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Legion of Avernus MC (PS4) LF Players

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Apply to join the Legion:





Hi there. My name is Pestis and im a the President of Legion of Averus on PS4.


Having lived the Outlaw life on PC, I've recently formed a new MC called the here on PS4. As part of the early days of this new venture I/we are searching for a number of mature (25+ yr old), banter loving, regularly active people that dont take themselves too seriously.


My plan is to have a group that run things like an MC would were everyone's opinion and vote counts, not just the dictator at the head of the table.


The social part of the game and the shenanigans that come with it are just as important to me as the winning and the in game success and im hoping to find like minded people in that respect.


Ive already done the hard part in setting up a crew with a clubhouse and started up our first couple of businesses in forgery and cocaine production and now im looking for people to reap the rewards with. VP and Enforcer positions are now occupied.


Positions of Road Cap and SGT are up for grabs for any person that wants to be part of the leadership and help shape the way forward.


From an activity perspective i play most days so will always be about 2 or 3 hours during the week and more at the weekend. The plan would be to have days when we have the greatest number online set aside to run the juicey many making tasks.


So, if this sounds like it could be up your street and you tick the boxes on the following criteria please drop me a line:


1. English Speaking

2. You are 25 or over.

3. You play on PS4

4. You play 3 or more days a week

5. You are able to use voice chat

6. You arent a super serious rage quitting nightmare


Our Social club profile can be found on the link below.




I can be contacted via the social club site, in game via pestisprimus or for those that use discord as well via pestisprimus#1167 (text only as i predominantly use discord on my phone).


On a side note, i would also be open to and interested in discussing alliances with any other PS4 organisation with aligned perspective and a willingness to aid one another in mission such as product delivery etc. Just drop me a line cia either of the above mentioned methods.


I look forward to hearing from you Outlaws soon.

Edited by PestisPrimus

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weekly Bump.

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