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Setting up Dubsta 2 stolen car ring on your own my story

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Hi hope this helps out a few who wanna farm and sell Dubsta 2's , first thi g I had to do was source a dubsta 2 to make them spawn so I messages all the mc presidents that were in my lobby to A see if they wanted to spawn Dubstas or B would take me on and make me road captain for a bit so I could speak them on my own , without to much problem I found someone willing to take me on, I requested the mc road captain dubsta from the abilites menu then went down to the southwest is customs and started driving up to it slowly from the long road from the airfield , madly enough on my first attempt I got a Dubsta 2 to spawn in so I bought the 10 car garage behind the ls customs and stored it , then as a favour to the man who helped me I spawned a blue dominator in the same place for him and delivered it to him to sell for 20k not a bad bit of business for him.

Anyway now I do the denial of service mission which pauses the time at 12 pm and I Destroy the first lot of trucks with my buzzard then I leave the last truck and go farming to fill up my garage , the garage cost me 90k in the recent discount period usually 120k and I'm now 70k on profit already and have a garage full of lovely Dubsta 2 to sell, any questions or advice give me a shout

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Helpful really, but we already got quite the thread in regards to this cars spawn methods though.

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I understand that bit I just thought I'd share how I DoD it in case it gave anyone Ideas of how to go about obtaining the 1st Dubsta 2 in view of spawning them from then on if they have no friends who play the game like me

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Time to get away and Chopper tail are the best missions to use as they are both time locked and you don't have to do anything before searching unlike Denial of Service.

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I've removed quite a few posts from this thread. The OP is only trying to be helpful and there really is no need for so much negativity here.



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Find our group on PS4 Community called: "Uniquely Rare Vehicle Group of L.S.C."

add me subject "Rare Vehicles" ALLWORLD19

on Facebook we are https://www.facebook.com/groups/931172976921910/

We offer help to spawn any and ALL rare vehicles on PS4 for selling or collecting add me on PS4 i'll teach u a new method ALLWORLD19

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