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Niko holding Micro SMG with two hands on the handle



Found from: http://gta.wikia.com/wiki/Uzi


In a beta picture, Niko is seen holding the Micro SMG with two hands on the handle (like in the console versions and all versions of EFLC).


In the PC version, the Micro SMG is hold with one hand on the muzzle (under) and one hand on the handle.


How is this possible? Can anybody find out about this?

Edited by micaiahisawesome
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2 answers to this question

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B Dawg

They made two different animations for it for some reason, I don't know. No single change in the PC version ever made any sense anyway. From the change to Annihilator Minigun fire-rate, to the broken (possibly intentionally?) bulletspread and stupid outdated? Unranked/Ranked Match system (where nobody plays Ranked because it is made inconvenient, as opposed to the convenient system where everything is ranked on Consoles).

Edited by B Dawg

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Yeah, R* Toronto did change some things for the PC version, e.g. several animations, Perseus clothing or added dirt attributes in vehicles.ide so poor and run-down cars no longer look as shiny as sports cars.



the change to Annihilator Minigun fire-rate

EFLC miniguns are even more powerful (TLAD was going to be released pretty soon at the time), they knew it and apparently changed it.



broken (possibly intentionally?) bulletspread

Breaking things on purpose? That would be crazy, considering it's only for mouse which is per se more efficient way of aiming.. Edited by Tomas.

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