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Rigging Player Tutorial for [GTA V]


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This Tutorial is based on (Coin-god's Tutorial) for GTA IV but with some editions from (Thedrivercat) me :D to make it work with GTA V as well. I can't assure this tutorial hasn't any bugs or even work 100% but It just might work fine :)

Notification : If i had time i might publish a video on my "YouTube" channel to show the tutorial better.

Warning : Always make backup

Player Replace Tutorial :
This tutorial is for replacing players with new model we have

Requirements :
-3D Studio Max, i will use (2016) in this tutorial
-The model you want to rig in 3DS MAX format ex : (obj,3ds,fbx​)
-OpenIV (Here)
-GIMS Evo with GTA V Support (Here)

What we are going to do:
We are going to rig a Player Model from GTA V and replace it with our model
I will take (Michael) as example​

-First,start (Open IV​) then navigate to(Yourgamefolder/update/x64/dlcpacks/mppatchesng/dlc.rpf/x64/models/cdimages/mppatches.rpf)
First make sure to Activate "Edit Mode"

Notification1: "You can ​find the rest of the bodyparts like upper,lower,teef etc in )(Yourgamefolder\x64v\models\cdimages\streamedpeds_players.rpf)

All players (Heads) is located only at
(Yourgamefolder/update/x64/dlcpacks/mppatchesng/dlc.rpf/x64/models/cdimages/mppatches.rpf) but only the models , the (Heads) textures at (Yourgamefolder\x64v\models\cdimages\streamedpeds_players.rpf)

Player_Z​​ero is "Michael"
Player_One is "​Franklin"
Player_Two​ is "Trevor"

So Since we want Michael then open Player_Zero folder
Select any bodypart you want to replace and export it. I will take "Head" (head_000_r.ydd) as example but we have to use OpenFormats to be able to import to max later using GIMS Evo

1.Extraction Method For Max
Click RMB on the file (head_000_r.ydd) choose "Export to openFormats (.odd) Ctrl+S" then save it inside a newfolder

2.Importing Into Max
Now it's time to import the files we extracted into max​.but don't close OpenIV yet.
Start 3DS MAX then open (GIMS Evo GTA V) click on the small button on the right
it will ask for 2 files (materials.dat),(materialfx.dat) to get them switch to OpenIV then
First : go to and extract (Yourgamefolder\common.rpf\data\materials\materials.dat) in a newfolder
Second : go to and extract (Yourgamefolder\common.rpf\data\effects\materialfx.dat) in the same folder
get back to max​ again and when it asks for the files browse to the folder you put them in.
Now the Gims Evo menu should appear so, click "import"​ then navigate to the extracted files using openformats,open (head_000_r.odd) press ok.when it asks for textures directory press "ok" again and wait a few seconds to import the files.this will import Michael's "head" to max but without any textures,"that doesn't matter we don't need them".GIMS will show a report don't worry it's okay,close GIMS Evo.now you should see the model with bones in max

Warning : You can never import or export any models without ( materials.dat and materialfx.dat )

(Players bodyparts contain Med,High models for far view and such,if you don't have "Med" then delete it)​

Next :
Click on "Head" and hide it so that nothing exsists except the bones.We only need the "Head" mesh now to fit them with the new model.To do this choose the "Head" press RMB on it then choose "Hide Selection" until you only see the bones in max.now select all "Ctrl+A" and delete them.
now we got only the mesh,Press RMB again anywhere in max then choose "Unhide All"
select the "Head" then choose "Freeze Selection"

Importing Your Model :​
Import your model file into max and (my model is in .obj format)
most of the models are in the same Position,Rotation,Scale but not all of them,so if your model isn't the same pose ,adjust it by Moving,Rotating,Scaling until they're the same.

Problems :
There will be a problem​ if the model's hands or legs for example not in the same position "THE MESH"

Turning Model To Parts :
now we have to cut our model in parts the same like the GTA V one.to do this press RMB on the model,select "Convert To" choose "Editable Mesh" or "Editable Poly" then on the right side of max select Elements then select each bodypart and detach it.if the model is all one part choose Polygon. do this for all the parts that can fit the other one as well.While doing this you can make it easier by using F3,F4,ALT+X to help you.You can also isolate the model to work better by using ALT+Q on the model and again to return.after you're finished delete the old one bodypart until nothing lasts except your new model bodyparts.now we have to rig the model.

