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Grand Theft Auto Seventy SIX

Jezus Holy Christ

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Jezus Holy Christ


special thanks to Cebra for his contributions to this concept

Edited by Jezus Holy Christ
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Jezus Holy Christ




(Click on the map for bigger size with district names)

* The red line on SF's map is the city's cable car path

You're currently reading this concept through the internet. Well, we're going way back to the flighty, mighty seventies so you'd better get ready to throw that smartphone away. Get ready to get out and explore the "city of psychedelic wonders".

Downtown is the heart of the city's financial activities. The famous Bi-American Building stands tall in the middle of this district, watching over the flocks of people, crowds getting in and out of the cable cars and lots of money moving around.

In case you're wondering where the filthy rich live, you should check Calton Heights. You won't afford anything there in your first year or two - well, unless you're a 8-year-old with a cheatcode list, breaking every game your mom buys you. You're wondering who those black-wearing guys are, right? We'll talk about them later. For now, let's pretend everything is A-okay in this city.

Paradiso's name doesn't lie. It is, of course, the closest thing to Paradise you're ever going to see in Northern San Andreas (with some apartments, by the way). To the east side of this beautiful neighborhood, lays the most famous landmark of San Fierro, the Gant Bridge. And on the southeast, there's another smaller yet still adorable district called Palisades. Most residents are middle-aged or old rich people and the crime rate is very low, thus giving SFPD a much-needed brake.

In case "LGBT" is the first word you have in mind upon hearing San Fierro's name, then you'd better know where it all comes from. Marti, laying to the east of Santa Flora and Hashbury, is gay and lesbian people's favorite district. Pink clothes, rainbow-colored shop fronts, pink lightpoles, and gays are the first thing you'll spot upon paying this district of city a visit.

You might take a look at San Fierro's map and see that district stuck between parks. Well, that's Rockeville, which is important because of its views, views and nothing else. Are you a church-going guy? Get there as soon as possible. Want to get yourself some Chinese food? Again, this is the place for you. Speaking of Chinese food...

You guessed right. Chinatown, the neighborhood with the largest number of Chinese residents outside of China, is awfully close to Downtown, which is part of why so much "business" goes down there. If you don't get too amused by the architecture, you will notice some more of those black-wearing guys we talked about earlier, who are part of a gang called the Triads.

Perhaps one of the pictures you have stuck in your mind when talking about SF is a crooked wavy red street. If you want to challenge your driving there - which I suggest you to avoid - you should jump into the cable car to go to Juniper Hill. The real estate is expensive there, but it's worth the peaceful environment, isn't it? Speaking of peace, you should definitely pay Seaside a visit.

But if you aren't a goody-good, law abiding citizen, you might be interested in the bay. From South Point with all the dangerous Vietnamese Da Nang Boys hanging around, to the Rifas in Doherty and Chinatown's Triads, to the money laundering lawyers and businessmen in North of Doherty and Downtown, all the way up to the piers in Oceane, it's a big big playground for criminals. What do you want? Dope? Whores? You'll get it all too easy once you stop worrying about the cops.

When you start this game, you'll be busy in this city for a while, so we'll talk about the other parts of Northern San Andreas later. Good luck, dude!

Edited by Jezus Holy Christ
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Jezus Holy Christ



The Protagonist

Being born and raised in Liberty City, he never left that city for too long in the past 40 years. He has many murders in his catalogue: Cops, government officials, political figures, gangsters, drug dealers, women and kids (Tell ESRB about it, you sensitive scared little bitch). But he still had a heart, one can admit. He was - ironically - a family man, but he no more is. f*cking up a highly-paid murder ordered by a powerful LC mob is not something even a professional hitman like him could get away with. They tried to make him pay for his mistake, and he, the badass motherf*cker he was, chose to do something to harm both himself and the mob. Taking a flight to SF to stay is a new beginning for him. Who'll he be in the end? A good guy? Or a worse remake of his cold-blooded self?

Favorite car brand: Benefactor

Favorite SF Radio Station: Radio Calista

Favorite weapon: .44 Pistol


Background and further information on each character in Seventy SIX will be added here soon as they're introduced in a mission.


