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Less servers in Server List, Strict NAT, Unable to connect to game session



So me and my friend were trying to play GTA IV yesterday (it worked fine before), and my friend made a GFWL account and used my serial, and now I only see like 2 servers on the Server List, I can't join friends' games (Unable to connect to game session) and randomly it says on the server browser that I have a strict NAT. We already closed the second GFWL account but it's still happening. Any way to fix it?


EDIT: On the servers that I can join, there's a 50% chance (or probably 100% if the server has more than 4 players) of getting a really long loading screen then being put into an empty lobby (lobby screen not ingame), restarting the PC made more servers appear for about 30 minutes then it just kicked me off for having a strict router/NAT. Also tried logging out, deleting the profile in GFWL then logging back in, didn't work.

EDIT: Before restarting the PC, I get about 4-5 servers. After restarting the PC, I get about 9-10 servers. Seriously wtf is going on here?


EDIT: Solved by deleting GFWLive and Xlive folders from Appdata\Local\Microsoft, then entered my EFLC CD-key after logging in again.


Also seems like I only send messages I sent while in-game the next time I launch the game, my friends literally just got a message that i sent 1 hour ago

EDIT: Seems to be solved, my router somehow automatically put Xlive's ports onto my other PC's IP address, deleting that and making a new forward for my main PC's IP address made it work.

Edited by Zolika1351

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Hey, can you maybe tell me detailed how you fixed it?

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