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Any way to convert console files (ctd, cft, cdd) to PC? (wtd, wft, wdd)

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I wanted to see how the PS3 MP models looked with better graphics and a higher resolution, but I dumped my game, went into ps3/models/cdimages/componentpeds.rpf with OpenIV, and found out that all files are in a different format. Trying to rename them results in this error: Code is expecting version %d but file %s has version %d! -Please reinstall GTA IV

And not renaming them results in a crash when going to Player Model in the phone.

Is there a way to convert the files to be compatible with the PC version?

Edited by Zolika1351

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Nah :(

Edited by Tomas.

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B Dawg

I've looked myself, I don't think anyone's ever tried converting them, and so they'll never see the light of day on PC :(

Same also applies to Xbox 360 file formats.


I've also looked if any of the singleplayer pedestrian models contain any of the clothing that the multiplayer dudes use, but I haven't been able to find the ones I was interested in (not sure about the rest). As far as I know, one of the multiplayer head models (nose, brow and ear piercing guy, + the guy with the face tattoo texture variation), is part of the m_y_streetpunk_05 ped, in case you liked that one.

Edited by B Dawg

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