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Bring back the mods, people! Bring back the money! Bring back all the weird glitched cars! Bring it all back! What I'd give to have my old world back. My world where I didn't have to worry about all my money being taken from me slowly from being killed by everything. The world where I could go out and spend as much money as I want and never have to worry about the repercussions. A world that I could glitch into interiors and trick my friends and confuse and bewilder them as I stayed in a normally inaccessible story-mode interior. It was a perfect world. The only thing I wish to remove is god-moded players, the only thing I didn't really like. Other than that, it was a beautiful world. A world filled with chaos and destruction and fun. Face it, people. The real world is hard enough. Some of us have jobs. Some of us are in the military. Some of us don't have time to grind all day and still not be able to afford a 6 million dollar yacht. Or a 2 million dollar half-track. Or whatever cash-grab gta online throws at us. Some of us don't like to fight waves upon waves of overpowered NPCs. Some of us just want a relaxing experience that doesn't involve constant grinding and boring, dull missions that require you to go all the way across the map to take down helicopters in a slow-moving truck, only for a chance to have supplies drop from them, for only when they do drop supplies, a bunch of angry NPC helicopters get thrown at you out of nowhere. (You know which mission I'm talking about. And that mission is complete garbage) Or go all the way across the map just to steal one vehicle then have to drive it all the way back, avoiding one of 30 or so randoms and cops along the way. The point is that GTA Online's missions, especially resupply missions are complete garbage. Once they get completed, they have little to no payout. At least in my experience. The largest payout I received from one was 56,000 on selling all my stock, but that was it. I'm getting off topic here. Point is, it sucks. The whole world of GTA sucks in the state that it's in right now. You can't go outside without getting blown up by a prick on a rocket bike. You can't really make tons of money anymore without grinding your ass off or buying a shark card. GTA Online is terrible. And for it's asking price of 40 to 60 dollars along with their asking price of shark cards and xbox live and PSN having a yearly asking price of 60 dollars, it doesn't even qualify to be a free-mium disaster. It's just garbage. Make it great again. *Holds up peace signs*

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Edit: Just saw that part "some of us are in the Miltary".


Yeah no, don't go pulling that bullsh*t here. Was in the Army for 7 years bud. Got out in '15. You have plenty of time for gaming. I know better.

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