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kinda weird glitch


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It was kinda weird, i was at the vercetti mansion just screwin around, and i started shooting my gang members in the head with my M-16(colt m-4 as the guide calls it), and they weren't dying, their heads weren't even falling off...they'd just fall to the ground and then get up. This is like the same with punching too, if you punch them once they fall to the ground like theyre dying and then get up in about ten seconds.

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I have noticed this. They are kinda weak, so they fall after the first punch, or the first gunshot. The idea is to continue shooting them when they are down, that is until their gun icons start to float. Hope this helps. AMF 4ever. -digital ;)

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Yep, they're weak asses.


"Dammit, I paid for a strong gang. What!?! I can't have my money back, you bastards!"


Excerpt from an ingame thought conversation.....


Anyhow, yeah, we all noticed, and it's an M4, a variation of the m-16...

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They're not weak! its just that you're thier boss!


If you're in a mafia and your boss punches you.. you go down. they get up and wonder off afterwards. if you shoot them with the magnum then they will die first time.


Zaibatsu - Bringing you better health, everyday

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