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[Need] gold medal fl$ight school trainer

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Hi, I want to have all gold medals in flight school in order to get the helicopter, but there's no way I can pass some of the lessons with gold medals.


Is there any trainer or smth that can make the game think I have every gold medal in this school? I don't want to use cheats that won't let me complete the game at 100% rank.

Edited by RuslanVC

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Give this tool a try. IIRC, the game has some odd requirements for it to work, like you need to run a lesson for the changes to take effect.


The only cheat that can cause issues with missions is the pedestrian riot code associated with golf clubs. I don't see that cheats would help though.

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lil weasel

Thousands have learned to pass without cheating.

1. Keep the Throttle engaged most of the time, All the tests are "Timed" events. Ending with the wit facing in the right direction


All the missions can be completed.


1. Go to the Los Santos Airport.

2. Jump to the Guard House Roof, the gate will open from the inside if you do not park too close to it.

3. Steal the Shamel (Jet) at the far end. (Fly it for 13± minutes, OR the Dodo for 25± minutes to get a "Gate Pass". The game calls it a "Pilot's License" it not, you must still do the "Learning to Fly" later to proceed in the game.

4. Practice flying with either or both of these aircraft.

A. do not use the Rudder for turning (except on the taxing until you have some skill) TURN by banking, this is the key to circling the airfield in the tests.

B. Keep the throttle engage during most of the flight.

C. For the most part let the Plane fly itself.

D. Make flight corrections by just tapping the controls lightly and only when necessary. Let the plane fly itself.

E. By keeping the Throttle engaged the plane will have a tendency to climb naturally.

F. When landing do Not forget to lower the landing gear.

G. Use the "reverse" key to force slowing of the plane.

H. Letting go of the throttle key will also allow the plane to drop naturally.

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