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What is the oldest movie you've ever seen?


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I watched this in some documentary,and how audience run away thinking that train will hit them.

Of true movies,the oldest were Charlie Chaplin's movies from 1920's like The Kid from 1921 and other.

Now I watced that 1888 video posted in this topic. Interesting stuff.


As a bonus,here is the oldest photography ever made,from 1826. Also,first person,first selfie and first group selfie :lol: That's all now a history.






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I think it's Citizen Kane for me. There are probably even some older ones I've seen. Can't come up with the names for now though.

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Probably German film Metropolis from 1927. Pretty amazing special effects for back then and even now. It is such an influential film. Video of Radio Ga Ga by Queen comes to mind. That music video was probably my first exposure to Metropolis. Also fellow German's Kraftwerk made a track called Metropolis which is an obvious reference to the film.



There's also Charlie Chaplin's The Kid which is even earlier.



Metropolis for me too, at least oldest movie I watched all the way through. There is a version of this with an updated soundtrack (updated in 1984) that includes Queens "love kills". No Kraftwerk sadly, but I nice, thick, layer of Giorgio Moroder! I saw most of Trip to the moon, but my girl got bored.
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The oldest movie I recall ever seeing is Metropolis (1927), which was part of my college course back in the day and I came to appreciate it. I was swept up by how chunks of the movie were missing because I'm a sucker for lost media. It strains the brain when I think of how amazing it must have been to see this. Next to that, there's also the Salvador Dali surreal-fest Un Chien Andalou (1929) which is less of a movie and more of a 20 minute long experiment in visuals and fractured storytelling, if there's even a story at all.


I nearly said Nosferatu (1922) but I realised I haven't actually seen that all the way through, just snippets.

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  • 3 years later...

The Big Sleep (1947), I'm watching it to see how actual noir-film looks like. The dialogue is a bit complicated, and it's difficult to remember some names and faces of the characters. Nevertheless, I still love the film.


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The Wizard of Oz (1939)



Saw this back as a kid in school, I don't remember much of the movie but I can still hum some of the tunes to the songs in it. 


I miss school, just a little bit. 

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Posted (edited)

I managed to sit through Birth Of A Nation - D.W Griffith's 1915 war epic.


It's very interesting to see how polarizing people's opinion about the movie is(film critics especially), because on the one hand, it's one of the most influential and important films of all time, at least in terms of its technical innovations, and on the other hand, it's a movie about heroic white Confederates finding KKK and fighting against the influence of aggressive, unintelligent blacks to preserve white supremacy, lol. 


I'd recommend it for purely educational, historical(film-wise) reasons only. It's very impressive for its time never mind the subject matter. 



Edited by RenegadeAngel
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Posted (edited)

The oldest movie I've seen is definitely Metropolis (1927), in its original silent form and original music. Parts of the movie were lost and static images with description were shown instead if I recall correctly. This movie is quite surprising testimony how well crafted and deep sci-fi movie could be produced years before creation of the word "Robot."   

Edited by Tycek
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Ooh, a thread I missed!


Bit of a fan of early cinema, wasn't always but as I get older, the further back I can go with much appreciation to the history of film. I love cinema of any era really and it's great to look back on how things came about as technology and technique, or colour and sound grew. Plus as a chap interested in movie censorship, the pre-code era offers plenty of talking points like Scarface, Public Enemy or Little Cesear causing a stir, or when Frankenstein threw the girl in the water and literally caused a ripple.


I need to watch more Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton and The Marx Brothers though, I'm not confident on exactly what I've seen of these guys but know I've seen bits along the way.


But the early clips like Train pulling into the station scaring the audience out their seats, or classics like Birth of a Nation (still controversial), A Trip To the Moon, Metropolis (both Sci-Fi/special effects landmarks), Nosferatu (a film they tried destroying due to copyright, and such a memorable turn from the creepy Max Schreck, would have been a travesty to have lost that gem), I've seen, often more than once too. And I absolutely love the early gothic Universal Monster movies of the 30's like Dracula, Frankenstein and The Mummy etc, along with Freaks from 1932 which is also genuinely creepy with its atmosphere as they used real disabled people or amputees as the carnival folk.


All pretty fascinating movies in their own ways with some very memorable scenes that even many of today's movies would love to be able to do.

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