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The Grief Part 1


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Hello and welcome to the first part of the grief. A series in which i publish opinions from the GTA community everywhere.

As this is the first part let me tell you something.some articles are my own thoughts while others are not. These are collected from every major Gta forums such as this one. Reddit and 7even sins.





There will be mostly four topics. You can further discuss them. Please do not hate i am very weak. XD






Has GTA gone too far?


This was collected from reddit. The person has asked to keep his identity hidden. (sshhhh!) What he meant was he has been playing GTA since its release back in 2013. It was very different from the previous ones. I understood and took time thinking. When i bought it from the store did i expect that few years from now i would see people running around in flying bikes and rocket cars. Would i see explosive snipers? would i see a mission where i have to steal thingies from aliens? Not really. Its good but it does take it a bit far. He liked the GTA in which you would rob stores. Fight people. Race. and most importantly, Heists. But due to the community this could not be achieved. But its still a game we all love and enjoy playing.

this were his words.





SpotLight: Dewbauchee Vagner


The latest update introduced many new vehicles. Mostly weaponized but some still reaching speeds we jerk off.

One of them is the Vagner. its dewbauchee's first supercar in the game. All around good performance.

Its based on the Aston Martin Valkyrie heavily. I as a person who takes interest in aston martin bought the car as soon as it was released and did it impress. All credit goes to Broughy1322 who showed how good the car is in terms of performance. I first thought that it would turn out like the X80 but it did not. The car features doors similar to the osiris and stirling GT. Not that much customizable since its a supercar but still looks sexy as hell :evilgrin: .

The car looks acceptable but what i really cannot stand is the back. I mean the big gap. Does it even have a bumper? You guys tell do you expect any car to look like that a shark has bitten off its back?


It looks empty. Like a big hole in my Heart :blink: . If you bought it. tell me your first impression.






Reccomendation: Vehicle Warehouse

Somebody once to buy it. Which i did and i sure was glad. The vehicle warehouse is part of the import export update. You fags already know what that is so shut up. Its a high risk high reward business but mostly Reward. These small Tips were collected from this same forum. What makes it special is you could make a 100k in minutes including sourcing and selling top range of course. Ypu could make a mil real fast. Some may disagree But its fine. Sell top range in a lobby which has less than 10 players. If selling in a solo lobby 4 pairs of sultans will spawn periodically depending on your choice. If you try to evade the first pair. Then they will not spawn again. But you will have to take some damage. Another method is drive on the walkpath as soon as you the first pair kill yourself. The enemies will get out and you will have to kill them. As soon as you do another pair will spawn then another and then the final. if you manage to kill them all the pairs then you can peacefully journey to your destination. Sourcing can be done in any public lobby. But be aware of people going off the radar. A 100k can help you mod your new car.





so guys thats it tell me if you liked it. if you did not. f*ck OFF!






sponsored by:Karin kuruma (armored)

The most abused car in Steely Wheelie automobiley :sly:





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Hello and welcome to the first part of the grief. A series in which i publish opinions from the GTA community everywhere.

That's what this forum is for. You sound like a YouTuber who doesn't know how to make videos. Every single thing in your ramblings already has its own discussion topic, although not in "Guides and Strategies" because that's not where they belong. Utterly pointless.

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Yeah, this doesn't really serve any purpose - have a look at the pinned threads in the main online section, the various unpinned megathreads have this stuff as well.




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