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Beta GTA 5 Vehicles (Also suggestion box)

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Beta Vehicles in Grand Theft Auto V

I felt something was missing... well, it wasn't really missing. Instead they were copied and rotated 90 degrees.

A thread I will keep updating. I will post my vehicle mods in here as I would just make one garbage can when creating a thread for every single vehicle I may be releasing here. A single mod will be posted in a spoiler! All the info about this vehicle can also be found within the spoiler including the download links. All the car mods are made by me, if not they are posted here with permissions of it's original author. Credits will be given to those who made screenshots for the forums or helped working on the vehicle. Yes, some help from time to time would be great :) .

Suggestions are MORE than welcome!

*Read this!*

These model are unlocked though not allowed to be reuploaded... as I can't stop anyone from doing it, I now ask you kindly to not reupload this content ANYWHERE else without my permission.

Released or WIP:

Beta Police Cruiser (2nd gen) - Done



Beta Police Cruiser (2nd gen) - Done

Name: Beta Police Cruiser (2nd gen)

Version: 1.2

Description/Features: Chrome grill, removed decals, added original pushbar, removed one spot on the right, reddish indicators.

The vehicle appears back into your game as it did in the trailers/screenshots/in-game tv commercials.

Credits: NONE

Download link: GTA5-MODS.COM

Screenshots: a9b0f4-Grand%20Theft%20Auto%20V%2006.25.a9b0f4-Grand%20Theft%20Auto%20V%2006.25.a9b0f4-Grand%20Theft%20Auto%20V%2006.25.a9b0f4-Grand%20Theft%20Auto%20V%2006.25.


Edited by BrownieBear

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Atleast r* already restored half of the cut vehicles through DLC so it should be a bit easier for you(Rhapsody, Mil-Jet, Hydra, Casco, Enduro etc etc)

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Wasn't the beta police cruiser the retextured one from IV in the first trailer?








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Well there exist two versions of a 'beta' cruiser. The retextured GTA IV model is the first cut beta cruiser although the second model that has changed trough time is the 2nd gen car. I have had this conversation with someone else on the beta forums too and I understand. The beta cruiser 1st gen has been restored a few times already but the 2nd gen car that has been used looked a little different. Here's one screenshot of what it looks like and how it looked like. It had all the features I restored except for the spotlight.








Then: (It's a picture from v1.1 so the spotlight on the righthand side has been removed already)




Atleast r* already restored half of the cut vehicles through DLC so it should be a bit easier for you(Rhapsody, Mil-Jet, Hydra, Casco, Enduro etc etc)

True, although restoring an entire vehicle might take some time so may be on the suggestions list for a LOOOONG time :)

Right now I am working on some vehicles just changing some textures and models. Using bumpers used as props and put them back one the vehicle they belong to and as I did the cruiser remove the decals, change the light texture, change the pushbar. And I make sure the entire vehicle is done including the LODs

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