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Things dyom should have had if there was the v9 of dyom

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:cookie: :cookie::cookie: Mainly I would like that if the v9 of dyom existed can be placed videos within the game new configurations like activating tricks in the mission for example that attack only to CJ without that we need to write and to write tricks also flight of test and in mission menu would have That put erase mission erase mission without fraps or any of that to record videos abort mission by luck there is a cleo mod to abort the mission created by skatefilter and to be able to activate 2 players like the cleo mod of skatefilter to be able to drug itself camera of drugging also night eternal day Eternal tomorrow and eternal afternoon would have to add for the missions but to do with cleo mods that would be nothing bad to say any opinion about this or also dutchy3010 and patrickW who are the creators of dyom hope you do the v9 :cookie::cookie::cookie:

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GTA San Andreas Missio

I would like Spook-O-Meter and Scare-O-Meter in DYOM v9! Other than that New Animations along with S*x Animations. Photograph Actor, Follow Actor Objective for Players. Interior Designing Feature, Show "Missiondesign by" or not (Showing this doesn't make Missions realistic ).


These are all my Wishes but, Dutchy3010 and Patrick3010 are also Human Beings to make these things and they also have Personal Lifes too...

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DeAdLy PyThOn

There's already a topic named "Ideas".

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