages to look even younger than his son who is in his 40's last time I checked. Elton John also deserves an honorable mention.


On the opposite side of the spectrum, Robert Plant doesn't seem to look as youthful as he used to. The wrinkles have seemed to pretty much taken over his face at this point.

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For someone that's aged greatly, Roger Waters comes to mind - he's a lot less horse and a lot more handsome these days.

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Lynda Carter aged extremely well, she's still gorgeous at 66.

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I feel like Keith Richards could do all the drugs in the world and still be alive and kicking.

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Mister Pink

I think Dave Gahan of Depeche Mode looks quite well, even Martin Gore. He's 54 I think (Dave in the picture).






Edited by Mister Pink

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Under the aged poorly category: Travis Meeks, Days of the New


Meth is a helluva drug and unfortunately Meeks can attest to that. I am surprised he is still living. I imagine he's probably toothless and still in prison. It's a shame, he was definitely worthy of being called a Maestro, check out his music on youtube if you're interested.

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Robert Pollard of Guided By Voices is my pick. He's pushing 60 and his output is tireless. He's written and recorded thousands of songs over his nearly 30 year long career as a frontman, be it with GBV, as a solo musician or as part of one of the many other bands he's involved with. He drinks and smokes like it's going out of fashion but his energy on stage rivals that of a toddler.




Just try that. I had a go recently and one of my testicles nearly detached and flew across the room.

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