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Spades Auto Club, looking for new members

Spades Auto Club

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Spades Auto Club

♤Spades Auto Club♤


My name is Simonsaysdie979 Im the president of Spades Auto Club on grand theft auto online on the xbox one. I started this club three years ago on the xbox 360 and it has never gone very far unfortunately. This is one of the most prestigous car clubs in gta online in my opinion. I have spent my life around hot rods, lowriders, and the rockabilly kustom kulture. We only look for those who can build CLEAN hot rods, lowriders and classics, this means keeping them simple but nice and not putting every part on the car and making it look dumb because you have a lot of money. This is a 1950's themed car club so we do things very old school. It is structered in ways like an MC. We do not discriminate. Eventually i would like this club to be very large, once it is finally decent size we will start hosting car shows i'm hoping. Those who cannot or do not know how to build a classic traditional or old school lowrider, hot rod, or classic american car i will personally teach you. We do have a rockabilly/ pin-up or style look for members. Message me at simonsaysdie979 on the rockstar social club or xbox one if you are interested. Be warned this club is very authentically based this means changing your clothes style and daily driver to an old school look. The main reason for this, this crew was meant to be one of a kind and/or the first of its kind

all clothes and hair options below i leave to you to choose your own combination and look. We are a peaceful club but fight if need be. 17+ or older. No drama or crew killing or you will be kicked, no squeakers. Thank you










-black cropped biker

-dark brown cropped biker

-crimson or red cropped biker

-distressed denim jacket

-red denim jacket

-two tone denim jacket

-crew varsity jacket


Shirts & t shirts

-white rolled T

-black rolled T

-gray rolled T

-khaki T

-beige T

-any tied checked shirt

-any other shirt, not including loose shirts or sleevless plaid shirts



-black and white top

-salmon striped top

-blue striped top

-any camisole, bustier



-any babydoll dress



-any pork pie hat

-any fedora that is not cashmere



-Black canvas

-white canvas

-red canvas

-any high heels except straps

-worn black laceup boots

-black laceup boots

-black scruffy boots



-navy blue skinny

-any roadworn

-distressed navy cropped

-black cropped

-navy cropped

-vintage cropped

-faded blue cropped

-any denim shorts with stockings

-black faded denim shorts

-blue denim

-blue distressed denim

-navy distresse denim

-black leggings

-dark brown leggings




-loose tied

-pin up

-rolled quiff

-neat bun


-short bob





-full black leather jacket

-crew varsity jacket

-blue LS open varsity

-blue double P open varsity

-brown WSBL open varsity

-black trickster open varsity



-Black flat cap

-brown flat cap

-any mod pork pie

-black pork pie

-chocolate suit fedora

-black suit fedora

-brown suit fedora

-black fedora

-ash fedora



-navy regular fit

-worn black regular fit

-dark blue regular fit

-black regular fit

-black pants (suit pants)



-Charcoal or black T shirt

-white t shirt

-denim tucked shirt

-denim shirt & braces

-any tucked shirt



-worn black slack boots

-black slack boots

-worn black laceup boots

-black laceup boots

-black scruffy boots

-all black canvas shoes

-black leather loafers

-brown leather loafers



-Short brushed

-high slicked sides

-side parting

-loose swept back




-albany roosevelt valor

-albany roosevelt

-vapid chino custom


-slamvan custom

-declasse tornado

-declasse tornado custom

-bravado rat truck

-vapid hotknife

-vapid peyote

-delcasse voodoo custom

-declasse mamba

-invetero coquette blackfin

-invetero coquette classic

-imponte nightshade

-Truffade Z type

-declasse tampa

-albany franken stange

-declasse stallion

-imponte dukes

-vapid blade

-declasse vigero

-cheval picador




Edited by Spades Auto Club
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