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Rare Items?


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Maybe it's just me. The rare items for the crate warehouses were hard enough to come by before Gunrunning but now it seems like they have been completely removed. I even went and did a few crate purchases just to see if it would kick in the rare item crates but so far nothing. Does anyone else notice this or is it just me?

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Tbh, I completely forgot about these,


I haven't got any calls from my assistant either in like a month or so either. :/

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Got one just a few hours ago. Guess you need to do a certain amount of crates' missions to get the rare item call from the assistant.

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Haven't done any I/E runs in a couple weeks, but I was still getting them regularly then. Could have changed between then and now?

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went back to crates to get the golden statue at 1000 (was 915) and yes, I can confirm. If you do them there's a chance you'll get a call about a "hot product". Currently holding 3 and waiting for a bonus on them.


Too bad it can also happen while you're in invite only so tnx R* for enabling that but disabling any kind of business in closed sessions.

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I've not done any CEO crate stuff for a few weeks and got a random call the other day about "an item I'd be interested in".

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They're completely random. Me and my friend (he was actually a CEO all the time) were playing like a 7 months after F&F update came out and he got only 2 calls about these rare crates.

Edited by Sanches
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I've also been plugging away towards the gold trophy and have seen 4 in the last 130 collection runs. Finally got the yeti skin last night (625 or so completed pickups and that was the only one I hadn't seen multiple times).


If you're doing a lot of crates they seem to come up more often but one of the calls I got was when I was an associate for a friend filling his bunker.

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