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Buying supplies doesn't fill up bar (pc)


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So I been trying to buy supplies for the bunker since the past two weeks and nothing happens or nothing gets filled up.


Anyone having this problem?



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Sounds like you've glitched it - do you currently have stock in your bunker? If you do, sell that stock and it should start playing as normal.


I had that with my Weed business, and after selling the very low amount of stock it'd gained, the supplies stayed full until I had a fully-stocked warehouse, and still had 4 bars after that (so basically, I didn't need to resupply at all).

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I did sell it once for that hoddie and ever since it doesn't work after that.

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I did sell it once for that hoddie and ever since it doesn't work after that.


Lol maybe you had the polar opposite of my situation and now you're stuck getting minus stock all the time. No idea sorry - the only other options I would have is "do more supply runs, see what happens" or "shut it down and re-up it".

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I bought supplies yesterday evening ($75K) and nothing happened. So I messed about online for a while longer and signed out.

When I logged back in an hour or so later I received a message from Agent 14 to say that the supplies had been delivered. So there is a notable delay (at least on PC) between buying and delivery.

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^^ yes, sometimes it takes 30 min, sometimes you have to change session/register as CEO/MC, not sure what fixed the issue for me.


I figured something related to Windows 10 watermark(a sort of blue screen...) delayed the supplies.


This watermark also causes me issues when I play heists, so I'm pretty sure it also affects the supplies.

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