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GTA V on Win 10 help



Hey there, I just recently got GTA V (im so late lmao) but I'm having problems with my gameplay, so I hope y'all can help me.


Firstly, basic info about my laptop:

I have Intel i7-7500U @ 2.70GHz

Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 920MX


(if you need more info, then no worries!)


I lowered down the graphics settings in-game, even the anisotropic to 8x, everything is on the lowest setting.


The gameplay is laggy and the texture of the background doesn't really load that fast.

Example when I switch to Michael and he has these cut scenes on bed, when that happens, the background is completely gone like in color gray, the sound is also late. He usually shouts when waking up, but what happens to mine is that the actions first then after he changed clothes, the shouting voice will cue.


I tried this solution from a youtube video where I have to change my GTA NVIDIA settings:

Power Management Mode: prefer maximum performance

Vertical Sync: Use 3D application setting

and I had to change the priority of GTA V to either Above Normal or High.


At first it did work and even had a freaking 60fps gameplay (but ofc the textures wasnt affected like it's still on low res, just the gameplay is smooth) and it's pretty good. But when I turn it on another day, turn the priority to high again, it doesn't work that much anymore. It takes patience to bring back the smooth gameplay, but sometimes it doesn't really work and I just give up and dont play for a day.


Please help me have the perfect settings for my laptop, I would be glad if some magic tricks happen.

Edited by sixthday6

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