Notification : ​Everytime you rig a bodypart hide the others while rigging and unhide them again in their time for rigging. in our case we will hide all (Hands,Lower,Upper,Teef,etc) except "Head"

3.Rigging The New Model
To do this hide all bodyparts except "head" then open (GIMS Evo GTA V) and import "head_000_r.odd" again.then choose the imported bodypart you want to rig, ex : Head then go to "Editable Mesh"​ choose "Vertex", a dialog box will appear.click "YES" ,press Ctrl+A .on the right side scroll down to "Attach" press it then press on your model's Head.press "OK" then leave Attach and you'll find only "old mesh" selected .now delete it,leave "Vertex" now we have new model with "old model's" Bones.

If The Model Is Bugged :
"Usally the "head" has a lot of bugs in the face exactly when rigged so if you haven't experience with facial rigging then Rig the whole head at once"​ like the following
Click on the bugged bodypart choose "Skin Modifier" ==> "Edit Envelopes" Check "Vertices"
select​ "SKEL_Head" bone from the bone list.select all by Ctrl+A then scroll down to "Abs Effect" on "Weight Properties" change it to "1".then turn off "Edit Envelopes" and all is done.you should have the Bugged "bodypart" Fixed.

Putting Textures To New Model :
click on any "Head" mesh then go to "GIMS Evo" again and open it,open "Material Editor" you will find the old model's textures there, "how many textures doesn't matter".so press on "options" Don't Change Anything but only do the following
-BumbTex :
Navigate to your "Normal Map"
if you don't have "Norma​l Maps" leave it blank
-Dif​fuse Texture :
Navigate to your​ "Diffuse Map"
-​SpecularTex :
Navigate ​to your "Specular Map"
if you don't have "Specular Maps" leave it blank

Warning : Each Bodypart only supports 1 texture + 2 textures of "Normal" map and "Specular" map

Making Backup :
Save our work in (.Max) File for Each bodypart you finished.because if any model's bodypart didn't work correctly or has bugs in the game you can get back and fix it.
"if the model's bodypart worked perfectly in game you won't have to get back to it"
5.Exporting The New Model
Close "Material Editor" then select all by Ctrl+A. Click on Export ,choose the location for the export in a newfolder then press "OK" Press "Continue" a message will appear, Press "Continue again.
now we have everything we need.,the files we extracted is still useless so we need to convert them to make them useful using OpenIV
"If you have more bodyparts​ you want to rig then repeat the same thing with them as well"

Convering Into Game Files :
In OpenIv ,Navigate to (Yourgamefolder/update/x64/dlcpacks/mppatchesng/dlc.rpf/x64/models/cdimages/mppatches.rpf)
Activate "Edit Mode" press "OK"
now we have to convert the files we just extracted again into ==> (.Ydd)​​.
Delete old​ head (head_000_r.ydd)
First : press on New=>Import OpenFormats Shift+Ins and select the (.ODD) file inside the folder we just extracted then press "OK".this will convert it to (.YDD) now we already replaced Michael's head
Second :​​ Navigate to (Yourgamefolder\x64v\models\cdimages\streamedpeds_players.rpf) Find the original Texture file mine is (head_diff_000_a_whi.ytd) then open it .Press "replace"​ and navigate to your model's texture the "Diffuse Map" only but Don't import "Normal Maps" and "Specular Maps" they're already inside the .ydd file


Finally you can play with Michael's new head

Credits :
OpenIV by ==> GOOD-NTS​​
GIMS Evo with GTA V Support by ==> 3DBoomer
Original Tu​torial ==> Coin-god
GTA V Tutorial by ==> Thedrivercat

Edited by Thedrivercat
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thanks !!!

It's great to have a video tutorial

and :

question: how to make the object lighter than not.
I tried it very heavy and the collision was very difficult


please ! someone please help me



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please i need help!!!!!!!1

Hi ,sorry for my late answer. I am kinda busy these days so not sure about when there will be a video tutorial. I don't get the problem. if you provided some pictures or a video to explain the problem it would be nice. Edited by Thedrivercat
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