New features in GTA Seventy SIX

#1 Newspapers: The latest issue of each newspaper is available at 6 AM (7 AM in some districts) every 7 in-game days. San Fierro's daily newspapers are San Fierro Chronicle and San Fierro Inspector. Daily newspapers have 4 pages. When you commit criminal actions (grand theft auto, running over people in your car, starting a rampage, etc.) they'll be written in the paper's next issue. There are also random events and news titles (up to 5000 possible titles) that fill the papers. Newspapers can help you find side missions and meet new people. They also play an important role in some points of the storyline.

You can buy newspapers the first in-game day after you start playing. The biggest headlines on that day are about the snowy weather of the city.


Details on every gameplay feature will be added here soon as it's introduced in the story

Edited by Jezus Holy Christ
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Jezus Holy Christ
Jezus Holy Christ


A slow aerial fade in of San Fierro International Airport as an airplane lands; we zoom to a close-up of the plane's right side as it touches the tar. A quick cut, then the door pops open over the stairway as people dismount under heavy snow.

Now the camera zooms on San Fierro Airport's building.

Next picture is people getting their baggage. An airport security guard holds an open suitcase in his hands, showing the pistol and rifle inside to another. "What are these guns for, mister?"
Now we see a middle-aged man in black suit. He points at a little pocket in the suitcase and raises his eyebrows.
The security member looks into the pocket and picks up what's there: A LCPD badge and a LCPD Membership card.

Then he says: "Oh. Sorry for the interference, sir. Welcome to San Fierro."
The middle-aged man nods, picks up his suitcase and walks past the security check.

Now you take control of him.
Walk out of the building.


Suitcases in tow, ditch the airport into a west-coast blizzard that leaves a thin sheet of snow on the sidewalk.


Hail a Taxi.


Taxi Driver: Where to?
Protagonist: A hotel. (sits in the car)
Taxi Driver: Didn't you want to put your suitcase in the... You're not from around here, are you? I'll take you to a good place. You see the snow? It's beautiful, isn't it?

The protagonist barely mumbles "Hmm."

Taxi Driver: "The streets are a bit slippery. You probably don't notice it, but my old friend here does." He hits the dashboard.

His taxi has stopped working. He turns the key a few times and starts driving.


The theme song starts. The credits start appearing on the screen.

While the theme song is playing, we see different views of San Fierro (1 2 3 4 5 6 7 / excuse the non-snowy photos).
The credits are 3 minutes long. By 2:50, the theme song starts fading away and by 3:10 it's completely silent.

Now we see the taxi from above, again. The camera slowly comes down until we see a third-person view of the car. It has stopped in Hashbury. The protagonist pays the fare and gets out of the taxi, in front of "The Royal Red" hotel.

Walk into the Hotel.

The receptionist
says "Good morning! Can I help you?".
The protagonist nods.
The receptionist lowers his head and gazes at the protagonist. "Would you like to stay at our hotel?"

The protagonist nods again. There's a registration form in front of the receptionist. The protagonist points at it and squints.

The receptionist gives it to him with a pen, still gazing at him: "How long will you be staying with us?"

The protagonist looks up. "Not very long."

He gives the filled form to the receptionist, who in turn hands him a key. "Up the stairs, first room on the right."


Go to your room.

It's the smallest room of the hotel.

It has a small window, a drawer table, a sofa, a bed and a small bathroom. The room has one lamp, the tiny window also letting in a fraction of light glowing off the snow outside.

You hear a faint young female's voice, saying "When will you come home?".


Open the drawer.

There's a folded map inside the drawer. Take a look at it.
Now the radar is unlocked.

Save the game.
You can save the game by looking outside from the window.
Another way to save the game is sleeping, which will pass the time 8 hours.

Mission Passed | No Reward

Note: Christopher has 76$ to spend at the start of the game.

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>BiAmerican instead of TransAmerican


Come on you can do better than that.

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I did say in my previous post that i wouldn't mind seeing Truth as a portagonist set in the 70s. Awesome concept and work behind it, much appreciated.

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