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Car parked in street - how to get it?


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I haven't bought a garage or house yet, got a car and park in the street. How do I get it if I get killed or go to a new session? When I start up gta online on my Xbox one the car is always there the 1st time, once I go to a new session or get killed the car is gone...

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Did you buy insurance in LSC yet?

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Play 1 - 2 mission then you can buy a garage, never have to bother this question anymore

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If you leave it in the street someone is going to blow it up every time. Buy insurance in LSC and call Mors Mutual, and do a couple of missions so you can buy a 2-car garage...

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A low end apartment with 2 car garage isn't much more than just a small garage. My first was one block up from the small ammunation with the burger joint across the street & the gas station with car wash.


Good central location & only around $85,000 if I remember right.


Although, having just started & there being loads of people with all kinds of heavy duty hardware, it may be a good idea to base yourself somewhere out of the way, where your less likely to be hassled. Somewhere like the grapeseed house, just north of the Alamo sea, or a place in paleto bay.


As others said, make sure to insure cars you steal and want to keep. Cars you buy come with insurance. Don't listen to promote telling you to go destroy someone's car, drugs, arms shipment in free mode. You only get $2000 for doing it & you will be trying to screw over someone who may be high level, maybe played for years, and has stuff like insurgents with miniguns, fighter jets, attack helicopters, more health, better armor, and better weapons than you.


Its a waste of time, pretty much everything pays better than destroying shipments. Even doing a 3 min race solo will get you more money than going after a shipment.


Stick to contact missions for a while, they will make you decent money & get you RP to level up. Make a playlist of your favorite ones so you can then avoid load screens and make your cash & RP even faster.


Hope that helps

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