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GTA VC Dff export lighting bug help


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Hi, i seem to be having trouble with GTAVC's map objects that i export having inconsistent lighting/vertex colouring. When i export dffs from 3dsmax using deniskas script or seggaemans plugin or The heros plugin to SA the pre-lighting/vertex colouring is perfectly fine and consistent but when i convert those dffs to VC the prelighting/vertex colouring seems to not appear consistently, sometimes a given object with be brighter than its neighbor in-game.


Has ever seen that bug happen and can anyone suggest a way to batch export to VC dff format from 3dsmax 9 specifically? I have even exported the models manually one at a time using KAMS straight from 3dsmax to VC format dff and the problem still happens!


Here's a pic of an example :


3dsmax on the left with the vertex colouring visible, there is no seam. In-game on the right, one of the road objects is brighter than the rest, this makes a seam appear where the object meets the next road model.



Edited by Frank.s
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Hmm, I assume that "converting to VC" is "exporting to VC", since you work with 3DS Max. I know for sure that seggaeman's and The Heros plugins preserve prelight and colors.

I'll tell you from my experience with seggaeman's that I select vehicle and then all colors, append new and voilà. I've been doing this with LCS Map and I never had any prelighting issues.

If that doesn't work:

When you export using Kam's, you must select the "VCol" in the export tab to preserve colors and lighting. (I've heard that sometimes the exported object is a bit brighter, but in general it's ok)

I'll post a screenshot of my export setting later.

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"Converting to VC" in the context of that sentence means taking the SA format dffs that were exported using deniskas script and converting them (without using 3dsmax) to VC RW dff format using THE HERO's converter, i have tried exporting directly from 3dsmax to VC format DFF with KAMS scripts (the only bloody thing that supports max 9) and the issue still happens. I'm exporting the VCol section definitely, otherwise it wouldn't show any vertex colouring variation on the object, it would be just flat looking. The issue i have is that anything i export to VC or export to SA and convert to VC all has the same object brightness issue. The vertex colouring will apprear, but each object has a %20 chance of mis-matching the overall object brightness of its neighbor, so as soon as 5 or more objects are in the game: at least one object is mis-coloured. Any of the mentioned tools export map objects fine for SA, but they sh*t the bed when it comes to VC for some reason. I used to mitigate this on another VC TC (Mars Mod) by making every object have the "is interior" flag (which stops the daytime affecting the lighting, making the vcols consistent all hours of the day and night) and batch exporting the dffs to VC using a plugin that only works in 3dsmax 2012/13 or something, but that plugin is on a old HDD which is pretty much borked and that method only works for the mars mod because the mars mods map doesn't have a 24hr day night cycle like earth does.


Screw it, i'm converting the mod to SA. More features, less buggy exporting.

Edited by Frank.s
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I had similar bug when I had different colors set for the materials.








But it looks like you have same material for the objects so I don't know...


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