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C++ Which Book to start with?

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Well,I wanna learn C++ for GTA Modding.Specific C++14.

Look at my profile.Age 14,Country:Bangladesh.I know C.Now wanna move towards C++.I want to be a game developer in future.So,can anyone tell me which book would be perfect for me.


Note:I know C but also tested on some C++ scripts from many GTA open source mods.I know English but since i am not from a English country my understanding wont be that much good like theirs.


In kepping all these things in mind.Can anyone suggest me a good book to start with?

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t3h PeNgU1N oF d00m

"C++ From Control Structures Through Objects, 8th Ed." by Tony Gaddis is what we used in fundamentals and OOP. It is very thorough and easy to understand in my opinion.


Additionally, http://www.cplusplus.com/reference/ is an excellent resource for both programming reference as well as basic tutorials. It covers all of the built in libraries and their functions, types, constants, etc.


I'm not sure how fluent you are with programming languages, but be sure to practice with 3rd party libraries. SFML is a good one to start with - very simple to work with once you get a good understanding of C++.

Edited by Plank.

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I'd be skeptical of any C++ book that's in the 8th edition right now. C++ has undergone drastic changes with C++11 and C++14 and 17 are continuing in that direction. C++ you are expected to know and use today is very different from C++ that was taught half a decade ago. And most textbooks have not been adjusted for that fact.


To learn modern C++, you should be using a modern textbook.


Also, cppreference.com tends to be far more thorough and detailed on standard libraries and modern C++ features. It is a better resource nine times out of ten.

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