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Game stutters alot after a job or after15min of gameplay

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I used to get solid 60fps but for a while now I've been getting alot of stutter after a job or after 15min of game play.



I've just reinstalled windows and its still the same please any help would be appreciated !!!


Stuff done.

downloaded a new copy from steam

reverted to stock cpu settings

updated to latest nvidia driver

check temps of cpu n gpu. both are cool

made this post

tried settings from a youtube video stating gtx970 users will get 60fps. It didn't work







My specs:

i5 2500 non k all cores at 3.8 ghz i think, or is it mHz? im just sure the blk is 38 and the multiplier is 100

gigabyte gtx970 <--- crappy card

8 gb ram

Edited by Douglas Quaid

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For a while now the game stutters constantly for me soo I've been thinking it might be the HDD since its quite old now, probably like 5 years i think.


I googled HDD diagnosis and found the common app to do this however the results were inconclusive. I watched a bunch of youtube vids benchmarking various HDDs but the results were inconclusive because i can't find one with the same model as mine.


Can someone please take a look at the results of the hdd in question?

Its Seagate Barracuda and this is the name from device manager ---->ST31000524AS





Ok so I did a complete benchmark of everything from http://www.userbenchmark.comand it said my hdd is fine. I really have no idea whats wrong with my game now and it seems like Im the only one with this issue.

Please any sort of help is appreciated alot!





Here is how gta is performing for me :( i use the restore default settings with tessellation off and texture on normal @60fps and it use to run perfectly before but i think since May its been stuttering.


Edited by Douglas Quaid

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Okay so I FIXED MY PROBLEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im back to solid 60 fps 95% of the time (default gtx970 settings) :)


While trying to go back to windows 7 I thought, why don't I just go back to the Windows 10 build that I had 60 fps with (win 10 build from july 2016). Why win 10? because my early experience with win10 surprised me with huge performance gains compared to win 7.


Anyways back on topic. I stopped win 10 from auto updating to the latest build which sucks ass by following a guide I googled.








I just changed my driver to 368.81 (driver from july 2016)and now Im getting solid 60fps 100% of the time. Really surprised me coz for a few months I've been playing with stutter like every 1 second.

Edited by Douglas Quaid

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