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What could come after Red Dead Redemption 2(my opinion)


16 members have voted

  1. 1. Do you think this could be right or not?

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I want Bully 2! The first one had such a unique feel to it

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I'm purely speculating but if they want a GTA out in time to take advantage of the install base of PS4/XB1's at the moment my guess is that development will move entirely to GTA VI once RDR2 ships. Bully 2 rumours about it being picked up, given that we know it's been scrapped twice, probably point to it being very early and possibly a next-gen release - if the rumours are true.


I just feel that they're going to schedule GTA releases towards the end of a consoles life span from now on, when the install base is at it's highest. That said, Toronto seem to have been up to something so who knows.


And given that we're getting closer to a newer generation of consoles, which is widely speculated to kick off in late 2020, then it'd make sense to think that R* is planning to get GTA VI released after RDR2. I don't subscribe to the idea that they will be able to fit another game, say Bully 2, in-between (2019). Financial wise, GTA6 is more likely and it'd be 7 years since the last new Grand Theft Auto game, the longest gap between two sequential games, almost equivalent to the gap between Redemption and Redemption 2.


Are players ready for a new GTA despite the continued support for GTA5/Online? Definitely, they're. It's too big of a title to not get excited about. Hey, GTA5 is still making the top 5 charts and being sold at full price.

Edited by Efreet

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